Chapter 28
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In the three hours that Edward instructed Erin, Erin had just managed to get the hints of emotions from the vampire’s mind. Even though the man had told him he won’t be guarding his mind against him, it was still hard.

They left the manor house in the early hours of the morning and, while Daphne drove them to the hotel, Andrew called Mr. Hawk.

“Hello, Mr. Hawk. Sorry for the late hour, but we need some rose petals from the Wanderer’s last victim,” said Andrew. He heard a yawn from the other side.

“What for? The forensics team found nothing on them,” Andrew gulped. He wanted to avoid giving away Edward and Anna. So, he decided to make it all look like Erin could do it.

“Erin found that he could trace back the owner of things. We believe that we can find the Wanderer if we have the rose petals,” he heard something like a chuckle from the other side. But, it was muffled.

“Erin did, did he?” Andrew grew pale. Was the older agent onto him?

“Yes, sir,” confirmed Andrew. He looked at a sleeping Erin. He hoped this didn’t backfire.

“Well, fine. You better add everything Erin find he can do to his portfolio. There is plenty about the non-human variant known as vampires we don’t know. You will have the petals in two days. And agent Jackson? If you are hiding older, more experienced vampires, and they turn out to be the Wanderer, your sentence will become even more severe after their next kill,” Andrew gulped. He cut off the call and leaned into his seat.

He could be in cars for a little while, but they had been driving for half an hour. Soon, his motion sickness would make itself known. He opened his window, hoping that the fresh air would buy him more time.

“Jail bait, there are pills for what you have. Why don’t you buy some?” Andrew opened his eyes and stared at Daphne’s head. She made a turn, and Andrew’s stomach tightened in a knot.

“Those need a prescription,” the pills that didn’t simply don’t work on him. His doctor didn’t like prescribing him motion sickness pills. Telling him that they would damage his liver. So, Andrew suffered in silence.

“I am certain that our suited friends can get you enough so that you will quit threatening to redecorate the car every time you are in it. Anyway, what do you think about the lord and lady?” Daphne was still smarting about how Anna had managed to get the drop on her. Andrew supposed that it should have amused him less than it did. Or, not at all. Had it not been Daphne, it would have even scared him.

“I think they are decent people. And that they are not the murderers,” said Andrew. He had this hunch about them. And, while it was stupid to go on hunches, he didn’t have any proof that his impression of them was a false one.

“Yes, they were posh and knew how to put a veil over our eyes. But, they had guns, jail bait. Remember that,” Andrew didn’t respond. He let the silence stretch between them, and he leaned onto Erin, snuggling into his side. Erin’s arm wrapped around Andrew’s middle and Andrew drifted off to sleep.

He was shaken awake a bit after and saw that Daphne was looking at him, impatiently.

“Come on, sleeping beauty. Wake up fangs and let us go,” Andrew shook Erin awake, whose eyes looked dead tired. Erin got out of the car, but he stumbled. Andrew took one of Erin’s arms and placed it over his shoulder. Daphne did the same from the other side.

“They didn’t drug you, did they?” She asked, sounding concerned.

“No, it just takes a lot out of me to try to read thoughts. I think I will sleep the entire day,” said Erin, sounding sleepy. They got him to the room and then in bed. Daphne went to her bed and Andrew got under the covers with Erin. The three went to sleep soon after.

When Daphne woke, the two lovebirds were still asleep. She looked to check if they were in deep sleep or just napping. When she waved her hand over their faces, and they didn’t stir, she grinned.

She took out her phone and began taking pictures, having disabled the flash and the sound beforehand. Then, she sent the pictures to her best friend, Despina. Despina liked watching gay men. Daphne was sure that, with time, she could make the two men kiss again. In front of a camera, this time.

Despina would thank her, and they would have a nice couple of hours at a café. Daphne imagined that and smiled. Despina had warned her against Frederik, not that she knew what the vampire was. Maybe, this time, the two could go man hunting together. And, this time, Daphne would listen to her friend.

With nothing better to do, Daphne went to the pool. She had a bikini on, and she looked like a treat, she had to admit. She went inside and began doing laps. Her figure needed a lot of work to be up kept. And, these past couple of days, she had been ignoring her fitness.

A nerdy man, no older than twenty from what Daphne could see, came to the pool and got on a lounger, pulling out a book. Frederik would have salivated at the sight of him.

Then, Daphne decided to get vindictive. Frederik was in the lab, and this jail bait would be her conquest, not his. She made her way to the edge of the pool and winked at the man.

“Hello there. I am new here. Do you know any good haunts in town?” Asked Daphne in her best seductive voice. The man placed his book down on the little table next to the lounger.

“I am here only for a week. You have beautiful eyes, Miss. Like emeralds,” Daphne grinned at him. This was a good start.