Chapter 1— Combat Tutorial
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This is long... This path is way too fucking long. Why doesn't it work like on the world map?!

Grey strode along the dirt with an expectancy that he would see the village just around the corner. However, no matter how many turns he took, it was nowhere to be seen. In the end, it didn't bother him much because he considered the bright flowers hiding among the forest grass an entertaining sight on his journey. But there was one thing missing that was ticking him off.

So... Birds are considered monsters. And I haven't seen a single insect so far, let alone a bunny. What was I thinking...


Fuck. I need to finish the tutorial already for shit to spawn. Faster. Faster! I can't stand it anymore!

Grey unequipped the coat and broken bow to ease movement, actually allowing for slightly higher speed. He broke into a run and gave it his all. The ambient sounds alone wouldn't do it for him if it took days to reach the settlements. His palms itched for the feeling of hitting something, a drug-like craving ever since he struck the hunter. He wanted to go on quests, find treasure, obtain a class, but most important, wreak havoc among the pixel society. 

In front of him, the path took a wide turn to the right, hiding in between foliage. There was no fatigue, no matter how much he would run, and he knew he couldn't enjoy it much more. However, he was looking forward to that moment. If there was no struggle, there would be no rewarding sensations, and if there were was no danger, there would be no thrills.

He turned he corner without losing speed, and a bland color rose above the trees, standing out from the otherwise bright palette around him. 

Smoke! Finally! 

Arriving ever closer, the trees opened to an array of houses on both sides, hay for a roof and wood for a wall. Further inspection of the village brought to light a weirdness Grey couldn't oversee— its people— residents who walked with no purpose or simply stood in place with frozen eyes, like mannequins. There was some movement in the field, and there was also noise coming from the blacksmith shop, but that was about it, as far as he could see and hear.

The shop... The shop. Where is it?!

"Welcome to our village, traveller! You seem lost. Do you need help?"

Grey heard a voice behind him, making his heart skip a beat. The tone was kind, and the pitch not too high, making it very pleasant to listen to. He turned around to see the owner and met the eyes of a girl who looked slightly older than him, standing so close that he could hear her breathe.

She looks so different up-close!

[ Lv. 5]
[ Village Girl ]
[ 60 / 60 ]

In response to the sight, one of his hands reached out to her shoulder to check if she really is there. Resting his fingers on her soft shirt, he found it unbelievable how her collar tickled the back of his hand and her warmth spread out inside his palm. 

Holy shit! I feel like my heart is about to burst... I hope I'm in a coma. If I wake up now from being too excited I'll be so pissed...

At the corner of his sight, the girl's long skirt danced alluringly to the wind's push, allowing glimpses of her pale legs. The same wind brought to Grey's nose her refreshing, earthly perfume, which made him question whether it really came from the girl and not the forest.

Enticed by the warmth on his palm, and a desire to find out the provenience of the aroma, the touch became an embrace, which the girl did not seem to dislike. Her rosy lips, curved into a smile, were rather welcoming the gesture, but he was too busy burying his face into her slender neck to notice.

I feel like I'm melting from her warmth... And she smells so nice! 

"Welcome to our village, traveller! You seem lost. Do you need help?"

Grey's hug tightened, feeling her marshmallows flatten on his chest. Hearing her voice again was the last stimuli he needed to break the promise he previously made, and mess with the game's scripts once again.

[ -1 ]

She's not breathing anymore...? Fuck! I squeezed her too tight.  

He loosened the grip and slid his hands down her back, reaching cloth shaped by her bubble butt. Holding each cheek with a palm, he brought the girl closer to himself, causing some friction to his groin with the rough skirt. The electrifying feeling that spread through his body in response twisted his mind and encouraged him to repeat the motion.

Grey let go of the girl and attempted to get behind her, but she followed his position with her smile and blank eyes.

Stop spinning, damn it!

