The Only Taoist Among Daoists
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The Palace Master had left.

Because an important meeting with the Heavenly Demon, she left things to her most trusted disciple.

Today wasn't that crucial of an event anyway.

So long as she didn't stain the Palace Master's name, everything could be forgiven by her.

She was the one and only successor of the Pleasure Palace, after all. So this was natural.

The ice queen looked out the pagoda silently…

For years, she had lived under the tutelage of her master. She'd seen a lot of things she didn't want.

How 'the weak' were treated in this world…

Especially women.

While it was true that there were many women who could surpass men physically, they tended to be preyed on much more than the latter. This likely having to do with their realm's culture than biology.

They were still being affected by adverse stereotypes about masculinity and femininity.

That a woman's beauty came with her submission to a man, rather than having an actual personality.

And a man's value only came from physical power.

It was why 'weak men' were considered humiliations in large clans. Even to the point that some female Martial Masters were would break their engagements if their partner were weak.

The only thing people valued was 'righteousness'.

Righteousness embodied by an ironclad fist.

The successor of the Pleasure Palace, Bai Ling, had once experienced the worst this world offered.

She was the child of a family that was trying to achieve immortality by completing their 'Mortal Ice Divine Physique', even though doing so would end in their children becoming ridiculed in their lands.

Lingyun looked at her unblemished arm and thought back to the time before her 'Immortal Ice Dao Physique' awakened. The scales and natural deformities on her body were nowhere to be seen.

It was all thanks to the Palace Master.

If she hasn't saved her, then she would have stayed the way she was… Intensely enraged by the world.

Unable to accept being called a 'freak' in gossips.

That her family's long tradition of selective breeding with those who mastered Yin or Ice Techniques was crazy. That they'd never be able to achieve anything by going against the heavens.

The sky's mandate wasn't to be ignored.

No matter how hard they worked, a so-called 'Dao Physique' could only be possessed in legends.

They believed such efforts were for naught.

But were they right?

Bai Ling'a existence proved otherwise.

A tight slap to the faces of those doubting them.

She put on a new set of clothes in preparation for what would come next. A red hanfu woman arrived.

Gulping as the sight of the ice queen's figure.

A natural whiteness of skin both healthy and mysterious in nature. Like it was made of snow.

An hourglass figure draped in luxurious fabrics.

One could see a hit of arrogance in her eyes when turning around, but this was considered virtuous.

After all, 'the strong' had the right to be confident.

But something didn't seem right…

Those eyes looking at her became dull, as if lost in thought. Then the successor spoke in a soft voice:

"You shouldn't touch what's about to become mine." These words struck a new in the woman.

The disciple immediately nodded and bowed, only thinking that she was led off easily with a scolding.

'I should start laying low…' It wasn't good to be on the successor's bad side, so she made a decision.

One that was dictated by pure reason.


She suddenly felt the sensation of her body being frozen and instantly crumbling like a frozen statue.

When her mind had returned to reality, she was drenched in cold sweat. Bowing even more deeply.

Bai Ling was only a bit miffed, but the red hanfu woman felt like she'd stepped on the toes of a tiger- No, a giant akin to a frozen mountain. She felt the instinctual difference between them.

Like a small herbivore meeting a carnivore…

The threat of being killed by her mere whim was real… She regretted thinking it was a small matter.

This wasn't something that could be let off easily.

"What's wrong?" However, the successor's plain tone of ignorance to her state said otherwise.

She wasn't going to be killed for this?

"I'll lead you to the bedchamber he is in." The red hanfu woman tried to shift the topic from her.

Her eyes were confused aa she lead the successor down to where Kang Hyuk was being held captive.

She opened the door where it was all 'prepared'.

Inside the room was a man dressed in a simple robe. One that was thin enough to see his figure.

Those toned abs were definitely top-class in the opinion of all the Pleasure Palace's apprentices.

His arms were tied to the bed, while his legs were roped together in a meditative position for safety.

They couldn't have him thrashing around.

A gag was put on his mouth to stop him from biting, and his arms were bound behind his back.

The only thing going overboard in this arrangement was the blindfold meant to stop him from leering.

They couldn't have a man defile their successor with his eyes… is what they'd say was the reason.

A laughable excuse to take away his urgency…

"Please don't unbind him if that's possible. He could end up injuring you while truth to resist."

