Sweet night
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Noah's pov

Emma on hearing my answer became very happy and seemed to be imagining various things, although I didn't know what they were I could guess from the drool that came out of her mouth.


I guess I shouldn't have rushed my answer, but nothing anymore, I can deal with them, I think so.


"Ahem..." (Miles).


Miles cleared his throat to draw attention to himself.


"Well with that settled I think there is nothing more you have to do here, I recommend you go home and talk whatever you need to talk about, in 2 days you will be given information on your new mission" (Miles)


Liana and Emma stood up straight and nodded in confirmation, Emma came up to me and motioned for me to follow her, we walked back the way we had come and stopped at a door very confidently.


"This is the exit, but let's wait for Mia and Leonel to come back, they went to heal Leonel's amputated arm shouldn't take long" (Liana).


We waited for about thirty minutes in which Emma kept playing with my hair while she made me sit on her curly tail it didn't bother me, but every so often she licked the back of my neck which made me feel tingling all over my body, just after a lick from Emma I saw Mia and Leonel coming out of a room, Leonel was no longer missing his arm and he looked better than he did a few hours ago.


Liana whistled catching both of their attention, they came up next to us and Emma was the first to speak super excited.


"Sis!!!, guess what happened!!!"(Emma).


"I'm not a guesser..."(Mia).

Mia seemed a bit annoyed by the fact that Emma was carrying me as her gaze wouldn't leave me.


"Hehehe my cute little sister is a little jealous it seems" (Emma).


"I'm not jealous..., but I would like to hold him" (Mia).


Emma looked at me as if I was permission to which I just nodded, I was already being carried by Emma in the first place so if Mia wants to do it so what, Emma pushed me with her tail to Mia and she hugged me placing my head between her breasts as she started to smell my hair.


"You are still a boy and you already have 2 women by your side I am so proud of you that's how a true warrior should be, but you are not going to beat me I am going to have more partners than you" (Leonel).


"Honey maybe you don't remember that you already have a wife, but don't worry we will talk about that later" (Liana).


When Liana spoke Leonel took a few steps back and bowed his head, well we know who's in charge in the relationship.


"We should go get some rest, it's already dark and today was a very difficult day" (Liana).


After Liana said that we went through the door and on the other side we could see huge buildings at the back of the city and the further away from the center the size of the buildings became smaller until they reached the size of a small house the strange thing is that there were no different types of houses only one model that could have different colors, but basically, they were the same I was going to ask them the reason for this, but I decided to wait to get home.


We stopped on the sidewalk and Leonel left, I asked why we did not follow him and they told me that the government gave vehicles to the elimination teams like them, after a while Leonel returned in an all-terrain vehicle when they opened the door, I could see that inside it was much bigger than what could be seen from the outside, inside it was the size of a room of 7 meters in each direction, when I entered, I looked confused at Mia who was still carrying me.


"Indeed, we did not tell you but, in the cities, live different types of species and some have special needs but you can not only satisfy some and not others than to fix this vehicle, houses and buildings have so to speak a pocket dimension that uses spiritual energy from the environment, this pocket dimension can be adapted to the needs of those who occupy it, of course in vehicles it is used more to have more space but in homes, the change is greater and also here you can do this".


Mia moved her hand and in front appeared a window where we could see the outside and from what I could see we were already moving, but it did not feel at all, after a while of driving we arrived at one of the many houses that were there and Emma moved her hand making a door to go out, she stayed waiting for Mia to go out first, Mia hugged me tightly and let me go and she was about to get out of the car when Emma stopped her.


"What are you doing sis?" (Emma).


"I'm getting out of the car, what's wrong?"(Mia).


"I mean why did you leave it" (Emma).


"He's not supposed to be sent to a group home" (Mia).


"Oh, that's right! I forgot to tell you, that's the surprise I was talking about" (Emma).


"I talked to Miles and he agreed to have Noah live with us" (Emma).


Mia looked a little puzzled and looked in my direction and I gave her a little nod, her eyes sparkled with excitement and she pounced on me and squeezed me with her tail dragging me with her out of the car.


