Chapter 2.The Second Son
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It has been more than a year since I came to this world, I don't know how to explain it exactly, but I have been reincarnated in the body of a baby, more specifically the Second Son of a Duke, As soon as I was born they gave me a name and a strange voice appeared in my mind .

Since a year has passed, I had time to know what this voice was, it was my status announcer, nobody really knows how it works, but when there is a change in your status, the announcer tells you, honestly that only brought me more questions , which will take time to get since I'm just a baby.

But in theory, in this world people are born with a state, which puts a numerical value on strength, agility, intelligence and resistance, it also measures life points or Hp and mana, when I heard this I wondered what mana is and life points or Hp, and my mom explained it to me and what I understood is that mana was a type of energy that everyone is born with and allows us to use magic and life points is the numerical value of life, while The more you have, the more difficult it is for you to die. When I heard that, I began to think about magic.

Magic is an energy that allows people to bend the laws of the world, they also explained to me that magic can be used, depending on the attribute you have: life, light, darkness, water, wind, earth, fire, lightning and time, these are the 9 attributes of which are known, although there is also neutral magic, but it does not enter this list, because it is a magic without attribute, according to what the book tells me, you can see your status by saying the word.

"" Condition"".

Saying it a strange screen appeared in the air, seeing it more closely I could see my name, so I started to check my status

• Name: Thoryan Von Edevan

• Race: Human

• Age: 1 year

• Title: None

• Work: None

• Level: 0

• Work history: none

• Attributes:

o Vitality: 10

o Mana: 10

or Strength: 3

o Agility: 2

o Resistance: 4

o Intelligence: 20

• Passive skills:

or nothing

• Active Skills:

or nothing

When reviewing my status, I notice that there are different parameters to measure my power, there is also something called passive skills, which according to what I understood are skills that are automatic, they do not need to be activated, as for active skills if they need to be activated, they also say that It costs a large amount of mana and stamina to use.

When I learned about this energy called magic, it was in every living being, I tried to feel it and by doing so, I felt how my body was heating up, I felt that there was something inside me that generated that energy, after that, I wanted to see if I was right with a old theory I had in my old world.

This theory was based on the fact that if you stimulated the brain of an infant with small electrical impulses, these would improve the baby's intelligence, memory and ability to think when he was older.

For some reason from the day he proposed this idea, people started using the nickname mad scientist, although I still haven't figured out why.

So since I had nothing to do, since I was a baby who was always in his crib, I started to use magic to strengthen my mind, and doing so felt like my brain got a little faster, but I didn't care. I stopped there and started to do the same with my body, I used magic to strengthen my bones, nerves, organs, etc.

That's how fast 1 year passed and I could walk, but my mom insisted on carrying me in her hands and although she couldn't speak, the people around me knew that she already understood what they were saying.

"Come on my little Thoryan, it is not good that you are reading such complicated books, it is better that you go and take a walk."

After noticing that I did understand them, I made signs for them to bring me books, although it cost a lot, my mom brought me several children's books, such as heroic tales when I read them I realized that this was not my world, I also realized that the language here was one similar to Japanese, I don't know how this language came to this world, but luckily in my world, I was a polyglot and knew basic Japanese, I was already studying to learn what I didn't understand about this language similar to Japanese.

While my mother was carrying me, I began to remember the book about magic that my mother gave me. It was like a children's book, since it had more drawings than letters, but it helped me understand this new concept called magic.

In this world, there are beings called magicians, sorcerers, enchanters etc. These beings can use the mana of their bodies to perform magic, but this is only limited to their attribute, for example a fire mage can only use spells related to fire, just as an earth mage can only use spells related to fire. land.

Also in this world, people are born with at least one magical attribute, it is normal for children to be born with a magical attribute, rare cases are that a child is born with 2 or 3, they are considered exceptional cases when a child is born with 4 to 7, and they are called extraordinary cases when children are born with 8 or 9 magical attributes.

I also learned that the only magic that everyone has is the neutral magic, although this magic is not very popular, many do not consider it magic, because it is very difficult to use, and the mana costs of this magic were immense, so only it was used to learn how to control mana.

While my mom carried me, she took me outside the mansion where my brother practiced to learn neutral magic.

““It ripples through the air with a hiss and pierces through my enemy””““Mana arrow””.

When reciting, the name of the spell condenses his mana in the form of an arrow, or that was supposed to happen but nothing happened, when noticing that my brother, angry that he has been practicing for months, tries to use another spell.

[Burningly emerges in a ball of great brilliance] [ball of fire]

At that moment, a fireball appeared in my brother's hand, and it was thrown towards a practice doll made of straw, the doll started to burn.

““Dean, what have I told you about using fire attribute magic””.

"I'm not ready to learn how to use it yet"" .

"Son, I know it bothers you to learn neutral magic, but you need to learn it in order to master your attribute magic."

"But mom I can use the fireball spell now."

"Listen son, it is easy to use magic with attributes since these are in our being, but since it is easy to use them, it is normal for the magic to get out of control, imagine that the fireball did not hit the target and damage somebody"".

""I'm sorry mom, I promise to continue practicing neutral magic""

After my brother apologized, my mom took me back to my bed, while I was lying down my mother's words resounded, in the books I read I had heard about how to awaken magic with attributes, a person is supposed to concentrate and feel its element, if it is the fire element you will feel the warmth of the fire if it is water you will feel the flow of water if it is earth you will feel the firmness of the earth if it is wind you will feel the current of the wind, I honestly did not understand what he means by feeling the element, but I have to find out for myself.

When trying to concentrate, I joined my little hands, and I began to feel my attribute. It was then that I felt a roar, it was something that could not be stopped, then I felt as if something was flowing in my hands, and in my little hands a kind of electric spark appeared.

『You have acquired the lightning attribute magic skill! 』

Suddenly I heard the announcer in my head, I couldn't believe lightning magic is one of the rarest, also now that I could use a magic with attributes, strengthening my body would be even faster.

I smiled at the plans I had for this new magic I acquired.