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“mom, how’s the interview?” Jona ask through the door.
“it’s good, me and your dad should at least receive a call on the agency” he mom replied cheerfully.
Jona is crying silently behind the door.
‘I’m useless! How can I just stay here? Just confined in here, dong nothing but burden on my parent’s all along’ Jona though, blaming herself on being a burden.
Her mother was always concerned about her, now, her mother notice that she fell silent.
“are you still there my sweetheart?” her mom ask.
“I’m here mom” she said, her voice is hoarse.
Her mom know her very much.
“were you crying?” her mom ask.
She didn’t reply.
“you are crying” her mom said worriedly. Even her mom is on the other side of the door, she can feel her mother’s sadness.
“why are you crying sweetheart?” her mom ask.
She can hide no more, she cry aloud, enough to hear let her mom hear her.
“mom, I’m so useless” she said firmly.
“oh no, you’re not useless. Don’t cry honey, you’re not useless . . . in fact, it’s your right to act spoiled” her mom replied.
“what do you mean by that?” she ask, taking her eyeglasses off, and wipe her tear’s running down her cheek.
“you’re still fourteen, yet, you don’t want to act spoiled. Even when you are six. You always mind other’s emotion. You also mind your environment as well, while you don’t actually mind your self.” Her mom said chuckling.
“and you’re always wary, as if you were expecting any trouble at any time. Your also sharp when you talk into a stranger, also that mean’s you’re also straight forward.” Her mom said, still chuckling.
because of that, she smile.
“I don’t know if that is my characteristic or my personality. It just somewhat feel like it was engrave in my soul, mom” she replied.
“haha, now don’t feel burden. You are not a burden to us. You were the only child we have, what should we do if you weren’t born? We will grow old, with no children to help us at any time. And ‘side, you father won’t have a daddy’s girl, who always so clingy.” Her mother laugh.
“I’m not clingy to dad, mom” she said, she was embarrased.
“oh, yes you are” her mother chuckle.
“alright honey, I have to cook and prepare a meal for your dad.” Her mom said.
“go ahead mom, send dad my love” she said, she is feeling lightly now.
“alright, love you” her mom said.

As she heard her mom’s footstep faded away on the other side of the door, her head feel like going to burst at any time.
She suddenly feel dizzy, she tried to walk to the bed. Her leg’s started to wobble, when she finally reach the edge of the bed, she sat down. Place her left palm on her forehead. The dizziness got worst, the thing’s around her started spinning. She wanted to go the CR, although, she knew she can’t make it. But she have to try or else she’ll puke on her bed, more mess to be done.

“is this one of the covid nineteen symptom?” she ask herself.
She caught a glimpse outside of her window. She stop, for a while, the thing’s that’s spinning in her vision stop.

She never noticed it before, the sunset’s cloud’s were beautiful, the orange, yet yellowish and purple-ish color were wonderful, and mysterious.
Then her vision turned black.


The last thing she heard, before an another vision appeared before her.

“the princess is awake!” a squeak voice shouted.
She opened her eye’s.
“good morning princess!” the flying creature greeted her.
“El-Elves?” she ask.
“yes, it’s me. The mighty Elves” Elves said proudly.
“where’s your companion?” she ask.
“uh . . . well . . . “ Elves said, scratching his chin.
She gasp. Jona remember it. The black armored knight’s the black horses as well, which red eye’s were glowing, and Oga, Oga was fighting them.

“is Oga okay?” she ask.
“yes” a gurgle voice said.
Jona immediately have a goosebumps the moment she heard it.
“y-you seem trouble, are you hurt somewhere?” she ask worriedly. Not because she’s worried about Oga but, his aura is threatening. As if, in any moment or anytime, Oga can kill anybody.
“I’m alright vampess, just a bit. . . angry” Oga said in a harmless yet innocent voice.
“ah, okay” she replied shortly.

