Tower of Hell: Caged and Confused, Book 1, Chapter 63
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Surprisingly, Jonas wasn't very shocked at her request. He did have to admit that it seemed far-fetched because of who had asked. Kill Wolf? Jonas was much more curious about why she wanted him dead and less about how to do it.

“We both know I’m not strong enough to kill Wolf,” said Jonas. “I don’t see why a woman of your caliber would need my help. I’m pretty sure you could do it on your own.”

“Maybe,” she nodded. “But I can’t kill Wolf because he’s always on his guard around me, and we share the same owner.”

“Thomas Vale,” said Jonas. “He wouldn’t let you kill his other best fighter.”

“Of course, he wouldn’t,” Yuki traced the shape of a circle on the nape of Jonas’ neck, and then she poked it. “Thomas is very protective over his property, both me and Wolf." 

“What’s the point of killing him?” Jonas knew he was an asshole, but from Yuki’s perspective, there was no point in assassinating a man that would never screw with her.

“You haven’t figured it out yet?” Yuki teased, and she stared up into his eyes. Jonas looked confused as he shook his head.

“Let’s just say, hypothetically, of course,” began Yuki. “That you wanted to escape from the Hurts gang,” she felt Jonas' body tense, and she watched the horny glaze in his eyes turn into a look of seriousness. Seeing that she had his interest, she continued. “Take me through the process.”

“Well,” Jonas began to consider what she said. “The biggest problem is the top-five fighters and the gang leadership, right?” Yuki smiled brightly at him.

“Smart boy,” she said while kissing the tip of his nose. “Forget leadership for a moment and focus on the top-five fighters,” Jonas considered.

“I wouldn’t have to worry about Ahmed,” he had a confident expression. “He’d probably help me escape.”

“This is very true,” Yuki gave a knowing smile.

“I wouldn’t worry about you, either. I think you'd help us escape.”

“How do you know I’d help you?” Yuki asked.

“Because otherwise, you wouldn’t have brought up this conversation. I know you'll help,” Jonas could tell from the satisfied look on her face that he was correct.

“Continue,” she said.

“That leaves Garth, Xiao Lin, and Wolf,” Jonas raised his eyebrows suspiciously at her mischievous smile. “What's Xiao Lin like?"

"Old school, quiet, strong, and in love with me, though, you wouldn't know it from how reclusive he is," Jonas rolled his eyes. Of course, he wasn't the only sucker she had gone after.

"So you've already worked your magic on him," Jonas watched as she gave him a daring smile.

“Hypothetically,” she reminded.

“Yes,” Jonas agreed. “Hypothetically.

“Assuming Xiao Lin is both reclusive and is in love with you, that tells me he probably won't get involved. That would leave me, you, and Ahmed; to kill Garth and Wolf.”

“You don’t think either of them wants to escape?” Yuki asked.

“Probably,” said Jonas, “But you couldn’t trust those dickheads to follow through with a plan, as guys like them are only out for themselves. They’d probably rat you out for some benefits. Besides, you wouldn't have asked me to kill Wolf if you thought he could help, and I know you wouldn't team up to help Garth escape."

"What makes you say that about Garth?"

"I don't know you at all, but I do know that you hate men like Garth. You'd never want someone like him unleashed onto the public," and her dark expression told Jonas he was correct.

“Very true,” said Yuki. “Garth either stays down here or dies. Either way, he won't be joining us.”

“Let's say we manage to kill both Garth and Wolf. It doesn't necessarily have to be done all at once. I can kill Wolf for my ascension as a top-five, and I'll probably get away with a slap on the wrist."

"You're so much more intelligent than I once thought. With Wolf dead and Xiao Lin out of the way, wouldn't that leave us an easy path to kill Garth?"

"So the three of us work together and end his life," Jonas continued.

“And?” she prompted.

“Without their best fighters, Howard and Thomas would be much more mortal.”

“Still extremely dangerous,” said Yuki. “But yes, they would be much more of a threat had their best fighters been around to protect them,” Jonas stared into her endlessly dark eyes while he contemplated everything she said.

“There are a few problems with this scenario,” said Jonas, and he first considered the most obvious of them.

“Go on.”

“I’m not strong enough to be of any help right now, and there is no guarantee that Xiao Lin will stay out of the way, which means you and Ahmed would have to kill both Wolf and Garth, which is nearly impossible."

“Are you underestimating me?” There was another dangerous glimmer in her eye that made Jonas weary.

“Of course not,” Jonas said. “But I wouldn’t be here now if you were confident in beating them. Also, I’m your only connection to Ahmed, which means that without me, Ahmed won’t help you, which means that this hypothetical escape plan would only have you.”

“Very true,” said Yuki as she brushed strands of golden hair out of his face. “So you can see why you'd be so valuable to the hypothetical plan, right? Not only do you have the ability to convince Ahmed to fight, but you have the talent to become a top-five fighter, perhaps the most talented in all of Little Wrath City.”

Jonas was astonished at Yuki's brilliance, and he admired her foresight. Not only had she found a way to get Ahmed to help her, but she also found the best way to get rid of Wolf. She had pinpointed the solution to her problems on a gladiator slave, who had only won a single fight.

“Okay,” said Jonas. “Let’s say I manage to kill Wolf, and later the three of us kill Garth. That still leaves the two final bosses.”

“Now you’re all caught up,” Yuki stared up at him, and Jonas felt as if they had been stuck together for a long time. “I’ve never seen Thomas fight, nor Howard, but they’re at least strong enough to take the Sin Assessment, and they're strong enough to run one of the largest gangs in Little Wrath City."