He could feel his pole throbbing in anticipation, the lady's movements feeling like a tease that hid sight from his goal. In order to help her stay in place, Grey grabbed the girl's shoulders and turned her around, long hair following the motion before coming to a rest down her back. With a goal that's almost within reach, his breath hastened. He wrapped an arm around her while the other went under the soft shirt and played with her meat. Down the girl's back, the skirt climbed a hill and hanged in straight line to her heels, until Grey stuck his chest to her spine and parted the hill with his rod. 

Fuck! You have no bra or panties?! Squeezing your butter tits feels like they're melting in my palm...

The girl's breath remained stable next to his ear as he rested his cheek on hers from behind, silky hair for a cushion. He could feel her intention to turn around, as the script premeditated, which gave the girl a lifelike feeling that intensified the pleasure. Unable to wait anymore, his groin started a gentle rub to get used to the touch, parting the butt cheeks with each movement. And while doing so, he noticed her huffs.

"Oooh? You seem to be enjoying this. I'll do it faster." 

"We-lcom-e to ou-r vill-age trav-ell-er! You s-eem los-t. Do yo-u need he-lp?"

Her voice picked a pitch with every push from Grey, letting out audible breaths in between as well. Turned on even more by the unforeseen events, he removed the hand from underneath her shirt and unbuckled his belt, holding her in place with the other so she wouldn't spin. With pants hanging from his knees, and underwear resting on them, his dick was let loose, twitching in eagerness. A single drip ran down the gel-covered mushroom in expectation of being planted in between her hills, and he got to work.

Grey grabbed his erection and pushed it forward, head first into her skirt, reaching halfway in between her butt cheeks and slightly lifting her skirt in the process. He tried pushing more of it in but it wouldn't go any further, so he started moving back and forth. The roughness made him grit his teeth from the intense touch, and the unique pleasure rushed him to the climax. He felt a jolt inside his whole body, and in response he pushed as far as he could into the girl, pumping his balls empty inside the opening his penis created. It twitched one, twice, thrice— all the way to seven times before he was sure he was completely done.

"Huh... Huh. Fuck, that was intense."

A white trickle began skying down the girl's skirt, with more following as he tried to remove his sword from the sheathe it made. 

Fuck! It's too sensitive now. I can't move!

In his relaxation, he let go of the girl, who spun around to face him with a wide smile and heaving chest, giving glimpses of the even wider stain and cascade of semen on her skirt in the process.

Hngh!... Huh... At least warn me before doing that! Huh... I feel so relieved now...

"Huuuh... Yes!" Grey managed to voice through heavy breaths, reaching for his pants afterwards.

"What are you looki..."

The girl's speech was interrupted by the sound of a bell, followed by a man yelling in panic. 

" The wolves are coming! A pack of five! Men must gather arms, and women must hide with their children inside!"

[ You have unlocked Quest Log! ]
[ You have obtained a new Quest! ]

Not long after the shouts, five wolves appeared from the surrounding forest. Meanwhile, Village Girl retreated to the nearest house, and so did the rest of the women and children, leaving only men behind. In turn, the beasts approached with slow steps, cautious of the unknown land.

The noise from the blacksmith shop ceased, and creaks of its wooden door brought to light a giant man with silver hair and beard, followed by a girl with soot-covered face. The man held multiple swords under his armpit, and examined the surroundings before speaking.

[ Lv. 10 ]
[ Blacksmith Mark ]
[ 200 / 200 ]

At the same time, the girl held some of her own, looking around for potential wielders. Grey measured her from head to toes with his sight, and he considered she wasn't bad-looking at all, but the filth on her face did her no justice.

It would be fun to throw you in a river and fuck you through some wet clothes... Hehehe!

[ Lv. 5 ]
[ Lenna ]
[ 100 / 100 ]

"Who's that empty-handed fella' over there? Boy! Mind your fingers!" the man's deep voice stung at Grey's ears, hurling a sword from the girl towards him once the giant grabbed his attention.

