Chapter 62
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 Breaking news: A base of the Office of Supernatural Affairs has been broken in. All the scientists, who were conducting their experiments despite the public outcry of the last week, have been killed in various ways.

The killer is the wixen, Andrew Jackson, who is now dead and appears in ghost form all over the country. If you see him, don’t try to engage him. He is dangerous and doesn’t show mercy to humans.

Furthermore, from the base, a demon, Aster, escaped. Below is a photo of him. If you see him, contact the police…

Andrew snorted. He had changed Aster’s appearance. The photo wouldn’t do much good. He turned to Erin, who was looking at him with an unreadable expression on his face.

“Did you have to kill off the scientists?” Spoke Erin finally. Andrew blinked. What a silly question.

“If they are adamant that experiments should be conducted, then they deserve to die,” said Andrew. Then, he looked at their empty sacks. “Come on, we need to go. Do you still want to go to Vegas?”

“Andrew, you committed man slaughter,” deadpanned Erin and Andrew shrugged.

“I don’t see it that way. What, would you have preferred that I turn my back to all the non-humans who are held captive?” Erin didn’t nod, but his expression didn’t change, either.

“This is not you, Andrew. You used to be…” Andrew huffed and began piling his clothes in the sack.

“What? Meek? Was that what you liked about me? Look at Andy, he will turn the other cheek! Well, no more. Gone are the days that I will let something like people experimenting on me go unpunished. Did you know that I nearly did? For your sake?” Erin’s eyes widened.

“You would have let them experiment on you, rather than run?” From Erin’s tone of voice, Andrew knew that he wouldn’t have even considered such an option.

“Yes,” screamed Andrew. “So, you wouldn’t be dragged to a laboratory. But, do you know what I figured as they tore me apart alive? They would never hold to their word. You would have ended strapped to a table regardless. However, you would have died, Erin. And the danger of it happening is still there.”

“Are you saying that you are doing this for me?” Erin’s voice sounded non-believing. Good, because what he was saying wasn’t the truth anyway.

“No, I am doing it for me. And, if along the way, I can protect you and save others, then, so be it,” Andrew threw the last shirt in the sack and looked at Erin pointedly. “I can make you forget that you knew me. We can go our separate ways. I’ll even leave you with all the money.”

“What are you saying?” Whispered Erin. He edged closer to Andrew, his hand reaching towards him. As if he were afraid Andrew would disappear. “What makes you think I would want that? I love you. I want to marry you. In no way, shape, or form, do I want you to leave me. Even less so do I want for you to erase yourself from my memory.”

“Then, you just need to stand back and watch as I tear town the Office of Supernatural Affairs,” said Andrew, brows furrowed. “Because, if you can’t, then I…”

Andrew was going to say I don’t need you. But that was both too cruel and a lie. He would always need Erin. Erin had saved his life, had been with him when Andrew had been alone for the first time. There was no denying that.

“Yes?” Asked Erin, taking a hold of Andrew’s shoulder. “Finish your sentence.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Andrew didn’t want to speak to Erin in anger. He looked at him pleadingly, and Erin exhaled.

“So, Las Vegas,” said Erin as he let go of Andrew and went to put his things in his sack. “Do you hear the wedding bells still?”

“I do,” Andrew wished that nothing went too wrong between now and the moment when he needed to say the same words in a small church in Vegas. Because, if it did, he doubted that he would be happy ever again.

“That is good to hear,” said Erin as he took his gun and placed it in the sack as well. He didn’t have any ammunition, but, he still carried the thing. He didn’t know if it was ever going to come in handy. Andrew didn’t let anyone near them if he sensed that they were part of the agency. But he kept it.

They took their sacks and left the room. After checking out of the bed and breakfast, they went to their car and Erin went in the driver’s seat. Andrew had a fake driving license too, courtesy of the changeling, but he had no idea how to drive.

Andrew drank two motion sickness pills and put on his safety belt. The drive to Las Vegas took them exactly 24 hours. They stopped from time to time to use the bathroom in various gas stations. But, apart from that, they didn’t even dare to stop for food for Andrew.

Andrew didn’t like the desert, but, the bright lights of the City of Sin bewitched him. There were casinos everywhere, both small and big. And hotels and clubs aplenty.

They got in a small hotel that had a casino on the first floor, showered and changed their clothes and went out, searching for a church. Sure, their marriage would have to be with the fake names. But Andrew Jackson and Erin Hudson were dead, as far as the world was concerned. So, it couldn’t be helped.

They made it to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau at exactly eight in the morning, just as it was opening. Going inside, they were met with a cheery clerk who was dressed in pastel colors and had her gray hair in a bun.

“How can I help you, gentlemen?” Asked the woman, and Erin stepped forward.

“We would like to get married,” the woman smiled brightly.

“Have you registered in our website?”

Both men shook their heads.

“Then, I will walk you through the registration process. This way, you can use one of our computers,” they followed her, and she led them to a computer room. The two sat behind the first computer they saw, and she opened the website page for them.