Chapter 57
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“First, they tried to cause me unimaginable pain. But, I kept blacking out,” began Andrew. He could see the operation room, a different one from his own. It had red on the walls, and the scientist had told him it had been used for him alone for the past month. That should have been his first cue to run. The second one was when they placed silver cuffs around his wrists and ankles.

“They liked taking a saw to my stomach,” Erin gulped, and his eyes found Andrew’s middle. “The problem with that is that a saw can easily slice through a stomach. It takes no more than thirty seconds. So, they had to get original and move it left to right. I don’t know what was more painful: the saw or my flesh knitting itself together.”

“I am sorry I asked,” said Erin, and he hugged Andrew tighter. “You don’t have to say, if you feel it would be better not to continue.”

“Thank you,” said Andrew, blinking back tears. “You see now why the agency has to go? They are pure evil. They bring people to becoming monsters. Once it is gone, all the non-humans would be governed by regular authorities.”

“That doesn’t mean, no more experimenting,” said Erin, pointing out the main flaw in Andrew’s way of thinking. “If anything, it means more. Private companies would like to get their hands on non-humans. We have to think about that, too.”

“Do you think humanity will sink so low?” Asked Andrew, voice small and weak. He didn’t want to believe that, but, Erin’s words sounded like a dark prophecy.

“If it couldn’t have, there wouldn’t be an Office of Supernatural Affairs,” which was true, Andrew had to agree. So, apart from the government sickos, he had to do something about the civilian sickos.

“Private institutions won’t be as easy to expose as the agency,” said Andrew thoughtfully. They hid their footsteps better and had lawyers to protect their hides. But, there was one thing they could use. “Do you think anyone would believe that there are non-humans, at all?”

“I don’t think so, no. However, if we word it as if the government has been making human experimentation, we will get a bigger outcry,” said Erin. Andrew nodded. He could doctor videos with magic so that the footage won’t be fake, but no one will realize that what was being cut up was a werewolf, for example, and not a regular human.

“We will need footage,” said Erin. And it was going to be hard. They hadn’t had the clearance to view experimentation, not that they had wanted, and their accounts would be monitored.

“Adam is still with the agency. So is Daphne,” suggested Andrew. They could get them the footage. Or, at least, Adam could.

“They won’t risk it,” said Erin. Adam was a wendigo, and the only thing that kept him away from the labs was his cooperation. And Daphne was prison bound and didn’t have the clearance to view such footage.

“I am not saying we should involve them, but, if we can get someone to hack into Adam’s account, then, we can use his clearance level to access the footage. No one is going to suspect him,” Erin turned to look at Andrew.

“You are not a hacker and neither am I,” deadpanned Erin. Andrew looked in the direction from which they had come.

“But he is,” said Andrew, sure of his plan. “We can pay him extra. I am certain that, if he can hack into government administration sites, then, he can hack in the office’s site.”

“But he won’t do it. Because he doesn’t have a death wish,” spoke the changeling from right behind them. “Your papers.”

An ID, two driver’s licenses, passports, medical records and even a green certificate. They had everything.

“We can pay you a million,” suggested Andrew. The man snorted.

“You can pay me a hundred million in cash and I still won’t do it. The Office of Supernatural Affairs has been lording over us non-humans for two hundred years. The international ones have been around for longer, created by the Spanish Inquisition on the behest of a dodgy old Pope. If you are smart, you will go oversees and never return. In Europe and Asia, they don’t hunt non-humans who don’t kill. Don’t go to Africa, though. They still do the old burn and salt the ashes' thing,” Andrew stood, determined.

“You are not a human. How long until the agency comes to your door? Do you honestly think that they don’t know what you are doing?” The man cocked an eyebrow.

“If you knew that I am being monitored, why did you come?” Andrew had no other choice, that is why. But, he wanted to avoid telling the changeling that.

“Because you offer something that we can’t have from anywhere else. We broke out of a lab, setting all the captives loose. Do you know what they did? They didn’t run away. They went back in the lab and tore the agency a new one,” the changelings rolled his eyes.

“That was stupid of them. I take it that either of you can work illusions. Unless all the people at the labs were changelings, then their prospects are grim. They are going to pay for their little rebellion with more hours under a scalpel. But, this time, they won’t be given an anesthesia,” Andrew nodded, looking sick.

Yes, the possibility of that happening was big. Far too big for comfort. However, for one glorious moment, all the captives at the lab were free. And they had chosen revenge.

“If you don’t help, we will expose you,” said Erin coldly. “Then it will be you under a scalpel. Our old accounts are monitored, but you said it yourself. We can change how we look. We can even change our fingerprints.”

The changeling turned from Erin to Andrew and then back, slightly panicking.

“You wouldn’t,” he begged, but Andrew looked him straight in the eyes.

“Try us.”