Saving The Demonologist
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(General P.O.V)

The plan had failed.

And it only took a second for everything to fall apart. She could remember just barely getting started on the massive array. Delicate work that had taken weeks to construct. An array that would have spanned the whole solar system, it's waypoints scattered across the other 8 planets, feeding of the mystical leylines crisscrossing the universe. Alyssa had wondered what made her so special that she could cast such a spell without using up all her life force. But Crowley had given her no answer. Just continuously told her that she was special. Chosen.

The backlash had come swift and sudden. Before Belial's realm could manifest in the real world as par the agreement, the circle had flashed red hot with hellfire, a cacophony of millions of voices, growling in pain had sounded, ash black, pale and green clawed arms rising up through the circle.
"Close it, Girl!"
Crowley had shouted desperately. But Allyssa couldn't do it…this was the only way to get John back! She had done everything right. Why fail now?! After all this time.

Yet Allyssa's hands were shaking as the growling grew larger. The energy field she had elected for the base, separating her from the harsh environment of the dwarf planet and providing her with air had wavered dangerously as something built up through the circle on the floor. Something ominous. Something…strangely familiar.
"Close the damn thing Allyssa or doom us to a fate worse than death!!"
The stupid painting had shouted at her once again. This time she rounded up on the man in the painting. Her eyes blazing with fury.

"Why!? What's happening? What are you not telling me!"
She shouted back with as much ferocity as she could. Crowley's widened when the young girl grabbed his painting and held it over the circle.
"No…wait…What Do You Think You're Doing!?"
If he had a physical body, his heart would have been hammering in fear.
"Why is the spell not working 'Daaad'?"
Allyssa asked with as much mockery and vitriol she could induce in her tone. Her mind running at lightning speeds.

"You…you don't… know what you're doing…if I die…" She lowered him slightly down to the grasping hands.
"Ok! Okay I'll tell you. Just pull me up!"
He said in terror. Allyssa lowered the painting some more. Crowley could not believe her sudden viciousness. She…she was supposed to be loyal! His pet! but looking into her eyes…all he saw was a monster. A monster he had helped create.

"Okay! Okay! I lost the connection with Belial I had! That can only mean one thing…he has been taken out by a higher ranking demon. Given that Belial is a prince of hell equal in power to the highest ranking Demons, The Hell-Lords, it can only mean that…Lucifer himself is responsible. Lucifer is cleaning house."
Crowley told the blonde haired magician. She widened her eyes as the implications hit her like a ton of bricks. Crowley chuckled in disdain.

"Yes, darling. It means your only chance to get Constantine back…is no more. I wonder what you're going to do now that your foolish endeavor has failed before it even begun."
Crowley's dark laugh seemed to bring Allyssa's focus back to the matter at hand. He was underestimating her. The circle was destabilizing as Belial's Kingdom was going through changes in hell. Any demon who had stepped out of line had been stripped of his rank and thrown to the deepest parts of hell. That led to a massive discharge of energy as authorities were switched out and realms destroyed. Allyssa could feel that the circle was going to explode and probably take out a massive chunk of the planet, so she had to move. But first…she straightened up as her conviction strengthened, making eye contact with a smug Crowley. He thought he was unexpendable. He was wrong.

"If I can't get someone to bring him here, then I'll go to hell and get him back myself, Crowley. Oh and for that part…I know I don't need you." Her luscious lips split into a menacing grin as she released the painting. Crowley's face changed. How had he never noticed this side of her? How cold he have been played for a fool so thoroughly?

"You will pay for this you AAARGHHH..!!!!"
His words were cut off as the hands teared apart the painting and proceeded to do so to the soul imprisoned within.

Allyssa then teleported back to earth, escaping the massive explosion from the pentagram. She was going to hell and bringing back Johnny's soul one way or the other but before that, she needed power. Magical Power on the level of a God if she was successfully going to do all that. Fortunately, she knew about a place where she could get it, unfortunately she had no idea on it's location. However, there was someone who had something that could get her there.

(Aden's P.O.V)

The first thing I noticed about my surroundings was the dust covering inside of the crypt. I sneezed as I freshened the air around me, looking around perturbed. Was this a joke? Behind me the doorway I had used, turned into yellow glowing motes and disappeared. Magic...I shook my head and pushed the stone entrance blocking my way. The stone door gave off a groaning sound before falling on the ground easily, courtesy of my super strength. Luckily, the crypt was empty, devoid of any person's remains so I wasn't disrespecting anybody.

The world on the outside however, was completely different from what I expected. For starters, it was late evening, a look at the time told me precisely 5:23 and given the fact that it had been around 1 in New Orleans during my meeting with Nimue, give or take, it meant that Xanadu's doorway had portaled me all the way across the planet. I would have whistled in appreciation if it wasn't for what was happening before me.

The crypt was located in a gated off garden with a couple more grave stones. The garden was behind a big English manor or...atleast what appeared to be the remains of one. That was the second thing different about the outside world. The building before me was burning and in wrecks. All because of a fight that was happening.