‘a bit angry? You call this aura a BIT? My goodness, this dream is getting dangerous’ she though, watching Oga giving Elves a death glare.
“what happen to both of you?” she stated an obvious question.
“well, this fly here is saying that, even we revive you, your soul will drift back to the other world, making you drift back when it’s sunset here. And going back and fort when it’s dawn” Oga mumble.
“hey! just a moment ago, before the vampess woke up, you called me an insect, now a fly?!” Elves shouted.
“well . . . fly and insect are same tho” Jona said honestly.
“not you too” Elves said turning his head to her direction.
“so what’s the point of telling me that?” Jona ask, to change the topic.
“it mean’s your soul can’t rest!” Oga shouted.
“she still can rest! Why won’t you believe that?!” Elves shouted.
“let’s ask the vampess opinion” Oga said.

They both look at Jona’s direction.

“uh . . . were did the vampess go? Elves ask.

An axe immediately appeared before Oga. Oga grabbed the handle and swing it immediately.
“what are you doing idiot?” Elves ask him.

Suddenly a loud clang made Elves instinctively cover his pointed ear’s.
A white and black smoke appeared, in a mixed together composition.

“give back the vampess!” Oga shouted, slashing the smoke’s apart.

Suddenly, an earthquake erupted. Oga stumbled upon a big rock. A creature (apparently a male one) appeared before Oga. The man have big red wing’s, and half naked.
The man was carrying a big sword. In a blink of an eye, the man swing his sword to Oga’s neck, if not forced to stop using magic, it would have separated Oga’s body and neck.
Elves were covered in some magic circle somehow, and manage to hold the winged man’s sword, using some magic. The man spread his red wing’s and flap it. Elves is immediately thrown up in the air.
As the creature land, Oga is already on his feet.

“wow! Such an eight pack of abs. what a show, red wing’s brown yet three feet long hair and a clear peach eye’s. plus the fact that he didn’t wear any cloth on his upper body make him look so hawt! Oh my god, I feel like he just came out from the TV, from the movie of maleficent, god! So hot. I feel like my heart skipped a beat for some reason.” Jona said to the one who is kidnapping her.

The creature who carried her got annoyed, spread wide his blue wing’s jump, flap his wing’s and fly.
The creature who was her kidnapper, is wearing a black hood. The moment it spread it’s wing’s the hood that’s covering his face was thrown in the air.

A blue sapphire short hair, purple and reddish eye’s, a sharp yet edgy nose and a pink lush lip that completed it’s look.

The creature’s eye met hers. She froze, she stare at him. Gazing over his beautiful like galaxy aye, to it’s perfect nose and pink lush lip.

“it’s rude to stare into a stranger like that” the creature said to her it’s eye’s were focused into an unknown direction.
“look who’s being rude here! Weren’t you the one?! The moment my companion’s started to bicker, you immediately cover my mouth and carry me out there, so who’s rude hm?” she said pouting.

The creature sigh.

“weren’t you enjoying my look’s right now? Just continue doing so, you can stare at me as much as you like. Just don’t struggle or else I will let you have a flying lesson right now” the creature said in a rather rude and tease manner.
“what?! You were such a shameless. Ugly. Jerk! And what do you mean by enjoying? For your information, I’m not enjoying. Your ugly!” she said firmly.

No matter what she think of it, this is kidnapping.

“put me down” she said firmly.
“why should I?” the creature ask.
“this is kidnapping!” she yelled.
“but you are touching my chest comfortably” the creature reasoned.

‘d*ng it! I can’t help but feel secure in his arm” she though, drawing her hand from his chest.
‘he’s just like one of my hot daddies ‘(hot daddies, were called to some hot manhua and manhwa charater’s)

“now, can you let me down? “she ask politely.
“no” the creature shortly replied.
“huh? why?” she ask.
“still not” the creature halt, glaring at her.
“I ask you why?” she demanded, she sounded like a woman needing a receipt in a tax.
“because you molested me” the creature said, still glaring at her.
“WHAT!” she shouted in shock
“what molest?! I don’t remember molesting you! You’re accusing me!” she yelled.
“yes you did” the creature said.
“what the hell are you talking about?!” she said, making an eye contact at him rather than glaring.
“you touched my chest” the creature teased her.