"That's enough. You can leave us be." Bai Ling didn't pay her any mind and shooed her away.

An action that was still leaving the apprentice perplexed. The lack of hostility was too unreal.

Was she in a good mood today?

Regardless, this meant she'd live…!

The woman didn't reject this opportunity to leave. 

Having her life spared was merciful enough.

The ice queen closed the door behind her and looked at the man calmly meditating on the bed.

He seemed completely relaxed…

An act that caught the woman by surprise. She'd expected two most common situations in her head.

The first would be the man trying to escape with all his might, and the other would be trembling in fear.

Or had the man accepted his fate?

'Like there ever could be such a thing…!' Bai Ling wasn't going to falter by a man's lies and deceit.

She'd strip him of that farce right away.

"You can hear me, right?" When she spoke these words, the man on the bed turned his head slowly.

Without sight or his voice, he could only affirm by nodding to the direction where the door was.

She then approached with swaying hips… 

The sound of her feet deliberately heavy to let him know. Once she got close, she first un-gagged him.

Hyuk's voice was mellow, like honey to ears: "Well, isn't it my good friend? Can we talk things out?"

"Hyuk… Please. You know I can't let you go." Bai Ling brushed her hand passed his cheeks subtly.

However, she knew his senses would feel it clearly.

Nine times the sensory input was truly powerful.

Just a single gentle touch had made him 'stand up' to the point of instantly erecting a tent down low.

"…You're a man as well." She told him straight.

It wasn't like she didn't like him. The words of her master just had a greater importance to her life.

She took off his loose underwear and let his lower gale be exposed in all its glory. Both long yet thick.

Maybe not to the absurd proportions of some, but it was considered an average size amongst men.

The most important quality she checked would be the Qi Centre that was located just below his naval.

"Ugh…" Hyuk reacted when she grabbed him by the crotch, sensing out how his energy circulated.

Using a secret technique of her master, she blocked some meridians and Qi Pathways.

It thus forced his energy circulation to be locked in a certain, regardless of how he tried to 'breathe'.


Her eyes widened at the response she felt.

It was to the point she'd immediately let go of him.

"…Now I know why my master values you. To think she'd give me such a 'gift'." She muttered quietly.

Yang Energy was as important to a male's growth as much as Yin Energy was precious to a woman.

That's why the more the cauldron had, the better…

However, what she felt was way too much!

If it weren't for his flawed foundation and lack of any battle experience, this level… should be…

"Aren't I the best?" Hyuk responded despite how she was trying her best to make him quiet down.

Was he not afraid she'd just kill him instead?

"…Stop acting. Do you think I don't know what you've gone through?" She ripped off his robe.

His body exposed under the natural sunlight.

The torn area of his clothes started to reveal cuts and bruises from abuse at the hands of disciples.

What was most stand out of it all was his tattoo.

On his stomach was the artful portrayal of the Buddha practicing 'Tantric Sex' with a woman.

Now known as 'Sexual Yoga', which was the name of the basis of Dual Cultivation Breath Circulation.

A vajra symbol pulsed naturally on the skin in front of his dantian, just like the bell symbol on hers.

It was the manifestation of their 'compatibility'.

The perversion required to humiliate someone by tattooing the image of ritualistically offering semen into them… She couldn't imagine what he thought when learning of the meaning behind this symbol.

What better evidence than this was there to his deceit? Did he think she believed his 'sweetness'?

Unless he was a weak man at heart, he'd never forgive them for what they had done to him.

And it wasn't like she would ask for forgiveness.

"Depends on how you see my life." These words opened up the path to having a conversation.

But she didn't stop her actions at all.

She sat on top of his lap and in front of the rod sticking out from his crossed legs. They touched.

His nerves trembled when she leaned in close and took in a deep breath on his neck. Tickling him…

Her skirt was lifted to cover his legs, and she locked her legs around the man while hugging.

Their bodies plastered together…

Hyuk could feel a frigid coldness enter his body.

Thanks to the blindfold blocking his vision and his heightened senses, his sixth sense improved.

He could feel the Yin Energy within her dantian.

Like water, it seeped into every pore of his body.

His Qi Centre reacted when that Yin Energy touched his Yang Energy, conducting electricity.

A true 'connection' was made at that moment.

Regardless of his will, their breaths were becoming harmonised. Yin and Yang were interacting.

