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My name is Alex, or well, that doesn't really matter anymore. 


You see, I’ve died. 


It wasn’t truck-kun, or some kind of last minute heroic action by me to earn the favour of some deity. Not at all, It was instead a heart attack, caused by fatigue and dehydration as a result of trying to speedrun all of Dark Souls as well as Bloodborne and Sekiro without taking any damage. 


Pretty stupid way to die, don’t you think so?


Well I think so too.


I mean I didn’t even get through Dark Souls 3!


Nonetheless, what has happened has happened, and now I’m dead.


You see, unlike many of my fellow otaku who might daydream about going to another world… Actually who am I lying to, I also daydreamed about it in class….


But that’s beyond the point.


The point is that I was actually quite happy in my life.


I lived a blessed life living in a first world country. Had a loving family. A wonderful 6 year old golden retriever. A high-spec gaming PC. High-speed internet. And, I actually had quite a bit of irl friends!


I never really wanted to die.


I mean, how do I explain to my dog that I’m no longer in the world? I’m sorry Thomas. Mommy didn’t mean to leave you….


Man, I really didn’t want to die.


Especially, to go to a backward era without the internet, or hygiene products.


If you think about it reasonably, going to a fantasy world set in the middle ages is actually quite terrifying. I mean, just open a history book about OUR middle ages, and you can’t help but be thankful you weren’t born at that time. Seriously.


But I’m dead.


And I guess existing is better than not existing. Beggars can’t be choosers. And from the image that I see below me, it seems I'll be going to a fantasy world set in the bloody middle ages.


Pretty disappointing honestly.


If you’re wondering where I’m currently at. You’re asking all the right questions. Because I myself don’t know where I’m at.


I mean it. It’s not like heaven or hell. Not at all.


You see, this place is like its own separate plane of existence. In it, a kaleidoscopic view of my life’s memories has been playing around me. And under me, an image of a different world began to form after a few… minutes? hours? I’m having a hard time keeping track of time here.


But that’s beyond the point.


How do I know I’ll be going to this world you say?


I don’t actually know myself either. There’s no one here to welcome me, or really to explain anything at all. I just instinctively know that that’s where I’ll be headed next to, and that I’ll be able to keep my memories.


Really, there’s a few things that don’t make any sense here.


Why am I in this place?


Why am I going to another world?


Why am I able to keep my memories?


Will I be summoned as a heroine?


Will I be given some incredible power to make me stand above all others?


Will I get to keep the same body? And If so, won’t I die pretty soon due to pathogens and other viruses?


Really this situation isn’t ideal at all.


I’m actually not that interested in going through hardships myself.


I mean look at me, I died because I was too lazy to go to the gym and take care of myself.

I’m not fat by the way, in case you were asking. Just a bit chubby….


Anyway, it doesn’t really look like I have a choice here.


But, If I’m going to be forcibly summoned, and if when I arrive, I don’t find myself in a situation where I’m forced to defeat a great evil or save the world.


Then I want to forge my own path.


I don’t want to be a heroine. 


I don’t want to marry some prince or have my own harem or incredible men.


I don’t want to amass a fortune, or to rule an empire. I mean seriously, I don’t even know how to do taxes, how can I be expected to run a business. Or worse, a nation!


No, I don’t want to do any troublesome and boring things. I just want to be free and have fun.


I want to have fun like I do when I play video games.


Without worrying about what I’m doing. Worrying about consequences. Worrying about morals.


I’m sure such an existence will be looked upon as evil by the residents of, well, any world really. 


But I don’t care.


Even if I’m hunted down and eliminated, I don’t really care.


I already died once, so this time around. If this new world I’ll soon be visiting doesn’t already have one.


Then I think, I’ll try being the Demon Lord. Well at least what I believe the Demon Lord should be.

I mean, think about it. Everytime you see a woman as a Demon Lord in an anime, they’re either a loli, or just some other otaku pandering material.


And if a woman is an evil bad-ass character, they usually are the servants to a guy with no damn ego.


No. That’s not how it should be.


A demon lord should be a terrifying being that inspires fear amongst the populace, committing great feats of evil, not some tiny loli that just has a bit too much magic power in her tiny body, or some damn servant.


That’s why I want to become a Demon Lord. Because it’s 2019 and it’s about time we have a female demon lord that isn’t just supposed to be waifu material.


Actually, thinking about it, what year is it in the new world? Well, that’s beside the point.


The point is, why can’t a girl be a fearsome Demon Lord?


That’s why- Oh! I’m being pulled down!!!