Chapter 56
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 They followed the woman out of the sewers and into a nice, quiet, neighborhood. She led them to an apartment building and then to a door on the fourth floor.

She knocked five times and then turned around and left without a word. A man answered the door and looked at them up and down.

“Only one of you is a vampire,” he said, shoulders stiff.

“We both need papers,” said Erin. “May we come in?”

The man eyed their briefcases and nodded. They got inside and noticed that the entire apartment was black and white. The walls were white, the furniture was an all a deep ebony color. The drapes were black, too.

“The photo shot room is down the hall, third door,” said the man. They didn’t ask him about his name. It was obvious he wanted to avoid saying. They got in the room and Erin got on the one-legged stool. Andrew went and sat on a chair that was by the wall, and they waited.

The man came moments later, carrying a camera. He looked at Erin pointedly until Erin righted his posture.

“Ok, here are the rules. You pay ten thousand. You don’t complain, you don’t try to haggle. I will make you the best fake IDs that money can buy. Considering that New Orleans is the vampire capital of the world and all of them come to me, it is fair to say I know what I am doing,” the man closed his eyes and then, his hair grew slightly and turned a deep shade of red. His eyes, when he opened them, were green.

“You are a changeling?” Asked Andrew, fascinated.

“Former agents?” Asked the man, and they both nodded. “I get a lot of those. It doesn’t matter how often one jumps when the office tells them to, they strap everyone to an operational table. And, those are the lucky ones.”

Andrew’s expression grew hard. That was the truth of it, really. The man raised the camera to eye level and Erin gave his best neutral expression, remembering Nick’s words, all that time ago.

A click of a button later, and it was Andrew’s turn. He copied Erin’s posture and expression and waited for his picture to be taken. When that was done, the man led them to an office and got behind a computer.

Andrew knew his laptop was either with Hugo or Valerie now, if it hadn’t been confiscated. He turned to Erin.

“Did you hand over my laptop to either Hugo or Valerie?” Erin turned to him.

“Well, I thought about it, but Adam told me not to. You had saved your agency password on there,” Andrew sighed. So, it had ended up confiscated.

“Now, I take it you want the standard package? Or, do you want passports too?” Asked their document maker.

“We want passports too. We will need fake names,” supplied Erin. Andrew sends him a look.

“We won’t go overseas,” he whispered, but Erin just cocked his head to the side.

“In case what you have planned doesn’t work, we might have to,” argued back Erin.

“Last call, do you require passports?” snapped the man.

“Yes,” said Erin, and Andrew remained silent. There was no harm in having them. They were never going to use them.

“Ok, you can go to the living room to wait. I will take about two hours. Hacking into the national database takes time,” the two left the office and went down the hall to the living room. Sitting down, they snuggled into each other.

“So, what is the plan, Andy?” Murmured Erin, an arm wrapped around Andrew’s middle. “Terrorist work? Extortion? Bribing?”

“We expose the Office of Supernatural Affairs,” stated Andrew simply. “What they have done, what they hide. We get it broadcasted in prime time. We get it published in the papers. Slowly, people are going to realize that what we are doing is not a prank, and they will get horrified.”

Erin nodded. That was a good plan. And, it was easier than blowing up bases and trying to kidnap agents and scientists. But, would it be enough? After all, people had known what the Gestapo and the KGB did, but that hadn’t gotten them shut down.

“We need more. To cut off the snake’s head, so to speak,” suggested Erin, and Andrew turned to look at him.

“What?” He asked. He preferred not to kill anyone. Enough death has been wrought already.

“We see who the current director of the agency is, and we brainwash him. I can do it. I have been practicing,” Andrew’s eyebrows rose.

“What was your last case?” Asked Andrew. The only thing he knew of was that Erin had been together with Daphne. But, nothing more.

“You don’t want to know,” said Erin, eyes looking haunted.

“I need to know,” argued Andrew. Because, he needed to know to what lengths Erin was willing to go.

“They made me take over a werewolf’s mind and get him rampaging in a vampire coven. That way, the vampires, and the werewolves of Milwaukee were going to get on each other’s throats and save the agency the trouble of hunting them. Both groups were masters at stealth. They exterminated each other in a month,” Erin sounded regretful. Andrew snuggled closer to him.

“You didn’t want to do it?” Asked Andrew. Because he needed to believe that Erin’s hands had been tied.

“They told me that you will be experimented on if I did not. And they didn’t wait for me to go to Milwaukee, did they? What did they do to you?” Andrew’s expression became grim.

“I’d rather not tell. Besides, I only know what Adam told me,” which was a lie. He knew plenty. He had been in their hands, wide awake, for two days. And it had been hell.

“You have no idea what happened while you were in a coma. But, after you woke?” Andrew closed his eyes. He could still see the faces of the scientists behind his eyelids.

“I’ll tell you, but promise not to do anything stupid as a result,” Erin nodded and Andrew took in a deep breath to steel himself.