Chapter 2 — World Editing
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It felt as if gravity became twice as heavy due to an unending creak from the bed, and a substantial load on Grey's chest. Looking through strands of blond hair and warming up from the new blanket, he realised that it was the end of the shopkeeper's shift. But despite awaking in such a fashion, he was not angry. Being crushed by her body was actually an effective stimuli for his libido, her script-directed fidgets encouraging blood flow in between his legs.

Fuck! At least try to look at me!


"Ahh!" voiced Grey in surprise.


A particular motion from the shopkeeper proved the true potential of this position to Grey. Basically, he could stay still and enjoy the pleasure without a single effort from his part. The natural feeling in her movements furtherly added to the fun. But it was not enough for him in the end, because the dick massage would not always be replicated.

He squeezed his erection out from beneath the woman and stood up to examine her, considering the parts of her body his stiffy would like to play with. The shopkeeper fell asleep the instant her head reached the pillow, becoming completely still, with two exceptions.

Like a divining rod guiding to water, his penis pointed from within his pants to the pair of meat marbles that bounced according to the woman's breath. But his eyes thought the pink lips that parted with the same rhythm were a better choice. Jumping in between them with his sight, he eventually came to a proper conclusion that would please both. And once all of his clothes hit the floor, there was no turning back.

"Let's see if I can fuck both your tits and mouth at the same time." 

He placed a knee under her armpit and lifted himself on the bed, going over her body with the other as if mounting a horse. The dress she was wearing looked like a pain to take off, so he just ripped the part covering the torso, revealing more of her fatty melons with every ripping sound.

"A perfect mold for my sword... Why does no one wear a bra in this village? Did you know I was coming?" he asked aloud with a grin.

Grey placed his balls on her belly and his leaking erection just beneath her breasts, slapping away a piece of her dress in the process.

[ Medium Cloth, 1 Picked up ]

"What?" he exclaimed.

The notification surprised him, but he had too important of a task at hand to investigate its meaning.

At this point his boner created a small puddle in which it bathed— due to which it could freely slide wherever on the woman's skin. Aware of this, Grey picked the shopkeeper's arms and crossed them to squeeze her titties tight. After rubbing the glans of his dick in the nut lotion to enhance sliding, he forced his entry into her meat, coming out the other side of the cave just to realise that his second goal was out of reach.

He wrapped his fingers where her arms intersected and grabbed her hair with the other hand, feeling a hot wave of air melting his mushroom head as he pulled. Soon enough, the shopkeeper was kissing her own skin, and not only. There was no suction or any reaction from her part, but the tickle of her lips and saliva ropes were more than enough to return inside her mouth after sliding back.

Although he had to take his time due to her teeth, he could feel the pressure gradually build up inside his penis. Every thrust was more powerful than the previous, sending his junk to explore the woman's mouth cave without rest, and even covering her face due to thrusting into her melons too hard. Eventually, he found a favorite spot when her lips wrapped just below his glans' corona. 

Playing with that spot caused a jolt to travel through his body as a signal that he was about to erupt. His fingers released the grip on her hair to grab closer to the base and moved her head back and forth in a quicker fashion, playing sloppy sounds at the entrance of her mouth as if it was an untuned instrument. All of a sudden, he pulled as hard as he could, as well as thrust with the same intent. 

[ Shopkeeper's Hair, 1 Picked up ]

"Huh... Huh. What the fuck...?"

Following his exhales, a mix of saliva and semen cascaded down the shopkeeper's lips, but a new notification drew his attention from most of the sight. Grey removed his meat from her mouth after dismissing the message, allowing for even more liquid to escape and spread on the girl's chest. This, however, he witnessed in full.

"...Hope you like your new lipstick." he laughed through exhausted breaths.

If it hadn't been for the mess he created, he would have considered giving her a parting kiss. Instead, he turned towards whatever was left of her skirt to wipe himself, but it didn't help with the smell. 

"A bath it is!"

He knew exactly where the bathroom was due to the previous search for a bed. And even better, he knew that it was already filled with water. Picking his clothes up, he didn't even bother dress back and instead waved his salami by the shopkeeper's merchandise as he headed to a new room.

"Bullshit! It's cleaner than my tap water!"

The wood barrel before him looked like it was recently put together, just like the rest of the small bathroom. Inside, the water was so clean that he could see the bottom of the deep barrel, therefore he didn't question it twice if someone used it before him. He tested the temperature with a hand before hoping into the lukewarm water. The previous notifications were still bothering him, so as the water was soaking his bones, he brought his inventory up to see the new items in detail, and maybe the rest of his inventory while he's at it.


It turned out that medium cloth was a crafting material, just like wolf fur, but the possibility of gathering materials in such a way would prove useful, Grey thought. 