Waiting for the intermingling that begets creation.

He knew where things would go if she continued:

"Do you wish there were more Taoists in this wonderful world?" His words finally made her stop.

Bai Ling's face looked as cold as her Yin Energy.

"You know what they are?" She narrowed her eyes.

"Whether it be called Tao or Dao, it's a fact that Martial Artists were once Taoists that believed in they way of seeking the Tao. They were peacefully practicing Three Jewels: 'Compassion', 'Frugality', and 'Humility'." He started to speak like a scholar.

"I wonder who taught you such nonsense."

"Does it really matter?"

"Whoever told you that probably left out that Taoism is dead. Siddhartha Gautama only became a Buddha thanks to indulging in himself. That's the faith that drives Daoists to fulfil their own cravings."

As if to punish him, she shoved her lower half forward and pinned his rod between their dantians.

Hyuk made a face of both suffering and delight.

The pain the 'connection' between rippling into his ball sack made him close to outright ejaculation.

However, her Yin Qi was enforced to keep him from doing so. It'll never happen unless she wanted it.

Her consciousness seeped deeper into his body.

"That's wrong." He managed to correct her.

"What is…?" She started groping his body.

"You should know better than to think that about him… as a Buddhist yourself." Her eyes had lit up.

A sharpness threatened to tear through his body.

Finally, she seemed to have curiosity towards him. 

Her hands lifted to take off his blindfold. The eyes looking into her own had an attractiveness to them.

"Why do you think that?" She kept on looking.

"You and the Palace Master act like Daoists. Your master mostly moved by the belief that all men are power hungry and perverted. That's why she can dare do things here that'd be forbidden outside."

"You say it like it's hard to relate. Maybe being violated by me hasn't woken you up to reality."

"Oh, I know 'reality' well." Hyuk's eyes turned towards a cloud blotting out the sunlight outside.

He continued with mirth on his lips: "When Taoism discovered the first method of cultivation, they had emphasised the Three Jewels even more… only for those who obtained power to abuse it thoroughly.

Many call themselves Daoists, but the teaching of Taoism has been thrown out in favour of desire and greed. They took out all meaning from cultivation and now only see it as a way to improve strength."

"If Taoists weren't so into their 'Three Jewels', they would have survived to see present." She giggled.

A cold laugh that made him feel small…

"Maybe so, but then what about Buddhism? Have they not also gave up on their base teachings?"

He said these words to sound her pot, but the reaction she gave was quite odd… to say the least.

She smiled for a moment, only to suddenly frown and push him down with a livid face full of fury.

His had bashed into the bed's frame, causing pain. 

He could tell she was suppressed something deep.

"What are you trying to say here? That my master and I have forgotten our roots?" She didn't deny it.

Some thought that Buddhists needed to live in temples and shave their heads. However, the difference actually laid in where their beliefs came from. Their way of cultivation also differed greatly.

While Daoists originated their Breath Circulation techniques from the 'Eight Inner Spirit Gates' to reach enlightenment, the Buddhists perfect their minds to reach the point of reaching nirvana.

Thus, deriving inspiration from the 'Four Noble Samsaric Truths'. This was their goal in life.

Thus, most of them became monks everyone knew.

But that didn't mean Buddhism only existed in monks. Bai Ling and her master were exceptions.

Their hearts twisted by the things they had seen.

"You'd probably heard that the Ming Cult has caused the collapse of empires, but you don't know why the Pleasure Palace got so deeply involved in those instances. You know NOTHING!"

"Then why not tell me? I won't be able to spread anything, and you can get this off of your chest."

"Do you truly want to know why?"

"…I'm listening."

"Those so-called 'Emperors' weren't happy with their lifespan and the abundance of Life Energy women naturally carry. That's why they broke their own laws and started to practice the 'Caibu'." She said while grabbing his crotch and caressing him.

The excessive stimulation brought him on the verge of ejaculation, but she didn't let him do it.

It caused him immense, indescribable suffering…

"It was then Caibu, or the 'Art of Plucking' started to become more practiced amongst high-ranking men. They'd take young girls as offerings, then steal all their vitality until they became husks!"

"That's… I understand… so please…"

"Please what~?" A perverted grin appeared in her eyes when she fulfilled the desire to violate him.

"…No. Forget I said anything." His gaze suddenly hardened when she stopped stimulating him.

