Chapter 39: R1 – The Anger Against Alien Copulation (NSFW)
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Batch for May 14 -15 Chapter 2 of 2

Sex Involved: 1 Male Alien, 1 Female Alien

Participants: Ark'Ovar and Bo'olin

Extra Info: First scene with non-humans having sex, also the last for a long time.


For the rest of the trip Robin and I quietly rested and took turns monitoring the aircraft. Most of the trip was over the ocean. Even if it wasn’t, we were so high in the sky that landscapes were not easily distinguishable. Spirit sense covers a spherical area. 

When we started flying over Antartica, everything below was completely white. The southern hemisphere was closer to the sun in December. The sun would go in a circle in the sky for several months. The temperature is more bearable than winter when the continent would be in constant darkness.

Both of us were awake and anticipating the landing within several hours. Robin took manual control of the aircraft and I felt the plane going downward causing a slight falling sensation. 

Robin: “I’m going to lower the altitude of the plane so we’re not spotted. Eterna gave us the layout of the aliens and their base. They don’t use radar because they’re conserving energy on their ship. They’re lax because they think the continent is void of intelligent life. Lower altitude means lower visibility but it might be rougher with the air currants.”

The aliens only had a few awake monitoring the situation with the humans on the ship. There were twenty awake at a time out of two hundred of them; half male and half female. Each would be awake for one year before going back into cryogenic sleep. Since Antartica was naturally cold, they could save energy on the cooling. There were one hundred and eighty pods that needed to be far below zero. 

They planned to wait for 10 years. The zombies eventually would actively seek out humans to kill and infect. Currently they were being gathered into large hordes so the surviving humans would leave their place and gather together to survive. Most of the zombies were gathering in the large major cities, and their plan was to have the zombies attack wherever their satellites could spot humans living or farming. 

The zombies were mindless, but they also followed commands due to the nano machines. Those machines also prevented rot as long as the brain was intact. The sobering fact about all this was that if we didn’t know anything about the aliens, we would also be attacked one day by a massive horde and they would far more aggressive in coming after us than what we’ve already faced. Killing a hundred was easy, but killing a thousand with our current abilities would be difficult. Think about facing a million at once.

The plane lowered in altitude and Robin took the piloting. I was anticipating a rough landing but  the aircraft hovered hovered smoothly into a soft landing in the snow. There was no more fuel to return back to the mainland.

Robin: “I love hovering technology. Kevin, it’s cold here so make sure to bundle up.”

Kevin: “We have the white colored gear for camouflage?”

Robin: “Yes. You packed the appropriate weapons right? We’ll need explosives.”

Rocket launchers, explosives and guns. I packed a little of everything I could fit into several carrying packs. We planned to go on foot in the snow. Whether we succeeded or failed there really wasn’t any pressure on us because we would reincarnate after today.  It was nice knowing that, or at least believing that. The only ones who would suffer would be the humans left living in this world.

The space ship at the South Pole was a large round object that was shaped like a saucer. It was fifty feet high and over one mile in diameter. If seen in flying it would have been a spinning disc like object that used its momentum to move through an environment sparse in particles prevalent in the solar system. 

On the ship there were two hundred rooms but only ten were currently occupied. There were two gray skinned humanoids in each of those occupied rooms who did not seem to have worry about the occupation of a new planet.  The oxygen and chemical make up of the air was the same in the ship as outside, only the temperature was warmer on the inside due to the life support systems kept the environment comfortable for its inhabitants.

In the room of the highest ranked alien of their current batch was a large gray skinned humanoid nearly ten feet tall with a large upper body frame. The arms were thick like tree trunks and the abdomen and waist large and round with muscles bulging out of the abdomen. The male alien had thick legs and a round head with no hair. Two black circular eyes seemingly with the pupils, iris and sclera all merged came looked out. Except for the body, the head looked similar to the gray alien faces that were popular in the nineties.

 This large humanoid was the male of the species named Ark’Ovar.

With him was another gray skinned humanoid that stood five and a half feet tall. She was much smaller than Ark’Ovar and if her skin color weren’t gray she might be mistaken for the human females that roamed the planet before their planned apocalypse. Her name in their native tongue was Bo’olin. Bo’olin had long green hair that flowed from her head, but her body was thicker and stockier compared to most human females. Bo’olin could not be considered slim but compared to human women she wouldn’t be considered fat either. The females of this alien race needed to be built differently in order to take what the males would give during a mating press or from behind.

The difference in size was normal for their species.

Ark’Ovar had a large gray and veiny alien penis that was a similar shape and size to that of a horse’s. He grabbed the much smaller Bo’olin and entered from behind. Unlike human women, the the vagina and womb could stretch far more as the gray skin had different properties despite also being carbon based. The female of the species squealed with delight as Ark’Ovar howled while pumping his long horse like appendage and lifting Bo’olin off the ground easily. He grabbed both her arms, his large hands completely covering her entire forearm as he pushed in deep. Bo’olin’s body was completely vertical against gravity and bounced by his piercing of her through the mating hole. They continued this for several minutes and Ark’Ovar in a moment of passion shot his large load making the gray skinned woman’s abdomen bulge even further as it took in the hot and sticky liquid.

When the two aliens finished the act, the much smaller Bo’olin became worried and spoke to Ark’Ovar in their native language.

Bo’olin: “I am not allowed to get pregnant, why do you never pull out?”

Ark’Ovar who was much larger put his large hand around Bo’olin’s shoulder where it nearly covered half her back. His other hand came from the front and pushed down on her abdomen and all the white fluid gushed out onto the floor. A small robot came and vacuumed it out, then a quick scan was performed on Bo’olin by that same robot.

Robot: “There are no eggs, there is no chance of pregnancy now.”

