Chapter 14
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Cedrick pulsed violently as he pumped another load into her ass. He groaned atop her from behind, a hand clenching on her slender waist while the other crawling on her sweaty back, his dark eyes glazing over with delirious pleasure.

Stench of their debauchery hung heavy in every breath Merille took as euphoria flooded her once more. She had already lost count of the climaxes after the twentieth which was several hours ago.

Her mind was a mess of rapture and exhaustion at his point and thoughts seemed sluggish as if waded through mud. The tiredness, however, had drained strength from her body which made her pretense of being paralyzed flawless.

Maybe it was the sweating along with the few dozen times she had gushed that drove the poison out sooner than expected. Well, considering a whole night had passed, it did not probably happen soon enough.

“Oh Crystals, that was one great fuck!” the towering merc said before blowing out a breath.

His softening cock still jerked within her spasming channel, depositing the last of his squirts to the copious goo he had already left inside her bowel.

“G-Glad you en-enjoy it,” she murmured through the aftershock, eyeing him over her shoulder and feeling her tongue thick with his bitter salt.

His pungent scent lingered everywhere, making it nearly impossible for her to focus on anything but begging for his cock. She bit off the pleas before they could leave her lips. Losing more of her waning strength was going to make escape from here near impossible.

It’s not like I can resist him if he wants to keep going… she thought and almost asked him to keep fucking her.

Their taunting turned into an endless chorus of moans and groans of pleasure after the first hour. Cedrick had flipped her back and forth so he could test the tenderness of her holes thoroughly. And from the stupid grin on his face, he was undoubtedly satisfied.

He pulled out of her with reluctant hiss and sat back on his haunches. “I cum like a fucking horse thanks to you,” he chuckled, inspecting his handiwork overflowing from her thoroughly abused pussy and ass.

Merille remained with her butt high in the air, propped up by her knees while her cum-smeared cheek pressed against the floorboard. She was content with just breathing and let his gibe go without returning any snark retort.

A sound of wet splatter from behind spiked her with an urge to lick the murky glob off the floor. Though she had consumed an abundant amount of semen, her appetite for the viscous fluid never ceased.

It’ll probably save me a lot of food money if I can sustain myself on cum alone, she thought and nearly chuckled.

“I guess it’s time to wrap this party up.” Cedrick swatted her ass hard enough to make it burn, then snickered when she hissed in pain.

Her first thought was to kick him in the groin in retaliation but that would ruin the sliver of hope she had at getting out of this mess. Though she had regained most control of her limbs, she was no match for him in her current state.

With hardly any rest from the night before, the several hours of intense sex only added to her fatigue and exhaustion. It was unsurprising that her strength had not returned, and fighting him was the last thing she wanted to do.

“What now?” she asked, looking up at him from the floor.

“I’m going to collect my money and leave,” he said before tapping his chin in thought for a moment. “But before that…I can’t just leave you here like that, can I?”

“Afraid I’m going to catch a cold or something?”

One of his ebony brow rose. “Glad to know you still haven’t lost your sense of humor.” He squatted then stretched her out so she lay flat on her belly.

After a moment of looking around, he reached for her bandeau and ripped apart one of the seams. “Hey! What was that for?!” she yelled, fighting with herself to keep still.

“Gotta make sure I do my job right so Todd can’t complain if you happen to escape,” he said before folding her arms behind her back and tying them together.

The confidence in his tone made it seem like he already knew the paralyzing effect had faded. “And how am I supposed to do that when I can’t even lift a finger?” she asked, staring daggers at him.

“That’s not part of my job. You’ll have to come up with that one yourself.” Cedrick lifted both hands placatingly after he finished binding her.

“Fine! But I’m going to make you pay for ripping up my favorite bandeau afterward.” She glared up at him.

The towering merc only chuckled and turned her over so she lay on her back. He reached down to cup her pert mound in one hand. “You’ve a really nice pair here. Why would you cover them up?”

“I’m sure I’ll look very menacing walking around bare-chested like you.” she snorted.

“Hey! It’s crazy humid here in the east. Shirts are just annoying when you sweat all the time,” he said and his hand on her breast moved up to cradle her cheek.

Cedrick bent forward and pressed his lips to hers. Merille gasped against her soft touch and nearly jerked away from the surprise. Her eyes were wide as her breath caught in her throat. After all the sex she had with countless men, getting kissed was the last thing she expected.

She went rigid partly because it was her first time and also because it was a foriegn gesture. The others only used her for their pleasure and left as soon as they were sated. Kissing was unnecessary when they were content with having her lips around their cocks.

Their lips parted after a moment before he cocked a brow at her. “What’s wrong?” he asked and a smirk revealed two rows of his pearly teeth. “Is this your first kiss?!”

“N-No! I-I was just…just surprised, that’s all!” she retorted, wishing she could ram a foot in his face to shut him up.

“Right. Right. You didn’t freeze up at all,” he chuckled and licked his lip, lingering slightly longer at the scar.

He stood and got dressed without another word, whistling a tune. “Last night was fun, Raven. We should do that again sometime,” he said, slinging the leather breastplate over his bare, masculine chest then secured the straps.

Merille rolled her eyes. “I think I already have enough of you to last a lifetime,” she said flatly and glanced at the leaking goo between the legs for emphasis.

“We’ll see about that,” he said and bent down to pick up her dagger.

“Not even going to leave a girl with something to defend herself with?” she grumbled, hating him for being so thoroughly cautious.

“Oh, you’re plenty dangerous without it already. Plus I need to hold onto something of yours, this way you’ll have to come find me later.” He wiggled his brows at her before strolling toward the door.

Todd was slumping on the chair behind his desk when Cedrick swung open the door. The scrawny man jumped awake and nearly toppled over when his name was called. He probably did not have much sleep last night from the bags under his eyes.

