Chapter 61
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They moved to the labs, the little girl shivering next to him. Andrew had no idea what she was, but, he was certain that her place was not here. The lights flickered around them as they passed. A little trick that Andrew was performing. He wanted to project the fact that he was dead. He needed to make it all convincing.

They made a turn and found a corridor lined with doors. The doors had numbers on them, and he could hear screaming from inside.

“Stay here,” he told the girl, and went to open the nearest door. When he did so, he saw a man strapped to a chair, taking a closer look, he saw that it was an electrical one.

The scientists, upon seeing him, backed away. Andrew paid them no mind. He released the man, who fell on the ground, twitching, and strapped the nearest scientist to the chair.

“Wait, I can explain,” the scientist was hysterical. Andrew snapped his fingers and gave the sadist the strongest voltage that the chair could give. He was dead in seconds. Then, Andrew rounded up on the next man.

“Let me guess, you can explain?” Asked Andrew sarcastically. The white clad man was trembling every so slightly, but he stood his ground.

“You are agent Jackson?” The man was stalling, Andrew knew, but he let him.

“Was. I died,” informed him, Andrew as he slowly began to push the wretch to the chair.

“We were successful, then? Was it one of the poisons?” There was curiosity in the scientist’s voice now, and Andrew could see that it was overcoming the fear.

“Do tell me, how many shocks can someone take before they die? How many did I take?” The man’s eyes widened as he was made to sit in the chair. Andrew glued him on it and slowly approached him.

“Agent Jackson, we would have stopped had we known that you can be killed,” Andrew snorted. No, he didn’t think they would. They had been actively trying to kill him. He remembered the electric saw that they used to make mincemeat out of his stomach and shuddered.

“You will have it easier than I,” Andrew assured the whimpering man. “You will die quickly, but, I have no idea if it will be painless. Guess I feel like experimenting too.”

Andrew strapped the man to the chair and moved away. Snapping his fingers, he shocked him to death. He looked at the creature on the floor. The being was staring at him in fear.

“Come on, get up. I came here to set you all free,” Andrew reached out and pulled the man to his feet. He swayed dangerously, but Andrew stopped him from falling.

“Thank you,” crocked the man, and Andrew nodded.

“Thank me when I get you all out of here. Dark island is surrounded by water. You will have to hijack some boats,” and Andrew would help them. But, his time was running out. He couldn’t stay here for much longer.

He moved from door to door. Killing the scientists without letting them speak and freeing the non-humans. Then, he came to a giant operation room with chains on the door. Peering inside, he saw that there was just one person in.

Andrew blinked. What would warrant such security? He opened the door after melting the chains and stepped inside. There was something off about the scent of the room.

The air was heavy, somehow. Like it had been filled with smoke recently. He moved to the single occupant of the room and saw that he was chained in silver onyx encrusted chains.

Andrew backed away. There was only one creature that needed to be held back with onyx. Andrew slowly began backing out of the room, making sure that his steps were light and praying that the demon inside was asleep.

“What? Don’t I deserve to be free?” The voice sounded like many voices speaking over one another. It had started like a child’s then overlapped with an old man’s and finally finished with a young man’s voice.

“I…” Andrew kept backing out. Demons could eat souls, too. He was in danger. Sure, his body might be in the hotel in New Iberia, but his soul was here, in the operation room. If this thing broke free, then Andrew could be destroyed easily.

“You seem quite biased. I am not a bad guy. Just a sale’s man. I offer you a deal. You let me go, and I will make sure that people really think you are dead,” Andrew stopped. Demons were tricky. He needed to be careful.

“By thinking, do you mean you will eat my soul and make it happen?” That was an obvious loophole, and Andrew couldn’t let the creature use it.

“The thought did cross my mind,” spoke the demon with a faint smirk on his lips. “But, no. I need to get out of here. The place is warded, so I will need you once more. I told you the deal and add you a bit of assurances. You will not be harmed. People, if you can call the scientists that, would be convinced that all the acid that you drank did you in. Deal?”

“How do you know about what they did to me?” Asked Andrew, backing away even more. Could the demon read his mind? But, Francesco had told him that was impossible!

“We shared an operation room, from time to time. They tried to make me eat your soul after they finished stuffing you with necromancers. However, I can be a stubborn bastard. And, I do like pain. Both inflicting it and receiving it,” Andrew stopped backing away.

So, the demon had shown him some consideration? Perhaps, he could take the deal. The enemy of his enemy was his friend, right? If this demon wanted him dead, Andrew would have been digested by now.

“I take the deal,” said Andrew, and he snapped his fingers. The chains fell down, and the demon stood up.

“That was the smart thing to do,” commented the demon as he stretched his limbs. “Now get me out of here.”