Chapter 26
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 The house of the vampires was huge. Practically, a manor. Andrew looked at it and felt that his half-casual suit was not up to the task. They had their guns with them, hidden in their inside pockets. Furthermore, a small knife up their sleeves in a holster. They were prepared, Andrew knew, but this was going to be massive.

For the first time, they were going to go and hunt vampires. More than that, they were going to hunt them on their turf. The capture of Frederik had been impersonal. Daphne had done all the work.

The Greek woman stood by him, arm wrapped around his elbow. She looked stylish in her red dress that reached her knees. The back was uncovered and she wore no coat. Andrew wondered if she was cold.

“Ok, jail bait, fangs, listen up. Don’t let them bite you. The vampire poison won’t kill you, fangs, but you will still get a hard on. And it will hurt. That is what Frederik told me. Jail bait, keep your mouth shut unless spoken to. They want to see fangs, not us. I would be surprised if they even have food waiting for us. And, both of you…” she made a pause and the two men shared a look, before sighing.

“Smile and nod,” they chorused, and Daphne smiled.

“I may make socialites out of the both of you yet,” she said, and then pressed her thumb harder on Andrew’s arm. He made a couple of uncertain steps forward and then adopted a carefree expression.

He was going in the lion’s den, yes, but he had a gun, and they didn’t know about that. Besides, there was still the possibility that the vampires were not the Wanderer. They had looked ok, back on the yacht. Definitely not eye gauging sadists.

Andrew led Daphne to the house, and Erin moved to the door to ring the doorbell. A butler opened the door.

“Welcome, Mr. Hudson, I presume? Lord and lady Kalstein had been expecting you,” Erin raised an eyebrow at the fact that the vampires styled themselves as nobility, but he shrugged.

The butler led them to a spacious dining room. One that could fit the entirety of Andrew and Erin’s apartment. Both men tried not to gawk, but were unsuccessful. Daphne elbowed Andrew and stepped on Erin’s foot. That got them out of their trance.

Edward Kalstein came down the stairs with a slight jog, Anna on his arm. They looked happy as can be. Erin noted that no one else came down with them and cursed in his mind. He had no clues on the other vampires. If they were not here tonight, then they would need to search for them. Fort Pierce was not that big of a town, but there was still too much ground to cover.

“Mr. Hudson, Mr. Jackson and…who is this nymph?” Anna swatted Edward’s arm, and he turned to wink at her. “Now, dear, credit must be given when it is due.”

“So, you want to sleep in the kennels again?” Anna joked and they both chuckled.

“My name is Daphne Socros, you have a lovely home, lord Kalstein,” said Daphne with a gentle smile on her face. Edward waved his hand.

“None of the lord thing. We are all friends here. Please, just call me Edward. And this is my wife, Anna,” Edward nodded to Anna, who gave Daphne a tight smile. “Well, I don’t know about you, but I am famished. Come now, everyone, take your seats.”

Servants came and pulled out some chairs. Edward sat at the head of the table, Anna took the place of the wife next to him, and a servant pointed at the free spot next to Edward.

“Mr. Hudson, if you would,” Erin sat next to Edward and Andrew sat next to him. Daphne was just about to sit next to Andrew, when the servant pointed to Anna’s other side.

“Miss Socros, please sit next to lady Kalstein,” Daphne’s hand left the chair, and she moved around the table to sit next to Anna. Anna smiled at her as she sat and, this time, her smile was much more friendly.

“So, Mr. Hudson, for how long have you been a vampire?” Asked Edward. “It is always fascinating meeting someone who is younger than a thousand years.”

Erin resisted the urge to rise an eyebrow. So, Edward was old. But, his last name was German sounding. So, he was not cave man old, at least. Besides, he was a lord or something, Erin figured. Or, more like, had been and kept the title.

“I got turned during September. My maker was trying to get a snack. It was pure accident,” said Erin, and Edward’s smile dimmed.

“Yes, newer vampires tend to be sloppy. They make up for it with their enthusiasm. I take it you have not received any training?” Erin shook his head.

“I was told about some things that were true about us and some things that were false. But, apart from that, no. However, is training required, even? I have been fine, so far,” Edward looked at Erin like he was a silly child. Erin wanted to punch him.

“Well, yes. I take it you can’t put people in hypnosis? Blend in your surroundings? Read minds?” Erin’s eyes widened and looked at Andrew next to him. His eyes were just as wide.

If vampires could do all that, then, this one knew why they were here. They needed to get out of the house. Or, point a gun at Edward. He had a T-shirt and shorts on. Definitely no hidden guns on him.

“No, can you?” Asked Erin, trying not to panic.

“Yes, I can. And I can teach you, if you stay in Fort Pierce for a while longer. Think about it. It will make your work as a secret agent much easier,” Edward winked and Erin pulled out his gun.

Anna tutted and did the same. Her gun was pressed at Daphne’s temple.

“If you can’t be polite, then we won’t be, either,” she said, and Erin lowered his gun.