The robot then scooted itself off as the two gray skinned humanoids lay on the large bed. The beds of the aliens had to accommodate the male of the species and were built with huge and wide areas. The bald headed Ark’Ovar smiled with his sharp teeth coming from his gray gums as he held Bo’olin’s much smaller body up against himself.

Ark’Ovar: “Bo’olin you have no worries. There is no reason to be afraid because I scan you for your ability to be impregnated everyday. You will be able to return to cryogenic sleep without problem after the year is over and once we come out we will have our children.”

Bo’olin tried to bury herself into Ark’Ovar’s large flesh. She found her body was smaller than one of his arms as she squeezed herself into his armpit in a playful manner. It was one of the strange ways they would aliens would cuddle after doing the mating press and a trait they learn when the male wants to protect the female.

Bo’olin: “I wish we could stop hibernating here and go out into this world. The process takes too long.”

Ark’Ovar: “Ten years is hard for any race to survive when 99% of them become ravenous for their own flesh. There are some survivors but in ten rotations around the sun many will starve to death. We are only to monitor the controlled and bring them together so they can attack in large overwhelming waves. There are some who will gather together in settlements and grow crops, they are the ones we will kill first.”

Bo’olin: “How do you know this?”

Ark’Ovar: “Our ancestors when they took another world we were born in long ago, they controlled the settlements and said the inhabitants in this world will try to find others and survive together. They find defensive places they think the controlled will not go but do not know the controlled go where we tell them. When millions gather no defense can hold them.”

Bo’olin: “But it takes so long… we waited for only one twelfth of the time so far and still so long to go.”

Ark’Ovar realized Bo’olin did not care for the technical details. He still wanted to mate with her and thus he did not belittle her.

Ark’Ovar: “Do you get bored from mating with me?”

Bo’olin: “No, I am bored from mating in the same place all the time and outside here it is too cold.”

Ark’Ovar: “We are here because of the constant cold so we save energy.”

Bo’olin: “It is still boring.”

Ark’Ovar: “Simple minded female, what shall I do with you?”

Ark’Ovar used his large arm to grab Bo’olin and hold her on his abdomen. She tried to struggle out playfully but the strength difference was too much and she couldn’t break from his grip. Bo’olin laughed grabbing Ark’Ovar’s index finger, as the aliens had five digits on similar to humans, which was thick enough for her entire hand to hold.

Bo’olin: “I find the people on this planet strange. Their male is so small compared to our race, it is a wonder how they can copulate. The female must be sad that she cannot be satisfied.”

Ark’Ovar: “No, the female in this race is useless. They cannot stretch like females of our superior race to take the large fertilizing rod.”

Bo’olin: “They look as I do.”

Ark’Ovar: “But they cannot stretch like you do. They are useless for us and also cannot produce offspring for me. We are the fifth seed ship gone to spread our race since our homeworld died. Since we are superior we will take their place in this world. Their animals can also be eaten by us and their crops are edible. It is only because they pose a threat to us because of their intelligence that they must be eliminated for us to survive.”

The two aliens tried to kiss each other and the much smaller mouth of the females had to swallow the males large tongue. 

Bo’olin: “The stronger survives. Ark’Ovar, you are strong. The weak inhabitants of this planet should die quicker so we can repopulate faster.”

They laid there playing together and then Ark’Ovar once more pushed Bo’olin to the bed. She was not fertile at this time as her egg did not come out inside her and so Ark’Ovar felt it was precious time that could not be wasted as he satisfied his primal desires.

We neared the vessel and I noticed the aliens were having sex and heard their conversation. They weren’t even thinking about the world being a danger to them or the fact they literally committed genocide. The aliens were indeed very lax. Robin was beside me as we didn’t sense any of their sensors go off. I communicated with her telepathically because we were wrapped up in gear and it was hard to talk with the wind blowing in our faces.

Kevin: “You saw it too didn’t you? These guys have a massive size difference.”

Robin: “I want to rape one of them, they think that’s big I’ll show them a bigger one.”

Kevin: “Uh… alright…”

Robin: “Don’t you get it? I know you get it! I’m angry! They destroyed our lives, they destroyed everything we have or could have had in this world just so they can repopulate it when they destroyed their own world? What the fuck! Who does that? Who? What the fuck! Because of them my mom and dad died and Nuri and Cecelia… we couldn’t have our lives! If there was no transmigration and no reincarnation do you know how screwed up…. Well it’s already screwed up because innocent people died and they have this idea of survival of the fittest? I hate this Kevin! I hate this. I want to rape them! Kill them… we have to go and kill them!

I grabbed Robin who had started crying. A tear came out of her eyes and that tear turned to ice.

Kevin: “I know… I know…”

Robin began to calm down. She took a deep breath and regulated her emotions once more. I could still sense the anger but I also understood the moment. I was proud of her nrvsidr she calmed down quickly and didn’t yell or scream. The only thing that came from her was her telepathic anger.

Despite all those words she sent directly to my mind her outer self remained composed and calm. To me this was growth.

Robin: “Sorry… I’m just angry at them. They destroyed our whole society just so two hundred of them could have a chance to rebuild their own race. It makes me angry. Are you ready? I’m going to plant the explosives near the hinges of the door where I sense the weakness. We’re going to go in and exterminate them all. Then we can try and fuck one last time. Them being alive is reducing our sex time! We’re going to fuck on top of corpses… maybe we should spare one of their females and force them to watch! Yeah, make them realize they’re the fucking animals and we don’t even care what they think when they’re watching us. No one gives a  fuck if a bug watches them have sex!

For some reason… Robin really turns me on when she’s gone crazy with anger. 

The fighting begins next week, I also hope to finish all the cycle with the next batch of chapters but we'll see what life throws my way. It's been busy in life this week. :(