Chapter 36
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 There was a blizzard out when Andrew left the Harrison house. He bundled up his jacket and made sure his scarf was covering his nose. Placing his glove clad hands in his pockets, he made his way to the playground.

In the file, it was written that the children disappeared from there. So, it was a safe bet that Andrew could catch Mary Peters there. Then, when he bags the hag, both Daphne and Erin would have to agree that he is worthy of respect.

He tried to remember what else he knew of hags. They could do magic, obviously, seeing as they were a witch variant. But, they could also change their forms. Still, when they did, their skin looked sickly. He only needed to find a woman, for hags couldn’t change their gender, that had skin discoloration.

Andrew made it to the park, and he looked around. Mothers were calling their children to them. Ready to take them home. He straightened his posture and went to the nearest one.

She was slightly chubby and had rosy cheeks. Definitely not the hag. The woman looked at him in question, and Andrew smiled. She huffed and took her child’s hand and rushed off. Seeing as the child didn’t scream or struggle, Andrew was pretty certain that they were related.

Children could sense shape-shifters. It was a curious tidbit Andrew had found in the printed files. Apparently, that was because their minds didn’t put things in a normal category and were not limited like adults.

Then, as a person grew, they lost the ability. Which was a damn shame, Andrew thought. He could have used it now. He saw a woman standing by a little boy. They stared at each other and the woman made to grab the child. The child screamed and tried to run, but her hand came to the boy’s shoulder too fast, and she sighed.

“Archie, you do this every time! I can’t take you everywhere,” her voice was raspy with disuse. Some mothers shook their heads, clearly seeing nothing wrong. Just a mother and her unruly son.

Andrew rushed to them just as the woman tugged the struggling child to her and began leading him off the playground.

“CIA, stop right there!” Yelled Andrew. The woman froze when she saw the badge in Andrew’s hands and let go of the child. The boy ran away from her, screaming, and that was all the confirmation Andrew needed. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at the hag, who was shivering visibly now.

“Mary Peters, you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say will be used against you,” said Andrew. He wasn’t sure that he was saying the entire speech correctly, but, the hag got the gist.

Hags had malformed legs. That was still true in their disguises. So, Andrew was pretty sure that Mary Peters wouldn’t be running away. The surrounding women clutched at their children and looked on, fearful.

Andrew came to the hag and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

“Turn around,” he said, and the hag did. “Don’t you dare change in front of all those people. I will shoot.”

Andrew had seen how her skin had become even more discolored. The hag shuddered. She was long-lived, but that was about it. If someone shot her, she could die just like any person.

 Andrew placed the cuffs at her wrist and began marching her to the police station. The hag didn’t speak a word the entire way there. When he entered the police station, he showed his badge to the front desk officer.

“I require a holding cell for this woman. Whatever she does, you are to not let her out. Place a bucket in the cell, if you have to. She had run away once or twice before,” the officer nodded and made to take Mary from Andrew, but Andrew shook his head.

“I will see her to the cells. Lead the way, officer,” the man nodded and led them. When they came to the cells, Andrew led Mary inside and sat her on the bench. Then, he went out. “Give me all the keys to this cell.”

The officer cocked his head to the side and regarded the woman within.

“What is with this high alert? What? Can she do mind control?” Joked the officer and Andrew stared at Mary. She looked shaken at having been caught. But, he was not certain what sort of tricks she could do.

“This is just to be safe. I have been told she can talk her way out of a cell. Had done so, on more than one occasion,” the officer shrugged and handed Andrew the key.

“This is the only one. I will be going back to the front desk, agent,” and he turned around and left.

“What do you do with the children?” Asked Andrew after he stared at the hag for five minutes.

“What do you think?” She rasped, and Andrew closed his eyes.

“I imagine you eat them,” all the stories that he knew of hags lead him to believe that.

“They are tender,” the hag snickered and then turned to look at Andrew. “You are a bit over my age group, but not too old.”

Andrew backed away as the hag began to laugh. Then, he took out a spray can and sprayed the bars.

“Liquid silver, with a couple of other things,” said Andrew as the hag looked at him in question. Her expression soured.

“I will get out. Not my first time escaping the Office of Supernatural Affairs,” she said with a shrug. Then, she leered at him. “And then, I will make a soup out of you, boy.”

“You will be transported to the best facilities we have. You will never see the light of day,” promised her Andrew, and he turned back. He threw the empty spray container in a trash can. The coating was so thin, no one will notice it. Mary Peters was not getting out of this cell.