Chapter 16 – Comfortable routine
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His family was very lively today too. They started chattering about anything and everything.

"Ben's homemade dinner. It has only been one day but I already missed it."

"Mac and cheese, nice. Is it the first time you cooked that dish?"

"Yes, so it might not taste that great."

"I don't care, if it's a dish made by you, I would eat anything."

"Yeah! A dish full of love for his family. I can feel his feelings entering my body!"

"True that, kiddo. It's making me tingle all the way down to my crotch."

"Dammit grandma, we are in front of Ben."

They all looked at him, ashamed by their too crude grandmother. Ben was surprised by their sudden openness in front of him but he didn't dislike it. In fact it was quite a warm feeling. He smiled and reassured them.

"Don't worry, I am not a child anymore. You don't need to mind me, you can talk about anything."

"Exactly! Look at my fine grandson, cute, gentle, masculine and open-minded. No doubt you will wreak havoc in all the girls' hearts. Now that you are at this age, it's good if you know about that sort of stuff for when you find a girlfriend and start having sex!"

That idea didn't seem to please his sisters and his mother very much, though. They all wore a deep frown, a very unhappy expression on their face. His mother even looked shocked.

"No way, not my Ben!"

She stood up, ran to him and took his head into her chest just like the day before.

"My baby son, you're not going to date any stupid girl and have sex, right? You can just stay with Mom forever!"

He felt she was not completely serious and was taking advantage of the situation for some fun. But he also felt there was a part of sincerity in it. He decided to just ride on the flow.

"Of course, Mom, you are the best. What about this, once I am done with my studies, we can go and marry and live together forever!"

He stood up and kissed her cheek chastely. She opened her eyes wide in surprise and blushed a little bit but soon wore her joking smile again.

"That's my son, only he can understand his mother's love!"

The smallest one, Chloe, couldn't let this pass without joining the fuss and raised her hand high.

"Me too, me too! I will marry you, Ben!"

He went to her and kissed her cheek too, making her totally red in the face.

"That goes without saying, my cute Chloe."

She laughed happily at the compliment and nodded rapidly, showing her approval. When Benjamin straightened up again and looked around the table, he saw four other raised hands. His sisters were shyly raising theirs, their face flushing red. His grandmother was raising her hand high, wearing a big grin.

"It seems I will be a very busy husband in the future, taking care of six wives. Now that we have a male president, I will try to petition him so he can allow polygamy and in-family marriage."

Benjamin continued on with the joke but still went to each of them and kissed their cheek, his sisters squirming bashfully and his grandmother accepting it happily.

After everyone calmed down, they managed to resume having dinner, while still chatting and joking around. He found that most of them were a bit restless and once they finished the meal, they cleaned up everything quickly and went back to their own room, not proposing any family activity for the evening.

Benjamin also went back to his room and enjoyed a relaxing time, surfing on the Internet or playing games for a while, before finally going to bed and falling asleep quickly.

The next few days were of a similar routine for Benjamin. In the morning he woke up early and went to school to fuck the brains out of Sasha. The woman was clearly enjoying the time of her life, climaxing on his dick many times on every encounter. Benjamin himself was growing much more skilled and confident on how to please a woman. During the day he focused on the classes and his friends. He wanted to keep his level of good marks if possible since that could help him getting into a better college after high school.

He also didn't forget to always be nice to the girls in his class and in school in general. Nathan and Julian were surprised by his attitude, that's why he explained to them that since he was the only man in his house, he got used to be around girls and their peculiarities, while also being strictly managed by his big sister. That was actually the truth, even though it happened in the previous world and not this one. They seemed to accept his explanation and, interestingly enough, they started to imitate him and interact with the girls in the class a little bit more. As the only group of guys willing to have anything to do with girls, they quickly grew popular with them. The girls were actually not that bad overall. Although they were horny and perverted, their eyes wandering on their chest, crotches or asses whenever they thought they could get away with it, they still kept a minimum of political correctness, since they didn't want the guys to feel too much disgusted with them.

After school, he started doing some sports again. He found out that sex was quite the physical activity and it would always help to keep in shape. He would then go back home and start preparing dinner. During the meal, his family got more and more comfortable with his new tolerance and openness and they started talking about anything. The mood was usually very good and everyone enjoyed the time spent together.

Finally, it was Saturday, the long awaited weekend. Benjamin had time to think about how to spend these two days and he didn't lack ideas. It was now time to act on them.