Magical power undulated through my senses as Equity appeared in my arms. I twirled it, turning it into it's lance form as two energy signatures made themselves known to me, in the middle of the mansion's wreckage. I took a running leap and cleared the garden fence, my feet digging grooves on the green grass. Then I waited as the signatures levitated out of the manor. One of them shone with a light brighter than I had ever felt from a mortal and the other had energy the flavor of soot and sulphur hidden behind the scent of iron, horses and funnily enough...old books. Mmmh...I mused to myself as I noticed absentmindedly that my energy sense was changing. The weird part was how much the former's energy signature seemed so... familiar.

They broke out of the building and I finally figured out who Xanadu had sent me to. Yellow magical bindings enclosed his mouth, to stop him from talking, but the long streak of white hair on his head while the rest was red made him almost instantly recognizable. Jason Blood. The other person was equally as intriguing.

"What's a fucking angel doing here?"

I wondered out loud, calling attention to myself.

The girl looked to be about my age. Blue eyes, long blonde hair, a distractingly beautiful face and a chain with an upside down cross hanging on her wrist. The aura coming off her was distinctly angelic, just hidden behind layers of bindings. It was poetic in a way. The situation I mean. An angel bound to a human fighting a Demon also bound to a human. Still, can't let her do whatever she wanted with Jason Blood. Madame Xanadu had specifically sent me to him, which meant he was probably the only one who could help me.

"Hello, Mr. Blood, Madame Xanadu sent me. I'm sure she had no idea you were otherwise... occupied."

I spoke up, walking around their general positioning to get a clear shot. Something told me this girl was not your run of the mill, mystical practitioner. She seemed oddly focused. There was little chance of getting her to do a monologue or falling into a distraction, so I had to take her out before she decided to do the same to Blood. Jason's eyes gained realization.

The girl and I established eye contact as I levelled my spear at her, stopping in place.

"Let him go."

She narrowed her eyes.

"Make me..."

But I was already moving before she could finish speaking. My inner fire changed into erratic, electric energy running down my body and shrouding me as I exploded forth. The spear was aimed for her head with the flat side positioned to land a debilitating blow to her temple.

Equity cut through the air in a hiss and smacked on a yellow shield that appeared out of nowhere. The girl gasped in shock as cracks ran along the shield.

"yawa tropelet!"

She chanted, her voice gaining a hollow tone. Oh no you fucking don't. The shield broke apart and equity lengthened, spearing through the lapels of her dress. I felt a certain energy grip my whole being, trying to spatially displace me. My energy sense in a weird moment of eureka saturated the surroundings and I used every ounce of my will to pull back on the influence. I failed. We disappeared but appeared only a few hundred meters away in the woods. Pain gripped my body from the forced hijacking of the teleportation spell. I uncontrollably carved a trail through the tree branches, groaning in pain. A fast moving spell cut through the air towards my position so I clumsily bounced out of the way of the yellow bolt of energy. The trunk of the tree the spell landed on exploded with shards of wood.

"Who are you!!"

The girl screamed. Now that I mention it she had a nice voice and the English accent was a sweet bonus.

"I should be the one asking that! What the fuck is an angel doing running around on earth?!"

I shouted back and saw her look at me in confusion.


She shook her head. Her hand still gripping Blood by the throat.

"No matter, I already have what I need."

I jumped at her once again. This time a gyrating ball of fire in my palm, only for her to throw Blood towards me and disappear in a flash.

I caught the demonologist, dismissing the fireball and landed on the ground. The binding on his mouth disappeared and he stood up urgently and started to run towards the destroyed manor. I followed him without a word, created a bubble shield around us and flew us quickly back to manor grounds.

"Hey...can you tell me what the fuck is going on?"

I enquired, stretching a little. My body still felt sore from what I had done. Blood ignored me, only chanting, 'where is it?' 'Where is it!'

"What are you looking for? What did she take? Maybe I can help you...hey hey! Excuse me!"

I gripped his shoulder hard and turned him to face me, only for a fist to dig into my palm, intercepted before it could land on my face. Blood tried to pull back his hand and I could feel the enhanced strength there but in this form, he was probably only as strong as Kaldur.

"Calm. Down."

I told him, emphasizing the words by squeezing his fists.

The older man winced and nodded. I let him go and he sat on a piece of stone rubble. A pang of sadness hit me for what he'd lost. In the comics this dude was always alone and now his, manor had been destroyed. Along with everything delicate inside as well. Maybe this is what will make him move to Gotham? I remember in most universes that's where he stays. I sat on a broken section of a pillar and we both watched the sunset in silence.

A few minutes later, a deep voice begun to speak.

"Cerial, a fallen angel bound by a cult worshiping Neron to a human girl meant for sacrifice. One that a friend of mine, against my better judgement, decided to take in. And now, ten years later...ten years after John passed away, she's determined to bring him back." He chuckled...

"I don't even know why I was fighting to stop her...Lord knows I miss the bastard."

" mean Constantine? John Constantine?"

I questioned him. Blood looked at me and smiled sadly.

"Who else would remain a pain in my ass long after he's dead?"