Chapter 3.Tasting the magic
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It has been more than 1 year and 6 months since I was reborn in this world. I honestly feel that this new life is not so bad, since I have a loving family. So I also feel that this world is very different from my original world

Be it the magic, the jobs and the new species of life that are in this world. To begin with according to the stories my mother has told me, There is a kingdom with people who are half ants.

There is also an empire, where creatures with a magical capacity superior to the rest of the races, also have a long lifespan. As time went by, I noticed that we still hadn't arrived, mother.

My mother is very affectionate, and she seems to love my brothers and me very much, but since I am the youngest, she seems to show me more affection, I don't know if my brothers feel jealous about this.

As for my father, we see him 3 times a day at breakfast, lunch and dinner, he must be very busy with the administration of the Edevan Dukedom so he hardly spends time with us, usually I spend the day with my brothers and my mother

Honestly I really want to go out and walk, to see with my own eyes the different kinds of wonders, what is in this new world.

As I thought about the last few days I spent with my family, I didn't know that it was already morning and my mom wasn't coming, it seems like today I woke up earlier than usual, it's been another 6 months and I practiced lightning attribute magic, why Of course, I also practiced neutral magic. In fact, I think I can use a neutral magic spell now. I circulate the mana in my body and try to recite the spell.




I try to say it but my mouth only comes out the babble of a baby also since I'm a baby I can say words after a time of preparation I can only sigh mentally.

Now I can use lightning magic by controlling the mana in my body I strengthen my bones, muscles and organs.

Doing this every day for 6 months I feel like my body is getting stronger every day.

I keep trying the neutral magic spell when I finally feel the mana flow from my body to my hand I feel like it's ready but I don't have to use it I wonder what I should do when I finally get an idea I say the right words and say.

""Float up"".

My body begins to rise a bit through the air, I feel like I'm floating in the air, I suddenly feel like I'm close to the ceiling of the room while I feel how my body's mana shortens by half.

Suddenly I feel someone's gaze and I notice how my mom looks at me in amazement as if she had seen something out of this world.

We stare at each other for a while, until at that moment my mana runs out, I feel very tired, and I fall from my bed from the ceiling, tiredness takes over me and when I'm about to fall asleep I hear a scream.


Mother Meryl's POV

My name is Meryl Von Edevan and I am the mother of 3 beautiful children the oldest Angelica, the first son Dean And last but not least my beloved son Thoryan although each child was raised in the same way each one shows a different character.

Let's take my daughter Angelica as an example, although she is quite beautiful and intelligent, she does not like to study how to be a lady and she prefers to spend her days reading books, from romantic stories to adventure books.

Another example, My first son Dean is quite handsome and strong but he is too impulsive, unlike his sister he does not like to read books, although they both share a lack of interest in learning manners of the noble class, Dean prefers to train with the sword and the magic.

As for my last son the youngest Thoryan, he is quite bright and intelligent since he was little he seemed to understand things easily although he can barely walk, I feel that he will do something very important in the future more important.

That is why I gave him the name of the first Edevan, who was from the beginning of the kingdom to which the title of the son of lightning was attributed, who inspired bards to tell his story, I am sure that my little Thoryan will be a great men.

 Today I woke up earlier to prepare Thoryan's party, since today is his birthday, Thoryan is a very lively boy, he always looks at the world with great curiosity, but I feel that he looks at magic with special interest.

6 months ago I took him to watch my first son's training I wanted him to see how amazing his brother was at training but unfortunately my son couldn't use the spell so I had to show my son some tricks to cast the spell .

When I did, I could see that my 6-month-old son's eyes were amazed, it was as if he had seen something that he wanted at all costs in his hands.

Since today is my son Thoryan's birthday, my husband and I decided to give him some books on advanced magic, as opposed to his brothers who always played with baby toys, Thoryan only watched them once on his first birthday, after that he doesn't use them and spends his time looking for books about the different nations or about magic, but the best books we have are in a secret bookcase under lock and key, since they are very expensive and difficult to get, but since he is not interested in toys alone I can give you those books.

Although it is not the typical gift for a child I feel that this book will make him happy, when I am going to his room to give him his gift I feel a magical presence, and when I open the door I see my Thoryan who is only 2 years old floating in the ceiling.

After watching him for a moment, my son Thoryan falls onto his bed from the ceiling and I cry out in concern to know if he's okay.