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After about 40 minutes of just waiting in which I spent the first 10 minutes contemplating whether to run away or not, the next 20 if it was too late to have done so now and if I had thrown away a good opportunity, and the last 10 hoping that maybe she wouldn’t come back and I could leave this city and never turn back, Charlotte finally made an appearance again as my spirits dimmed at her return. However, looking closer at her, I noticed that she was surprisingly carrying eight large bags with her. Handing four bags to each one of us, Charlotte implored for us to look inside them as she said:


“These should serve as a proper attire for the two of you to get around the city. In case something feels uncomfortable, I’ll have to ask you to forgive me since I couldn’t get your proper measurements, but I’m pretty confident in my eyes so I think they should fit~”


Looking inside the bags, I saw six pairs of what seemed to be identical outfits as well as two robes, a pair of brown boots, underwear, and a single pair of pajamas. Pulling out one of the outfits to check it out, as it appeared that I would be wearing an iteration of this outfit everyday, I was pleasantly surprised by its plainness and formal appearance.


The outfit consisted of a simple white buttoned long sleeve shirt, a black pair of pants that were surprisingly comfortable to the touch and seem very elastic, a pair of equally black leggings, and a pair of long socks that seemed to go up to my shins. Paired with the boots, I thought that the outfit was rather good looking in appearance, and was actually happy in its plain look since it allowed it to be more versatile for different occasions. Considering it was free, I wasn’t about to put up a complaint that she had gotten me six copies of the same outfit.


Looking through the other bags, I noticed that the grey underwear she got for me looked surprisingly bland and modern, unlike the comically large underwear that I remembered people from medieval times wore. Looking at the underwear, I noticed that I was given six pairs of panties and three pairs of what seemed like sports bras. Considering the rate at which I normally cycled through bras in back in my world, three were honestly more than enough if the outfits were meant to last me for a week. Finally taking out my pajamas, I saw that they consisted of a simple grey long sleeved shirt and equally grey sweatpants.


While I was browsing through my bags and looking at my new clothes, Ailya was also doing the same. Turning my head to look at the clothes she had stretched out on her hands, I saw a rather cute white blouse with some frills as well as a black skirt. It seemed that Charlotte had picked out the same color pattern for the two of us, although seeing Ailya smile as she also realized this fact brought no complaints from me. The rest of Ailya’s attire consisted of opaque black tights, six pairs of black knee high socks that I guessed were for her to wear when not using her tights, and just like me, brown boots and grey underwear and pajamas.


Seeing that Ailya and I had finished appraising the outfits she had picked for us, Charlotte put on a proud expression on her face as she asked:


“Well, do you like them?”


“Yeah, they’re pretty nice outfits, and you were very thorough selecting everything we may need… Thank you.”


“Yes Ms. Logan, thank you.”


“Good, put your outfits on you two. You can’t enter the hotel I’m staying in dressed in those rags.”


After hearing her statement, I wondered if she was going to be having us stay with her, as well  as thinking if she wanted us to change here as I asked:


“Uhhh, where do we change?”


“Here. I mean, where else do you think you’ll find a place to change around here?”


Seeing my slightly shocked reaction, Charlotte began to enter into a bout of laughter before calming down 30 seconds later and saying:


“I’m just kidding with you, haaaa~ First, let’s get the two of you cleaned up before you put on your outfits. No offense, but the two of you stink to high heaven.”


At her honest remark, I felt myself take some damage as I was more than aware at the stench that had pervaded my body this entire time. After all, even if I had an opportunity to wash myself every once in a while when it rained, the truth was that I was still wearing the same dirty clothes for the last two weeks, which made washing up a rather pointless ordeal. And by this point, I was slightly worried about the fact that I was growing accustomed to the stench. If it wasn’t because most people also seemed to stink, I would honestly be afraid of approaching anyone and having them turn me away due to my smell… 


With Charlotte imploring us to put our stuff back in the bags, the three of us began heading towards a public bathhouse as Charlotte guided the way. Along the way, the three of us were walking in silence as I looked back on the events that had just occurred. 


Honestly, at this point I had no idea what was going through the mind of the girl in front of us. I didn’t understand why one minute she seemed to be threatening us, and the next she buys us clothes and was taking us to a bathhouse. And the ridiculousness of this situation, as well as the fact that I had no real way to do anything about it, was making me feel extremely stressed


Considering we were heading to a bathhouse, I decided to put the thoughts about this situation and the future in the back of my mind for the moment, and simply take this opportunity to enjoy one of the pleasures in life that I had long been deprived of. Deciding to worry about all the troublesome things later and hopefully wash away my stress as well as stench with a good quality bath…