"You mental motherfucker! Let me rest a little!" Grey responded to his call with a retreating step. 

Grey did not attempt to catch it mid-air, but instead avoided it by a huge margin and only when it settled down did he claim it. The sword dematerialised once he gained ownership over it and appeared in his inventory.

[ Iron Sword, 1 Picked up ]
[ You are about to engage in Combat.]
[ Equip your Iron Sword and watch the other NPCs closely for the best moment to strike. ]
[ You are unable to die during this Tutorial. ]

He tried equipping it but was very disappointed by its feel. It was crooked and the handle felt off, ending up as a kukri-looking failure with the balance of a sword.

Hell no. This shit is too cheap. Unequip!

Curious how it ended up such a disaster, he decided to check the additional information his inventory provided.

Garbage! Why didn't you give me a sword you forged and shoved me this?! The bow it is!

The other men rushed to Mark and Lenna to grab a weapon each before getting in a half-circle formation.

At this point the wolves stood in the middle of the village, saliva seeping through their vibrating teeth. Four Male Simple Wolf walked behind a single Leader Wolf, watching the sides while the chief glared at the front. Grey almost drooled a little himself when he saw the purple title of the Leader Wolf, already imagining the possible rewards. Disgusted by the quality of the Iron Sword, he equipped his Hunter's Bow and waited for the other men to spread the wolves apart.

[ Lv. 1 ]
[ Leader Wolf ]
[ 35 / 35 ]

This one looks like it's gonna yield some juicy loot. Mine!

[ Lv.1 ]
[ Male Simple Wolf ]
[ 10 / 10 ]

"Now! Move as one and break their group apart!" Mark shouted, raising a sword with the intention of taking charge.

The men let out a battlecry and closed in on the wolves, fighting two on one, while Grey took a baseball stance and rushed the biggest one head-on.

[ -6 ]

He struck with all his power, causing some damage but little knockback. After his swing, he was left wide open, revealing a chance the wolf leader didn't miss. It jumped towards him and bit down on his arm, drawing blood as it dragged him to the ground with its weight.

"Ow, ow, ow! Ow! Stop! Ow! Fuck! Ow! Let Go!" Grey yelled, disposing of the bow to wrestle with the beast to no avail. 

The wolf dragged him across the ground like it dragged a dead rabbit back to its den. It began retreating while the men were focused on the other wolves, presumably to actually take him back to its den. As he was being pulled someplace unknown, the only thing he could do was strike its head with the back of his free fist. But every successful hit brought even more pain to the bitten limb.

[ -1 ]
[ -1 ]
[ -1 ]

This sucks! Ow! I take it back! I want to wake up!

"I got one!" a boy cheerfully voiced from the group of men.

[ Lv. 5 ]
[ Random Person ]
[ 80 / 80 ]

Leaving behind a corpse surrounded by light, the boy headed to Grey's location with a raised iron sword and a battlecry as the metal aimed for flesh.

"Yes! Stab it! Fuck it up!"

[ -7 ]
[ -10 ]

The wolf let go of Grey with a yelp after just two cuts and tried to group back with the other wolves. Only that there were no wolves left, but four cadavers surrounded by loot. The arm it had been biting down on was left with no wound, nor scar, and there were only blood stains and Grey's ripped shirt for a proof that it even happened. But the pain was as real as it could get, and he wanted to pay it back for it.

[ Lv. 1 ]
[ Leader Wolf ]
[ 9 / 35 ]

He equipped the bow and rushed from behind the beast when it came to a halt, unsure of what was happening. He took a wide swung at its hind legs, tripping it before delivering the killing blow. It came down with a high-pitched howl— a call no wolf responded to as Grey put it to sleep with a vengeful smile and a strike lacking mercy. Loot shone golden around its body, adding satisfaction to his smile.