“So, in other words,” said Jonas. “Pretty fucking tough.”

“They’re the hardest part of the plan.”

“Hypothetically,” said Jonas. “If Garth and Wolf were out of the picture, would Xiao Lin help us against the bosses?”

“I’m not sure if that would be enough, even with him,” said Yuki. “I already thought of that myself.”

“What if we had more?” Jonas asked. “What if we had four top-five fighters and a bunch of small-time guys?” His mind shifted to Ralph, Johnson, and Simon.

“They’d probably just get in the way,” Yuki said dismissively, but her eyes grew wide as an idea came to her. “Unless we used those small fries to cause a bit of mayhem, and at the same time, we'd be fighting the bosses,” Jonas grew excited.

“How could the bosses concentrate on fighting us when their entire operation was getting destroyed?”

“The small-time fighters would be responsible for causing a prison break,” said Yuki. “Destroy everything, beat all the guards black and blue, free the slaves, and convince the other fighters to join them.”

“This plan hinges on a lot of things going perfect,” Jonas had to admit that it was still slightly farfetched.

“Just as there are a million things that could go wrong for us,” Yuki explained with a convincing smile. “There are also a million things that could go our way.”


“Like,” said Yuki. “Maybe you'll surprise us all?”

“I wouldn’t get your hopes up for that,” Jonas became a bit perplexed at the confident expression she was wearing. “What?”

“You’ve done nothing but surprise everyone since you got here. Over, and over, and over again,” Yuki squeezed him, and she had a very lustful look in her eye.

“Just lucky,” said Jonas.

“It was more than luck,” she pointed out. “It took a lot of hard work, determination, and pure willpower. Trust me because I know what you went through.”

“You went through something similar?” Jonas asked. Out of all the top-five fighters, she and Xiao Lin were the most mysterious to him.

“My story isn’t much different than yours,” she said dismissively. “But I’m just a harmless girl who wants a bit of freedom, while you’re the real hero of this story,” Jonas rolled his eyes while wondering what part of Yotama Yuki was a harmless girl.

“I’m no hero,” Jonas shook his head. “Just a kid, trying to survive.”

“You're a young man," she said while caressing his body, "I can tell."

‘Does she think she can seduce me into sleeping with her?’ Jonas wouldn't get with her even if someone offered him money.

“So?” she asked.

“So what?”

“Will you do it?” She asked. Jonas went quiet as he thought it all through.

“What do I have to do?”

“All you need to focus on is getting stronger. At least until the point that you can beat Wolf on your own. Once you kill him, you'll be a top-five fighter, and we can focus our attention on Garth."

“Easier said than done,” Jonas was exasperated. “My buddy, Johnson, thinks he might have been Canadian Special Forces,” Yuki raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“Your friend has good instincts,” she nodded with approval. “Wolf’s real name is Adam Reaver, and he was a very high-ranking officer. Thomas told me he was a damn good soldier. He died in Afghanistan almost two decades ago, though, I’m not sure how.”

"How old are you?" Jonas almost immediately regretted asking as he felt Yuki's sharp nails press against the skin behind his neck.

"Old enough to be someone's ancient ancestor. Why do you ask?" She wore a grin that wasn't a grin.

"Your speech changes. Sometimes, it sounds like you talk old fashion, and other times you sound more modern."

"Very astute," Yuki smiled. "I haven't always been here in the Hurts gang. There was a time when I was in the Overworld working and studying. Believe it or not, I even had a Hellphone; however, my original one didn't have the touching screen."

"You look very young. I didn't mean to offend you. I'm just a fish out of water when it comes to Hell."

"How old do I look?" She tried making the question seem casual.

"Nineteen, twenty," said Jonas: he wasn't lying. She nodded her head approvingly and gave a satisfied smile.

"I was around that age a few hundred years ago when I died. Enough about me. You need to focus on the fact that Wolf is highly trained, and it will be difficult for you to kill him."

“Fuck,” Jonas looked frustrated upon being reminded of his adversary's skill.

“You don’t need to get frustrated. I’m confident you can beat Wolf. You just need enough time.”

“I'm not frustrated. I just know that it's going to be extremely difficult, and I'm nervous about killing for the first time," Yuki giggled as she let go of Jonas and got up from his lap.

“I know it’s a lot to ask: killing for the first time isn't easy,” she strode behind the privacy screen, and Jonas could see the outline of her tiny figure, strip off her robe and let it fall to the floor. “I’m willing to make it worth your while.”

“Freedom is a good enough prize for me,” said Jonas dismissively. “I don’t need anything else.”

“Are you sure?” Yuki came from behind the privacy screen, and she invited his eyes to feast on the image of her wearing a see-through négligée that playfully fluttered around her private parts.

Without breaking eye contact, she slid onto the large bed until her back was against the pillows, and the hem of her lingerie was just a few centimeters away from revealing her goods. For the first time since he met Yuki, Jonas noticed her Sin Scars. On each hand were two red bulls eyes that were glowing crimson.

‘Of course, her Cardinal Sin is Lust. I think she's on the hunt right now,' Jonas knew he had to break her concentration. “There is something you could do for me,” Yuki looked excited as she waited to hear which dirty fantasy he wanted her to fulfill.

“Name it,” she whispered as her hands began to pull up the skirt of her night dress. Jonas gave her a severe expression.

“Could I use your bath?”