Liana's pov

"Sorry about my sister she's so excited, see you tomorrow" (Emma).


"See you Emma and just to remind you, but he can't be abused, he's still a boy" (Liana).


"You don't have to remind me already I know it's not like we're sex-thirsty beasts" (Emma).


"Of course, it's all legal if no one finds out" (Liana).


I said this while winking at Emma, she hesitated a bit and answered me quietly as if she wasn't sure what she was saying.


"I wouldn't do something Noah wouldn't want and we can control our impulses well..."(Emma).


I looked at her with a smirk, she pouted and got out of the car, I sighed to myself as I thought about how busy I was going to be for the next few days, 'now that Irvin died, I'm the new team captain and I don't like it, it's going to take away my precious time to sleep' I sighed again and laid down to sleep as my darling drove to our house.


Noah's pov


Emma closed the door after saying goodbye to Liana and her face was a little upset, but changed to a smile when she saw me. She walked up to the door of the house and opened it, inside there were no steps but a smooth climb up to the second floor, but other than that there was nothing different than a normal house only that it was big to fit the size of both of us.


Mia was still carrying me but I could feel her grip getting weaker and weaker I lifted my head to look at her face and saw her eyes slowly close and then open quickly she looked like she was tired, Emma came to her side and spoke.


"Sis you must be tired, go to sleep, Noah will sleep with me" (Emma).


When Mia heard that all trace of sleepiness disappeared, she hugged me even tighter.


"No, he will sleep with me" (Mia).


"You've been hugging him all the way, it's only fair that I sleep with him!" (Emma)


"That has nothing to do with it, you were with him while I was with Leonel" (Mia).


"Don't be the unreasonable sister he's going to sleep with me!" (Emma)


I watched as the two sisters fought over who I slept with and it seemed like my opinion didn't matter much I just hope they finish quickly I'm already starting to fall asleep.


Mia and Emma looked each other in the eyes waiting for the other to move until Mia moved quickly carrying me to the second floor and behind her was Emma, Mia quickly entered a room and closed the door while leaning on it to prevent Emma from entering, we heard banging and screaming from the other side, I had to admit that things in this pocket dimension are very resistant.


Mia kept leaning on the door until nothing was heard on the other side, she moved away from the door moving to the bed, but on the other side of the door a low cry was heard and Mia looking worried opened the door and there was Emma with tears falling from her eyes.


"Sniff...Sniff...Sniff...Sniff..., You're bad Mia you always do what you want..."(Emma).


Mia looked worried she approached Emma and hugged her of course she didn't let go of me and I ended up in the middle of the two sister’s hug.


"Sorry Emma, I didn't mean to hurt you..., what if we both slept with Noah, would that be, okay?"(Mia)


"I'd love to!" (Emma)


Emma went from sadness to happiness in a second as she hugged her sister even tighter, I think they forgot that I was only a human with a fragile body or should be any other being would have died long ago from the grip of these two, but I only had my bones broken and torn ligaments that regenerated instantly, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.


Emma and Mia moved over to the bed that could accommodate the 3 of us quietly, they both lay with me in the middle and their tails curled around my body, although not as tight as before it seemed warmer and gentler.

"Sorry about that Noah we didn't mean to fight in front of you, but it's all good now" (Mia).


"Looks like they didn't forget I was there" (Noah).


"How could we forget about you; we were fighting to see who slept with you after all" (Emma).


"Besides Noah your body is warm it makes me want to hug you tighter, can I lick you" (Mia).


I didn't understand why they liked to lick me and I didn't dislike it, but I guess I shouldn't, I looked at her with all the determination to refuse her request, but when I saw her pleading eyes, I couldn't help but say yes.


Mia licked my neck and I felt Emma licking the back of my neck plus her tails moved all over my body and because it felt so good, I started to fall asleep.


"I'm...sleepy..., sorry, but I'm going to sleep first until tomorrow." (Noah)


"After all he's still a kid, see you tomorrow, Noah." (Mia)


"Don't worry, there will be many more opportunities to give each other love in the future." (Emma)


And after hearing her words I fell asleep, the first time I slept in a comfortable place in a long time.