[ You have acquired 300 EXP! ]
[ Level Up! ]
[ Quest Completed! ]
[ You have finished the Main Tutorial! ]
[ You have unlocked HP! ]
[ You have unlocked MP! ]
[ You have unlocked STA! ]
[ You have unlocked Needs! ]
[ You have unlocked GM Com.! ]
[ You have unlocked Machine Learning! ]
[ You have unlocked Recipes ]
[ You are now susceptible to Ailments. ]
[ Upon death, you will now resurrect inside the last Safe Zone you visited. ]
[ Monsters will now spawn naturally. ]
[ You have obtained a new Quest! ]
[ You have obtained a new Quest! ]
[ You have obtained a new Quest! ]

[ 30 / 30 ]
[ 10 / 10 ]
[ 20 / 20 ]
[ Healthy ]

Four new colors appeared at the upper-left corner of Grey's sight. After a slight glimpse full of boredom, he rubbed his palms in anticipation of the loot while the NPCs resumed their former behavior of doing nothing. Women and children left their homes and roamed the streets like zombies, while men returned the swords to the blacksmith as if nothing happened. 

[ Gold, 76 Picked up ] 
[ Leader Wolf's Fang, 1 Picked up ]
[ Gold, 7 Picked up ]
[ Gold, 5 Picked up ]
[ Gold, 6 Picked up ]
[ Gold, 6 Picked up ]

After picking everything up, Grey equipped the Hunter's Dagger and started cutting through the Leader Wolf's flesh. Following the motions showed by the hunter himself, he had no difficulty obtaining eight slices of meat and its fur. Now that he got the best piece out of the way, he took his time to experiment with the other wolves' remainings. 

In the end, he found out that if he cut their limbs and heads, they would appear as items in his inventory with unspecified uses and effects. Having botched the corpses, besides the eight existing pieces of meat, he got another twelve, but no fur. 

Satisfied with the results, he brought the Quest Log up to check what the three new quests were, having only the slightest memory about them.

So the Magic Academy it is! But first...

Grey took another glimpse at Hunter's Beard before searching for the shop. With a faint idea of where it might have been, he rounded the village two times, eventually finding it disguised as a regular house, with only a small sign indicating that it was indeed the store.

He opened the door and stepped inside, where he was greeted by a faint smell of wood and the voice of a young-looking woman. 

"Hello! I haven't seen you around here before. Interested in my wares?"

Staring at her beauty, he didn't feel anything due to just having gotten off on Village Girl's butt. But that didn't mean he didn't consider her for another day.

"What's this?" Grey went straight to the point.


"What's this?!" he slammed the hair on the counter.


He took out a piece of wolf meat and placed it on the counter to check if her script was broken.

"What's this?" he asked once again.

"That's some high quality meat you've got there! The best I can do is five gold a piece." the woman beamed with joy.

What is this piece of shit even used for?! Fuck! 

He took out the hunter's pants, undershirt, and boots before repeating the question.

"What's this?"



[ Bound Item ]
[ Unsellable ]

Why?! I'm not going to wear his pants! Ugh!

Looking behind the counter, the displayed items were as ordinary as they could get. Nothing caught his attention besides the woman selling them, so for the time being he decided to head to the Capital in hopes that the Magicians or Scholars would know something about the beard.

He stepped out of the shop and noticed that it was getting dark, and that there was movement in the sky. Birds spawned, and most likely every other 'monster' had as well, so it was no longer safe to travel, especially during night.


Grey headed back inside the store and looked for a bed. He felt too lazy to search for the tavern all around the village when there were better and quicker alternatives. His findings told that the only soft cushion was hiding in a room behind the counter, the lone room in the shop. Grey thought nothing of it when he took over the bed, but instead considered the next day's events and how he would reach the Capital, where the Magic Academy had its building. 

Burying his head into the pillow and closing his eyes, Grey decided he would do the same thing he did to reach the village.

I guess I'll just walk... But if my journey will be as long as it was to this village, I better spice it up. 

Thank you for reaching all the way here!

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