Chapter 63
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With all the information, they already had thanks to the changeling, it had been easy to fill in the registration. Then, it was an hour wait for the licenses and then a short drive to Love Story Wedding Chapel.

Personally, Erin thought the name was corny. He thought the entire operation was even cornier when they saw that the couple before them was being married by an Elvis wannabe.

“Don’t they have priests?” Asked Erin, making sure only Andrew heard.

“Richard, the important thing is to get married. Not by whom,” their new names were Richard Anders and Asher Vigo. Now, if it had been them picking out their names, they wouldn’t have ended with those. But, they had let the changeling do so.

They sat on some benches and watched the ceremony that was taking place until the end. The bride was in a white shirt and skirt, and the groom was in jeans and a t-shirt. All in all, the two, with their dress pants and shirts, were almost overdressed for the occasion.

The Elvis pretender finished, and the groom kissed the bride. Their friends sprinkled them with rice, and they walked away.

“Our turn,” said Erin, and they approached the cosplayer.

“Hello, we would like to be married,” said Erin and the man looked from one to the other.

“Yes, well, do you have your license?” Erin pulled out the sheet of paper and handed it over. “All seems to be in order. Stand next to each other. Clasp each other’s hands.”

They did so, and the priest began his speech. He spoke of how sacred a marriage was. How happy they should be that they have come to the decision to get married. And, finally, he spoke the last words that the two have waited for.

“You may now kiss the bride,” both leaned in at the same time and then glared.

“You are the bride, Richard,” stated Andrew with a smirk.

“You are the one in the white shirt, you are the bride,” stated Erin with another smirk.

“You are the one who looks like a princess all the time,” continued Andrew, and Erin scrunched up his nose.

“You are just jealous that my hair color is better,” Andrew might have said something back, but then the Elvis cosplayer took a hold of both of their heads and made them kiss.

“You can both be the bride,” said the man, annoyance dripping off his tongue. “Congratulations. Pay at the checkout.”

And, just like that, Andrew and Erin were married. They exchanged smiles and went to the checkout. The plumb woman behind the booth gushed over how adorable they were, and they both blushed.

Once they were out of the chapel, they breathed in the fresh air and burst out laughing.

“Well, Asher Anders sounds nice,” said Erin, barely containing his giggles. “A bit snobbish, but, nice.”

“As if Richard Vigo would have sounded better,” snorted Andrew. They had not told the priest who takes whose name. The man had assumed that they were taking Erin’s, so, he had written down Erin’s.

“Guess you are a Hudson in truth now,” boosted Erin, and Andrew rolled his eyes. “And the bride.”

Andrew sighed and leaned on Erin.

“What do you want to do for the rest of the day? Should we go to a spa center?” Erin turned to look at Andrew.

“We are in Vegas, Asher. There is only one place where we can go. Well, plenty of places, but they fall under the same category,” Erin grinned mischievously and Andrew groaned.

“A casino? We are going to get robbed blind there,” Erin waved his finger at Andrew.

“With my mind reading talent and your sixth sense, we will be just fine. But, we might want to get away from here after. The agency might get a wind of someone reading minds, and they could try to come after us. And the casino owner won’t be happy with us, either,” Andrew gave it some consideration. It sounded fun. Just two newlyweds conning people in Las Vegas. That was quite common here.

“I’m game,” said Andrew, and they went back to their car. They decided enroute that, if they were going to hit something, they might go for the big casinos. So, their first stop was Caesars’ Palace.

Andrew gaped at the giant fountain up front. They were let in and both marveled at how everything had a Roman feel to it. Finding a card game table, they went to join it.

With only a million on them, they quickly bought some chips and began to play. Erin was good at bluffing, and he was even better at reading minds. After the twentieth successful round, they got bored and went to the dice game.

That turned out to be just as boring, since the attendant thought about what sort of number he needed before each throw. Disappointed, they went to the slots. Only for them to find that they could still cheat, or, more like, Andrew could.

They got out of the casino twenty million dollars richer and bored out of their mind.

“I hear Circus has circus performances,” suggest Erin, and Andrew raised an eyebrow.

“And I hear the spa centers are open by now. Come on, Richard. I deserve some spoiling. Besides, I have never been to a spa center before. How about you?” Erin sighed. Andrew seemed to have a one track mind.

“Neither have I. Fine, we will be massaged and covered in mud and to have cucumber blindfolds. But, if you are bored even there, Asher, I will hold you responsible for that,” Andrew chuckled. It was a fun game, to use each other’s fake names.

He doubted that someone was going to notice if they used their real names. However, just to be safe, they used the fake ones. They drove to Lakeside Village, Las Vegas and checked in The Spa at Lakeside center, since it was the first thing that was shown when they searched for spa centers.

They spend some time staring at the lake and both wondered if it was artificial. Furthermore, they were in the heart of the Nevada desert. It couldn’t be natural, could it?