A Burst Of Knowledge
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Chapter VII: A Burst Of Knowledge

Taking Tyrone to go find their seat, Kenneth took his time staring at the various books that the library had. He had decided that he would read the Mental Magic grimoire first, but it wouldn't hurt to learn more about this world through reading. 

Even if Foogle was there, Kenneth found it more fun to read through a book rather than reading it off a phone. 

Soon the duo found their seats. With the help of Tyrone, who carried the books on his back, Kenneth did not have to lift much, save for the grimoire in his hand. 

Fortunately, there was a large space in the carpet beside Kenneth's seat, which allowed even Tyrone to lay down comfortably. Knowing that its master would probably take longer than he expected, Tyrone opted to take a nap. And soon his eyelids had closed, leaving behind the soft snores of the dog. 

Tyrone was, of course, still fully aware of everything that happened. King's Guardian breeds had an alarm function that would warn them if their master was in danger. So Kenneth simply left the dog to his slumber, as he brought the grimoire to the table in front of him, which was just barely over his arms' height. 

The instant Kenneth grasped the bottom edge of the book and flipped it open, a wave of dizziness came over him. Nauseous, Kenneth felt like throwing up but did his best to hold it in. 

Then, as if it was waiting for him to do so, the moment Kenneth flipped the grimoire to the first page, a burst of knowledge had forcefully made its way into his head. 

The pain had somehow multiplied even more. His head threatened to split apart, as he massaged his temples hoping to relieve some of the pain. 

Yet Kenneth knew something was happening. It wasn't very long until he realized he knew a vast array of spells that he didn't know before. The headache and nausea had soon started to dissipate, and soon Kenneth had regained his composure and was able to think properly. 

"Fuck… Mind Link? Increase Intellect? Mental Analysis?" Kenneth tried to recall the various names that had invaded his head. Once again massaging his temples Kenneth found the pain to lessen, and soon he was able to think straight. 

'What the hell was that? I don't remember grimoires working this way.' Looking around the library, Kenneth had spotted other people also reading grimoires. 

One person had brought it to their seat and just read it normally. Another did the same. 

What was even crazier was that when Kenneth had turned to look back at the grimoire in his hand, he was dumbfounded to find that there was only one page in the book!

Moreover, it was blank! There was nothing written on or off the paper. 

Closing the book in the hopes of "refreshing" it, Kenneth thought for a while that he had gone crazy. Inspecting the front cover of the book, the words "Mental Magic" and "May Cause Headaches" coupled with the words "Sent To Brain Instantly!" finally dawned upon the toddler. 

'Did this grimoire seriously just beam the information directly into my head? How the hell did it do that?' Kenneth thought to himself. 

His hands were still on his head, slowly rubbing his skin in the hopes of removing the last bit of dizziness that was still intact in his head. 

'I don't want to think about it. Let's just read another book to get my mind off what just happened. Yup, I'll do that.' Kenneth reached over towards another book that he had taken. 

"A Short History On Krodoa." 

Making sure there were no "Sent To Brain Instantly!" words on the front and back of the book, Kenneth braced himself, before opening it to the first page.

And what ensued was… a tug on his thigh? 

Looking at the source of the tug, Kenneth was surprised to find Tyrone, patting him with his paw. He must've been trying to get his attention.

"What's up, Tyrone? Did you finish sleeping already?" Kenneth leaned in to whisper to the dog. 

"Woof." Taking his paw off Kenneth's thigh, he pointed it towards the pocket on his shorts. 

"My phone?" The only thing Kenneth had in his pocket was his phone. Eager to see what the source of the dog's behavior was, he took out his phone and turned it on. 

The instant the light of the phone's screen shone on his face, Kenneth was startled to find that the time was currently 10:55! 

In the morning, of course. But that meant one thing. Kenneth had been reading for almost two hours! 

"How the hell did that happen? Fine then. Help me put back the books, Tyrone, and we'll head out to go eat." Closing the Krodoa History Book in his hands, Kenneth began packing up the books he had borrowed, and the duo soon went back to the shelves where they had found them and placed the books back. 

After doing so, they left the library. The bright shine of the sun had helped awaken Kenneth from his dizzy state. To the toddler, it almost felt like he was jet-lagged.

"Still, I learned so many spells today. I want to try some of them out at the Training Center with Lucas later on." Kenneth thought back to the burst of information that he had sent into his brain.

His memory of the spells was still quite vivid. He knew the general idea of their structure and how it was affected by the two factors. 

"Still, I can't believe that just happened. Whoever created that book was surely a shady person. I would've preferred reading it instead of being violated, but I guess this works as well." 

"Anyway, how about we go to a cafe? I heard the one nearby has a good puppuccino." Kenneth asked the dog. The duo was moving through the streets rather quickly, so he had to hold on to Tyrone's fur a bit rougher than he wanted to. 