He started to understand what 'plucking' meant…

Rather than the act of equally distributing energy and satisfaction of both parties, Caibu was the art of keeping oneself tamed while 'stealing' energy from the partner. Not sharing any of your pleasure.

There was an innate vampiric nature to this…

The practitioners were also cruel. Their barbaric way of using is what made the term predatory.

"You men 'Pluck Yin To Nurture Yang', so why can't we do the same." She gripped his rod forcefully.

While straddled above him, she guided his manhood into her to finally 'connect' them.

Mere words were no longer necessary anymore.

Hyuk started to moan while feeling his cock being swallowed up by her. Threatening to yank 'it' off.

The walls of her pussy clamped down onto him and shoved him deep enough to touch her baby room.

It should have been a painful experience to her considering she didn't even do foreplay to loosen herself up, but there was a smile on her face. Her insides becoming wet the moment he struck deep.

The pervert immediately understood.

When she finally willed it, he let out the semen he'd been trying to let out this whole time in anguish.

However, something strange had happened.

Bai Ling looked at her lower body. She started to feel herself being 'filled up' with his male essence.

Now, she just needed to refine his Yang Energy.

Nurturing her Yin Energy like all the times before.

However, something was different than usual. Her calm eyes gradually started to lose composure.

His essence… why wouldn't it stop flowing?!

"Ah~" She tried to separate their lower bodies, but her lower half was clamped onto his dick too tight.

Time was needed to properly wet her insides enough to separate them without harming her.

Moreover, her 'plucking' was still in effect.

She watched as the high-quality male essence started to fill her up, and tried to refine it all quick.

The only problem was… it was way too 'thick'!

She'd heard that Hyuk was a prodigy that had managed to master the 'Supreme Yang Male Cauldron' Breathing, but she expected him to have skipped some steps in order to become stronger.

All Daoists were like that.

Getting to a higher 'Rank' and reaching Earthly Rebirth of Divine Physiology was the goal of most.

No one would slow down to build themselves up step by step. Only Taoist did such stupidity.

And they died because of doing exactly that!

Taking things slow meant having to stay at a weaker realm. Mastery also had no benefits.

Although they had 'thicker' Qi, their combat capabilities couldn't compare with Daoists at all.

That's why she'd initially looked down on him…

…only to now pay a price for her arrogance.

Hyuk had no control over his body. The 'feeling' she'd been playing with was cultivated too far.

To the point he was like a sink's broken tap…

'I have to hurry…!' She tried to refine as much Yang Energy as she could, but there was too much!

His technique wasn't called 'Supreme Yang' for nothing. She could barely keep up thanks to the opposing nature of her Dao Physique, but the indulgent satisfaction Hyuk took part in… it…

…was far too overwhelming!!!

A bulge started to appear on her womb. She was unable to control herself from writing in agony…

At least, that's what it should have felt like.

For some odd reason, she moaned in complete bliss as her bloated womb was being stretched out.

White fluids dripped from her pussy, staining the bed underneath. It splashed onto Hyuk's manhood.

This feeling woke him out of his grace…

The pervert finally managed to stop himself.

'For the love of Buddha…' The scene of her impaled on his rod only made the man feel like an animal.

Especially with her bloated, 'impregnated' womb…

She fell back on the bed with a 'full stomach'. The fluids he just released were still held inside of her.

It made him a little apologetic about accidentally making the ice queen fall into this humiliating form.

However, the damage was already done.

He couldn't escape her binds, but he felt confident that he understood her enough to persuade her.

Kang Hyuk waited for her to regain her senses.

And when she finally moaned after regaining her consciousness, he used his toe to poke her body.

"Uuuuu~" She twisted her body. Those clear eyes were murky thanks to the stream of stimulation.

Even pregnant women took time over the course of months to get 'stretched' to this extent by their baby, but she experienced it all in a single round of sex. Her masochistic body was enjoying this.

"I can help you. So please untie me." He gave her an honest request, and she just closed her eyes.

When it finally came down to it, she relented.

Hyuk noticed her pick up a 'seal' off the bed that dripped from her ripped clothes, then reached.

He managed to take the piece of paper with a seal drawn on top of it. This 'key' opened up his cuffs.

From there, untying his legs were also easy.

The only thing he was worried about was what she'd do to him after fixing herself up from this.

He looked at the chain, then had an idea…