Another one?!

He also discovered that Shopkeeper's Hair was no different from Hunter's Beard, except the description and obtainable method, and not far from the wolf head and limbs, both lacking the most important information. As for the hunter's clothes, he came to the conclusion that an appraisal was needed for them to properly function as equipment. For now, they were no more than vanity items.

Furthermore, Hunter's Dagger raised Survival by two points when equipped without being appraised, and so did Hunter's Bow. The medicine spoke for itself, with an effect of healing up to one hundred health points, and the survival meal prevented hunger, while restoring fifteen points of health at the same time.

Oh! I got a level earlier.

He closed the inventory screen and brought up his character statistics, which showed that he had five points he could place anywhere. 

"No... No! Fuck it!"

After messing around with the possibilities, he got frustrated by his own indecisiveness, and thought of an amusing solution to the problem.

"I'll make my own class!"

As soon as he placed the last point, a new message appeared asking for confirmation.

"Yes! Yes, it is!"


Now that I've got that out of the way... The field monsters should do for now.

Next to his icons, there were two new ones he didn't pay attention to, until now. He tapped the console-looking one, which brought up a keyboard, as well as a basic screen where he could input characters. A message also found its way before Grey, who was rather pleased with its content.

[ Old Data found ]
[ Load? ]
[ Yes ]
[ No ]


He cautiously approached his finger to select an answer. In response, the empty screen filled up with lines of text that were being scrolled through at inconceivable speed to make room for more. 

"Ahahaha! No way! I thought I'd have to do it all over again!"

Grey was so happy by this surprise that he felt like going back to the cum dumpster from a room away and giving her a kiss. 

Moving on, some consideration for the current code reminded him of multiple ethical issues that he didn't care for as he wrote the game, such as harvesting humanoid monsters' meat.

After switching events around, humanoid monsters would carry their beast counterpart meat as loot and have their former body part drops become different accessories they would wear. There were also multiple small changes that would reveal themselves upon encounters.

Once done with that, he started creating the base for a new class, along with its requirements. He only chose the name and the stat its skills would progress on, but nothing else.

Machine Learning better not fuck up. 

Looking at his wrinkled fingertips, Grey realised he spent too much time in the water. After a proper clean, he could finally stand up and return to bed. 

But he didn't for good reasons. Instead, he changed his goal into heading to the Capital as soon as possible, despite the darkness.

[ Needs ]

A change occurred at the corner of his vision. Nothing the village well could not fix. However, the empty bottles in the shopkeeper's stock suddenly seemed very important. He grabbed as many as he could find and headed out into the darkness of the night. The moon's light was more than enough to illuminate his passage, and after filling them up, along with his stomach, a noise alerted him of another thing he should do before leaving.

Despite the time, there was still light in the blacksmith's house— the fire, most likely, Grey thought. Unlike Mark, he wouldn't have to carry everything with his own arms, so he could take as many swords as he wanted from their shop as payback for the garbage they dared shove at him.

Said and done, he went inside, and much to his surprise, it was actually Lenna who was hitting the metal, not her father. The dark circles beneath her eyes were very noticeable, even through the soot. Grey particularly liked the bandana that held her long, crimson hair in place, as well as the tan from the furnace fire.

But he left the unnecessary thoughts for later, and got to stuffing his bag. For starters, he finally had an iron armor fit for his proper sword, and tens of others. Curious of its performance, he checked the character statistics, which said he had six armor upon fully equipping it.

Wolves shouldn't be a problem anymore.

The sword had no drawbacks from being utilised, and actually provided two strength instead of the one point Lenna's sword did. 

He ended his inspection on short notice, unable to stay inside the blacksmith's house because of the temperature. He had no intention of conquering its heat, so he just escaped outside and followed a path to his next goal.

* * *

During the night, monsters were much more active and had a higher range of movement. In the hours Grey had been walking the road, wolves did not stop attacking him. Without the armor he would most likely have died. But with it, every single one of their bites did no more than one damage, turning them into free experience and loot.

Along his slaughter, something different caught his attention. He could hear a voice in between cricket songs, then two. A blue sparkle flashed for his attention from in between the trees, and he accepted the invitation.

"I told you to stay in your territory! You wolves are always damaging Nature, uprooting plants and harming innocent animals!" a voice spoke with anger from the blue light.

"I'm tired of always hearing you complain about how we do things! There are too many rabbits! We are keeping the numbers in check!"

Both voices sounded feminine, luring Grey and his trusty armor closer to the source.

"There are never too many of them, but one of you is too many! It is because of you that they never come out during night! Unlike you, they always return what they take, and they don't resort to underhanded methods when Nature can't provide!"

"That's it! I've had enough!" the second voice shouts.

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