Chapter 64
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Andrew relaxed under the skilled hands of the massagist. The woman had worked out all the kinks in his back. He lazily turned to look at Erin, who, just like him, looked like a lazy blob.

“And you didn’t want to come,” whispered Andrew, half-asleep.

“I must admit this is pleasant,” said Erin as he relaxed even further in the massaging table. Andrew thought that if he relaxed even more into it, he would become one with it.

“Is this your first time in a spa, gentlemen?” Asked Andrew’s massagist and Andrew sighed in satisfaction.

“Yes. We were always too busy with work,” he said, and the massagist hummed.

“Then I recommend you go to the pound. There, you can have fish clean the dead skin off your feet. It tickles quite a bit, and it is very pleasant,” Andrew considered it. It did sound nice. He had heard about such procedures, but never thought that he could enjoy them.

“We were thinking of getting covered in mud,” said Erin from the side in a lazy manner.

“Well, we offer something similar. But, we cover our customers in the best skin softening balm there is, one made just for the spa center,” Andrew blinked. That sounded fancy and exclusive. The old him would have balked at spending so much money. However, the new him thought that he could afford to spoil himself.

“Count us in. How much longer does the massage last?” Asked Andrew. He didn’t want it to end, but he wanted to try some new things.

“Just ten more minutes. We will escort you to the skin care room,” both Andrew and Erin gave out content sights and the massagists giggled.

“I take it you will come back?” That was Erin’s massagist. Erin curled up his toes when she moved over a sensitive spot. This was bliss.

“We live too far away from Las Vegas to do so. We just came over here to get married,” supplied Erin, and the two massagists squealed.

“You are a gay couple?” Andrew’s massagist gushed.

“I am bisexual,” supplied Erin, and Andrew huffed.

“Which makes little difference, considering that if I ever catch you staring at anyone else but me, I am living your ass,” threatened Andrew and Erin had the decency to look afraid.

“Now, now, my blushing bride. Don’t be cruel,” Andrew huffed again and moved a little to the side.

“Can you do my right arm again? And the fingers on each hand,” the massagist was quick to comply, and the rest of the time was passed in silence. When it was over, the two men stood up regretfully and got wrapped in bathing robes. They only wore their boxers.

“Just down the hall,” said Erin’s massagist as she led them. They entered a room with two bath tubs and were told to strip and get in. Then, the tubs were filled with something that had the consistency of skin lotion. Andrew thought that was wasteful, but, as the pleasant scent filled his nostrils, he relaxed his head on the towel that was laid beneath his neck.

“So, we will smell of lilies? I think this is something women usually use,” complained Erin, and Andrew snorted.

“I don’t mind the smell. It is pleasant,” Andrew was rubbing the lotion on the places that were not submerged in the water. The illusion had a compulsion on it that made people ignore the inconsistencies in the skin.

Granted, it didn’t work on everyone. If a wixen came and saw them now, they would see both Andrew and Erin in their true bodies, if a bit discolored. But, what were the chances that a wixen would be working in a spa center?

Besides, Andrew was the only human looking wixen existing. So, he wasn’t worried even a bit.

After the balm was rinsed off them, their skins practically shone. Then, they had their pores cleaned. Andrew was appalled at how much got removed from his face. It was almost too clogged for words.

During all that time, Andrew used his powers to unlock doors in bases and to let the non-humans out. He didn’t tell Erin he was working during what was practically their honeymoon, but he still did it.

After all, they were both silent for the most part. Besides, Erin would figure it out once they got to a TV. Surely, he wouldn’t be too annoyed. They exited the spa in the late hours of the day, smelling of lilies and mint and looking rosy.

Erin hooked an arm around Andrew’s middle and led him to the car. When they got in, Andrew’s eyes found the lake again.

“It would have been nice if we could have caught a boat ride across it,” he spoke, sounding wistful.

“Yes, well, that would have meant fewer procedures,” told him Erin, and they drove off. Andrew would sleep as Erin drove. Then, when morning came, they would find a butcher’s and purchase some pig blood for Erin. Thereafter, they would go to a deli and get Andrew something for breakfast.

As Andrew drifted off to sleep, he smiled gently. Today had been pleasant. Sure, the wedding was rushed. And the casino was boring. But, the spa had been worth it. He felt light as a feather and had the feeling that Erin felt the same.

They stopped at Spring Valley in the morning and quickly found a butcher’s shop. The man behind the counter had looked at them with suspicion when they had told him it was for blood pudding, but sold them ten bottles of the stuff.

“I stock up on those — now. I mean, vampires need to eat too. Or drink, I suppose. If one of you is a vampire, I won’t tell. That Office of Supernatural whatever is not entitled to treat your kind the way it does,” said the butcher as he was handing the tenth bottle.

“We are just blood pudding enthusiasts,” said Erin cheerfully. “But it is a good thing that you would help out the vampire community.”