Considering what he did to her, that was too little of a suffering for his betrayal. She did not like killing but she might make an exception for him once she escaped from here. Just you wait Todd. I’ll be back for you.

“I’m done! The poison should paralyze her for a while longer. But I went ahead and tied her up for you so there’s nothing to worry about,” the towering merc said, leaving the door wide so Todd could look inside to see her used and naked.

“A-Are you sure? You’re not going to stay?” the smaller man said, his gaze darting between her and Cedrick.

“She’s not going anywhere,” the mercenary assured before reaching for the doorknob. His obsidian eyes met hers and he smiled. But his brows creased slightly. “But if you want me to stay, then it’s going to…” His voice faded as the door clicked shut.

Her heart raced as the petite merc scanned the sparse room for a way to escape. Aside from the bed in the corner and a trunk at the end of it, there was nothing else to block her vision. And it was bad since the walls looked solid, without any gaps or breaks she could exploit.

Fuck! Now what?! She growled, struggling onto her shaky legs and barely able to keep standing.

Leaping through the windows seemed like the only way out but it would make a lot of noise and alert the men. She needed a quiet escape that would give her a head-start and found a place to hide until she regained her strength.

A place I can hide in this state. She grimaced after examining the mess Cedrick had left behind. His cum still trickled down her inner thighs in long globby rivulets while much more smeared across her face, stomach and back.

The worst part was his pungent stench that tainted every breath she took. It made her crave his rough touch, his cock, and his seed. The roiling heat in her core would not simmer down and there was nothing she could do about it.

“I’ll probably beg to fuck the first asshole I stumble into at this rate,” she grumbled.

Merille tiptoed toward the bed, her body feeling heavy and her head swam from the motion. Leaping out the window became a farfetched option at this point when she could not even walk properly.

I’ll probably knock myself out jumping into it. Pathetic. She could not help but chuckle at her pitiful state.

Murmuring of voices continued outside the door which meant Cedrick had not left and was probably negotiating the fee for the extension of his service. The job broker’s fear might just buy her precious minutes and, hopefully, she could put it to good use.

Outside noise grew louder as she stepped closer to the cot. A sound of wind passing through a small opening. Her heart leaped and she quickly dropped to her knees to look under the bed for any sign of gap in the wall or floor.

Everything was sealed tight.

She pressed her forehead against the coarse floorboard, feeling groggy from the swift movement and diminishing hope. But as she listened closer, the sound did not come directly from under the bed. It was close by.

Her violet gaze darted to the trunk and noticed a small patch of cobweb hanging between it and the bed’s leg wavered in a soft breeze. She uncoiled quickly, in excitement, and her vision went black for a heartbeat before she stumbled onto the cot.

The petite merc inhaled deeply and let the dizziness pass before standing. Passing out was not an option when she had only minutes to spare. Just hang on! You can do this, Merille.

At least the wet, murky blotches on the white sheet brought a satisfied smile on her lips. She would have rolled on it to spite Todd if the fear of falling asleep on it was not such an imminent threat. And she also had a more pressing matter to take care of.

She crouched next to the trunk to peer at the space between it and the wall. As she expected, three of the wall-panels had come loose but it was not big enough for her to squeeze through. She would need to break it open.

Alright. Finally, something I can work with! she thought and turned to lean on the wooden box so one of her bound hands could grip its edge.

With her feet braced on the wall, Merille mustered all of her dwindling strength and shoved. The trunk turned and slid outward, grating against the floor. The noise pierced through the quietness of morning like a screeching claw on a metal plate.

She froze as the sound of conversation broke off. The thought of Todd bursting into the room made her stomach churned with panic. Then the murmur of voices continued and she blew out a breath, her shoulders sagging with relief.

Her gaze shot back to the widened gap. Good thing the job broker was a cheap man and chose to live in a dingy apartment that cut building costs by having only exterior paneling. The crappy workmanship had caused the nails to come loose which allowed the wood panels to warp away from the stud.

Merille scooped into the space between the trunk and the wall, her bare butt scrapping on the coarse floor but she was too excited to care. Pressing her back against the box, she pushed hard on the loose planks with her feet.

The thin panels creaked softly as she exerted more force, her legs trembling with the effort. Come on! Just a little more. You can do it!

A crack broke the silence once more as the wall split opened. However, this time she had been cautious to keep the noise at the minimum so the sound of rustling leaves and chirping of birds masked most of it.

Chilling breeze swept through the opening once she kicked the splintered pieces out of the way. Merille dipped her head into the hole without hesitation and wriggled herself into the street of Faircross.

Glow-crystals in lamp posts still lit the street in soft yellow and the air was crisp with the scent of wet grass and morning dews. The cobbles were cold against her naked body as the sun barely peeked the horizon.

The petite merc stumbled to her feet, her heart racing while her gaze darting left and right for a shelter. Thoughts came in stuttering pieces and her body trembled from the frigid air and exhaustion. She did not have long before darkness would claim her consciousness.

Doors were shut and no light shone through the windows of any buildings. There was not even a single footfall this early in the day. The street was empty except for a wagon covered in deep gray tarp, parking on the opposite side of the street.

Without any other options, she headed for the parked vehicle. A groan escaped her chattering teeth as freezing droplets of condensation poured down on her when she ducked beneath the covering.

She was shivering by the time she climbed over the railing and tumbled onto the wagon’s bed. Crates and barrels filled its interior while sweet scent of fruits hung in the air. Her eyes refused to stay open and her body felt too heavy to move now.

Merille gritted her teeth before crawling her way deeper into the wagon before huddling into a gap between the crates. She tucked her knees against her chest and fought against the drowsiness as best she could.

But before she realized it, darkness had already enveloped her in its grip.