Arc IV: Afterword
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ARC IV COMPLETED: Even the most mighty Hero-tier adventurers have their own struggles...

♦ ♦ ♦


『 This is Amae 』

To the readers that gave me 1-star ratings, I give you a special present: 凸(>皿<)凸

To the readers who have supported me so far, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart! Have a yummy cookie for da tummy (two cookies for 5 stars - no bribery kk)!~

Good news — this wincest novel is approaching 100K total views!! Nani owo?! An 18+ wincest story for cultured people reaching this height...?!

Now, I don't plan on blending in with the crowd. I'm going to stand above it and eventually become special — a published author that will change lives through my story. So expect great things from your dear author.

Just you wait, my harem of onii-chans and imoutos will expand. And when people hear about wincest genre, I will be a top author in this niche. Amae. A cultured connoisseur, leading the forefront of the sibling trope.

With that being said, if you were expecting OP invincible big bro + little sis, then you were hard baited by the first three Arcs. Sorry not sorry. Now you should have a sense of my writing style and how the story will progress~

After all, my writing motto is I want to make you feel.

I know I'm still a noob writer and need to work on info-dumping/pacing/imagery/too lazy to list LOL. This is my first online serialized novel so I'm learning as I go (p-please be gentle, you bakas).

There was some ambiguity and even >:( about this specific arc, which is understandable and actually expected. But remember, there are no happy endings in every chapter of life. Even in my fictional world, I will make you suffer. And yes, I am one sadistic author.

But do always remember — all the Arc serves a purpose, which will all be interconnected in the future.

Currently, I have plans up to the 7th Arc. The skeleton form is there and trust me, once we reach that chapter, you will be like O____o "WOW ALL THIS BUILD UP WAS WORTH THIS". Now, it's only a matter of creating content up to that fateful day.

Like all other afterwords, comment away! I am always learning so you telling me your thoughts is helpful (and key to making a little sister's all i need a 10/10 story).

Do tell me what you want to happen in the future. Likes/Dislikes. What are you looking forward to. Or a personal message just for me. Anything is much appreciated. Because after all, this story won't be the same without my dear readers.

I also want to offer the utmost gratitude to my Patreon Harem — 00crossfire, Acedia, Aiwest, Christian, Dissi, Jayson, Joano99, Kealan, Logan, Mark E, Mtwo, Nathan J, Nero, Shuryon and Somedude. You all have a special place in my <3.

The upcoming Fifth Arc is called —How To Make A Friend—!

April 15, 2019


This story is finally caught up with RoyalRoad. (´。• ᵕ •。`)

As of now, Arc V is only available to Patreons — currently writing in progress.

The plan is to have my harems stay ahead one Arc of the wincest novel (this is to make creative writing into an actual part-time). If I can have more supporters, this also means faster releases (writing is only a hobby and I write when I have free time from busy school + busy work)! I would love to quit my job and spend all day writing big bro x lil sis novels. LOL one can dream.

A Little Sister's All I Need will resume its postings after Arc V ends on Patreon - perhaps in two to three months? IDK TBH.

Until Arc V public release, I hope you can be patient and indulge in my other stories!~ They're quite yummylicious too~ You can chill in my Discord lounge.

Thanks again, you bakas! I'll miss y'all for the time being ♡