"Woof!" Agreeing to the idea, Tyrone replied with a louder bark than he would often do, and soon changed direction to the way of the nearest cafe.

After a short break at the cafe in which almost all of the customers had attempted at least once to pet Tyrone, the duo had started heading back home. 

Kenneth was tempted to go to the Training Center right away but decided against it. He would have to adjust himself first. Or rather, his mind. While his memories of the spells were still intact, he planned to act on them and create as many of his own as he could.

Arriving back at home, Kenneth and Tyrone instantly burst up the stairs, with the toddler not even bothering to get off the dog's back. 

Heading straight for his room, Kenneth had dismounted off the moment they reached his door. 

With the aid of Lucas, who had gone out of his room to grab a drink, the two of them were able to open the door quickly.

The instant the door was opened, Kenneth walked as fast as he could to his bed. With all his strength, the toddler hopped onto the bed. 

"Right… where's my phone?" Digging into his pockets, Kenneth took out his mobile phone and began typing into the "Notes" app.

"Right… Mind Link was supposed to be like this. If I were to go by the second factor, then this should be it." Kenneth thought to his head about how to analyze the information in his head.

After a couple of minutes, Kenneth felt like he had hit a breakthrough. Eager to try the spell, he began to chant it in his head. 

"Mind Link." 

Nothing happened. Believing that it'd take longer than expected since it was his first try, Kenneth decided to wait a bit longer.

But minutes passed by and nothing seemed to happen. 

"What's wrong with my calculations? Did I miss something?" Going through his head again, Kenneth recalled the information he received. It was still very much clear in his head. 

So he was curious as to what went wrong with the spell. 

"Hey. Tyrone, could you come here?" Kenneth called over the dog, who was lying on the sofa beside the bed. 

Getting up from his spot on the couch, Tyrone jumped on top of the bed and propped himself beside Kenneth. 

"Do you mind if I try something? I want to test out this new spell I just got. D-don't worry, it won't hurt." 

"Woof." Understanding Kenneth's words, the dog inched closer to the toddler. 

Kenneth wasn't proficient in his mana control yet. Whenever he tried to redirect the flow of mana in his body away from the Mana Core, he'd feel it beat aggressively, akin to a heart. 

His Mana Core's "heartbeat" would cause him to feel mild abdominal discomfort, resulting in him having to endure the pains. 

So Kenneth was surprised to find that once we held his open palm out to Tyrone's forehead, he didn't feel any pain. 

"I was prepared for it, too. I guess I'll take advantage of the situation and try to use as much mana as possible."

Closing his eyes, Kenneth took a deep breath. Feeling the mana particles in the air entering his nose, he continued on inhaling in order to further push them inside. 

Feeling the energy in his body spike slightly, Kenneth began to focus on moving the newly acclaimed mana in  his body towards his palm. 

As a substantial amount of energy began to gather at the tips of his fingers, Kenneth exerted a strong amount of force onto his palm, almost shooting out the mana. 

As there was no distance between Kenneth and Tyrone, the mana that was discharged found that they had no choice but to enter through the small pores on the dog's skin. 

Meanwhile, the more mana was emitted from Kenneth's palm, the more he felt dizzy. 

"Is my Mana Core capacity really this low? How am I feeling lightheaded already?" Kenneth said as he massaged his temples, trying to alleviate the pain. 

"At least I'm not feeling any abdominal pains. I'm feeling kinda drowsy though…" were Kenneth's last words as his eyelids closed and he fell onto Tyrone's soft body. 

Meanwhile, for Tyrone, there was a short feeling of itchiness in his head before he realized that he wasn't the only one in his head.

"The hell… am I in Tyrone's body?" Seemingly waking up from his sleep, Kenneth was startled to find that his point of view seemed much higher than normal. 

Taking time to adjust to the sight before him, Kenneth was further amazed to find out that he was inside Tyrone's head!

"Is that… my body in front of me? Tyrone, could you place your paw on my pillow?" 

Following his command, Tyrone brought his paw up from under Kenneth's blanket and propped it on top of the pillow.

"What the… do that again! This time, place it under the blanket." 

Doing the same thing he did earlier but the opposite way, Kenneth soon found himself lost for words.

"I felt each and every movement you just did! From the way you slid your paw under the blanket, from the rough way you dropped it on the pillow… Holy shit!" 

Soon Tyrone found himself led by Kenneth as the toddler repeatedly ordered him to do things that the dog would normally do. 

What was most intriguing was when Kenneth had Tyrone bark. Every muscle that moved in the dog's mouth, Kenneth could feel. 

It was almost to the point that Kenneth felt like he himself could bark! 

And that wasn't the only thing. Even the oxygen Tyrone breathed and the carbon dioxide he exhaled were all things Kenneth could feel. 

It was almost like he himself was Tyrone, without actually being Tyrone!

It was akin to a spectator who could feel everything that happened in the body of the person they were watching!