Chapter 41: Travels
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In a dark and damp forest, a black haired man holding two stilleto daggers tapped his foot as he stood tall among the fallen corpses.

"So this is—" Ciel spoke before abruptly stopping and glancing at the side. He shouted as he throwed a dagger, "Who's there?!"


However, there was no one that came out nor a voice that replied. The forest was in a total silence as Ciel looked at deeper at the woods.

"If you don't come out now, I'l kill you myself." Ciel casually threatened as he raised his hand, making the thrown dagger fly towards to him.


Suddenly, a rustle in the side echoed as a figure exited the woods. It was a blonde haired man with a charming face, the man's lips curled in a smirk as they looked at Ciel.

"The TOAJ shouldn't be throwing in death threats that lightly." The blonde haired man commented as his serene dark eyes looked over the fallen corpses behind Ciel.

"...Who are you?" Ciel asked as he narrowed his eyes. There was an air of unnatural chill that surrounded the man. He raised his guard up as he held his stilleto daggers.

"Does it matter?" The man asked as his eyes calmly stared at Ciel. He continued, "You can just ignore me and move on, or stay here and hear me out."

"Or, I can force you to give your name up," Ciel rhetorted as translucent dark energy suddenly conjured in the dagger. He already sensed the magical energy surrounding the man, it was Rank C at best.

"I wouldn't recommend that," The blonde haired man smiled as he continued, "Don't you have a mission to do?"

"...What do you know about it?" Ciel asked as he lowered his hands. It seems like the man knew a thing or two about his mission.

"I know where they are staying right now," The blonde haired man spoke as he stepped forward, in each second getting closer to Ciel. He continued, "I can even guide you there if you want."

"What's the catch?" Ciel asked as he raised his eyebrows. He had never once believed there was a good offer in the world without a catch. 

"Nothing," The blonde haired man shook his head before continuing, "..Is what I'm supposed to say, but how about a favor?"

"I would've attacked you right here and now if you said nothing." Ciel scoffed as he returned the daggers he held to his pocket. If the man said he wanted nothing, then he would have suspected that it was a trap. He nodded as he asked, "I agree then, what's your name?"

"You can call me..." The blonde haired man raised his head as his serene dark eyes stared straight to Ciel, "John."

In a luxurious place filled with weapons of all kinds, an elegant blonde haired man with blue sapphire eyes stared at the white haired person that was standing in front of a golden sword.

Eugene smirked as he saw the white haired person's eyes went wide open while staring speechlessly at the golden sword. He couldn't blame his friend of his for that reaction.

The golden sword was a one of kind treasure in their warehouse. It was given by the king to his father during the past era, his father had valiantly fought off the demons and magical beasts using that magical artifact whenever there was an anomaly that occured.

It's craftmanship was superb, he had asked his father once about who crafted the sword and to his suprise it was not crafted by human hands. It was crafted by a foreign race, the mythical dwarvens.

"This is amazing..." Arcuied muttered as he gazed at the golden sword. Just by standing near it, he could already feel immense magical pressure from it's blade. He had seen many swords before, and this one was just at the top of the top.

"You want it?" Eugene asked as he smirked, "Unfortunately for you, I can't hand it over."

"Tsk, I know..I know..." Arcuied sighed in dissapointment as he shook his head. He understood why. A treasure like that had significance important to Eugene's lineage, if it was given away, it could cause a chaotic mess.

A part of his mind wanted to ask on why did Eugene even showed him such a thing, but he didn't bother to. The blonde noble would most likely reply,

'I just wanted to brag, of course.'

"Don't be too dissapointed," Eugene spoke as he chuckled, "I can give you a sword of mine in the past I've never used before."

"You're awfully generous, what's the catch?" Arcuied asked as he narrowed his eyes.

"You're too suspicious, it's a deal between friends." Eugene shook his head as he snapped his finger.


Suddenly, an old butler with white hair appeared before Eugene, the butler bowed before speaking, "Your orders, young master Eugene."

"Hand me over the Typhoon Wave Sword." Eugene ordered with a smile on his face. He couldn't wait to see Arcuied marvel over the sword.

"...As you wish." The butler nodded as he abruptly vanished.

"..W-wait! What...?" Arcuied asked as he stuttered. Typhoon what now? 

"Typhoon Wave Sword." Eugene reiterated as he stared at Arcuied.

"...God forbid." Arcuied muttered as he stared back at Eugene strangely. Suddenly, he wasn't looking forward to the sword anymore. The name was so horrid already, granted one should never judge a book by it's cover.

Eugene squinted his eyes as he stared at Arcuied mildly offended.

Seconds later, the white haired butler returned with a long sword on his hand. The sword's blade was shining crystal blue in color, while it's double edged tip was extremely sharp. The butler bowed before speaking, "Here, young lord."

"Okay then, dismiss yourself." Eugene said as he casually waved his hand while taking the long sword on the servants hand.

Eugene grabbed the handle of the long blue sword and swung it slightly, as the sword moved there was a blue shadow that followed it right after. He turned to look ay Arcuied as he asked, "What do you think, eh?"

"Suprisingly, It's actually good." Arcuied thought aloud as he stared at the long sword. Judging from the blue shadow, the sword should be a magical artifact.

A magical artifact is a weapon that had inherent magical properties that was engraved in it's creation. Unlike the ordinary weapons, magical artifacts had more effects and dealt more damage, but in turn it was more expensive and hard to find.

"Naturally, why would I show you an inferior blade?" Eugene rhetorted as he threw the long sword to Arcuied. "Here, catch."


"Oof." Arcuied muttered as he grabbed the sword mid air. The sword was suprisingly light, just perfect for him. He looked at Eugene before asking, "So what are the effects of this?"

"Nothing much. It just creates a replica water blade following where you swing at." Eugene replied as he waved his hand.

"That's good enough, considering my previous weapon had no particular effects anyway.." Arcuied spoke as he swung the long sword slightly, as it moved a blue shadow followed right after.

As the both were discussing about the weapons they were using, the old butler re-appeared once more. The butler bowed as he spoke, "The portal to the forest has been prepared, Young Master Eugene."

"Lead the way then." Eugene ordered while the corner of his lips curled up.

"We aren't going to enter in the Miracle Plaza?" Arcuied asked quizically as he looked at Eugene in confusion.

"You didn't know? Nobels have their own portals to any city in the kingdom." Eugene explained as they exited the warehouse and walked through the halls of the mansion. For the sake of safety and convenience, most nobels have their own portals in their mansion to travel to any city in the Arthurian Empire.

The Miracle Plaza was simply too far from the other nobles, and even the nobles near the place still use their own portals either way as entering through the Miracle Plaza would stir quite a commotion.

"We're finally here." Eugene spoke as he suddenly stopped infront of a whirling purple vortex in the middle of the room.

"I'm ready," Arcuied said as he nodded, "Are we going teleport directly to the forest?"

Eugene gave a thumbs up as he snapped his finger, calling over the butler from before to come over. 

The butler reappeared beside Eugene, on the butler's hand was a long blue spear that radiated immense magical pressure to the surroundings.

Eugene grabbed the long blue spear without a word. Then, he looked at Arcuied at his back and both stared at each other before nodding in confirmation.

It was time. The beginning of their first trip was about to commence. However unknown to both of them, there was something much, much greater and dangerous lying in the forest. 

Something that will irrevocably change them, whether for the better or for the worst.

In a dark room, a small light flickered as a handsome and charming face reflected in the light. The man's had a devilish grin attached to his face as he muttered, "The game has finally begun..."