Chapter 2 Is This A Secret Agency Or What? Cont. 10
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I reach for the handles… I look at the director.

"I'm just going to go out and say. It sounds like a sales pitch."

"You caught on. That's great! People find it difficult but you saw right through it…"

He said, clearly excited.

I pull open the door… and what do I see before me? Nothing. It looks so dark I can't see anything even with the door open. It looks like I'm staring into an abyss. Seriously? What the hell is this? I'm starting to feel they are the loony ones.

However, mid-turn to say something to him a hand pushes me from behind and I go through the door. It felt like I passed through a thin wall of fluid. The sensation felt like a thin blanket of water. It felt like I floated through something if only for an instant but it felt a bit long. It makes wonder is this how floating in space would feel like?

Mhm? I though I saw something in the dark expanse. A flash of a figure… I might be seeing things…

I catch myself from falling when I step out. I blink a few times. I find myself on a balcony with steps coming up on both sides, much like one in the lobby. Or is it the same thing? Did I just go back to the lobby by passing through that door? Something like teleportation. No the vibe I'm getting from this place is different. Even the size of the interior is definitely absurdly huge and not forgetting the exquisite statues, paintings and other decorations.

It's definitely not the institute. I don't see any of those nuns and nurse. The people walking about here are dressed like students(?) and some like teachers(?). What the hell is this place? Where did I just go to? On that note, I just want to say, so freaking cool. I just teleported.

I turn around to look at the door I just came through and for some reason it's just looks like a swelling and mixing of dark colors like something I'd seen in a photo of a painting once. I am rather excited that terrified.

Right then the director walks throw and Shimura-san in tow.

"I can already Imagine what you feeling right now."

He said with a big smile on his face.

"Where are we? What is this place? It feels weird."

"Yes, experiencing magic firsthand does feel weird at first but you'll get used to it soon… You're wondering if it was teleportation, right?"

I nod. I mean yea I just got pushed through a door and ended up somewhere unfamiliar.

"Close but It's not teleportation per say but it kinda feels like it. How to explain this. Since the basic concept has been thrown out there… This isn't particularly anywhere. For all you know we are still on in the convent. Sometimes I don't even get it but this place is what we call a dimension home. It more like a separate world to ours created by magic, a pocket dimension. The gate we just use came through acted like a teleporter but rather it just bridged the two planes together. At least that what I've been told."

He sounded like a fanatic taking about it.

"Let's head to office and finish this little chat, then afterward Shimura-san would give you the grand tour. So come on."

Ending his sentence he wrapped his hand around my shoulder, pulled me in close and we started towards his office. Shimura-san behind us, quiet.



We just arrived into the quaint office, he left Shimura-san and I in front of the desk and sat behind it with his legs on it.

"I'm going to go straight to the point. Well technically the point has already been made. So what do you think? I already heard your story before you got here. You know secret agency stuff." He smirked.

Scary! He was listening to what I told Shimura-san.

"You pretty much laid everything out than made a point."

I said. Do they have no restraint on telling secrets?

"It's easy with a type like you."

"But I have to know what exactly was that thing that attacked me? It's definitely looked human except for the wrong turns of it's body and movement."

"As you already know now, monsters are in this world or should I say reality, or plane. Demons, vampires, ghouls, evil spirits, ghost and others supernatural creatures. The discovery was very well known by the first man to exist and since then that information has been pretty much carried down throughout history. There are thing out there. You'll learn about those when you have the time to head for the library. What you saw was actually a ghoul. They're nasty things, ugh… Anyways, in regards to the question you ask before we got here, this facility is meant for I'd like to say special people compared to the normies who have no clue of our existence but as we are gathered here they are just normal people with abilities."

"Abilities?" I tilt my head a little.

Totally some superpowers/supernatural movie trope.

"Our job is to train them, get them stronger and have them fight against those that wish to destroy our world."

And there the Sci-Fi fantasy tropes kick in.

"In other words they are the front line in the waves of destruction to come."

"Yea, I seriously like this kid. You catch on to things real quick."

"But still why tell me all this?"

"Well Rinji my friend you are one of us."

Okay what the hell is he talking about, now?

"I can't especially describe the feeling but, you did say your rationality begun this morning. So it's safe to assume you had a light to everything around you. You felt like the gray world you were in finally had some color to it. Is that about right?"

Yea… I guess that about sums it up. I was absolutely terrified this morning. But after that nap, even during the talks and heading out everything just felt rather different and serene. Like the world became new.

"Yes. That's true."

"Then there you have it. You finally awoken to the real world. The world that truly exists and along side it you latent power buried within you. Although, we can't really tell you exactly what kind of power you have since we have no data on that but we can help you find out. What do you say? Join us and we will grant you knowledge and strength."

At his question he sets his legs down wearing a stern look with a smile and having both hands under his chin and elbows to the desk.

To be honest what he's saying comes as a surprise. Other than that feeling I had after heading out I feel pretty much the same apart from the little confidence boost. But if what he truly says is true I could definitely give it a try… But the part about fighting the creatures is something that sounds dangerous and that is something I don't think I can handle.


He interjected before I could say what came to mind.

"I know to you all this is still shocking even though you're taking it so well so you don't have to accept if you don't want to. Think about it though. Right now you're pretty weak and in no time you'd end up in the ground if you don't overcome that weakness."

This isn't something you should be telling a teen who has so much(lecherous) to do.

"… Sure, I guess."

A pathetic response from me. Thinking is all I do. I don't want to put myself in danger but…

"I will wait on your decision. That's all. Shimura-san kindly have them escort Rinji-kun back to the park he was. He's family would be worried sick by now. Oh and yes the grand tour will be waiting for you once we have your answer."

With his last remark he relaxes himself.


And with that Shimura-san escorted me back out the door which took us into the 'Dimension home' to the real world. Out the Convent/rehab institute to the car still waiting for me.

She stands watching as I descend the stairs to the car. I open the door before I turn to her.

"Thank you."

"Think carefully about what you're getting yourself into before you reach your conclusion, Nonako Rinji-kun"

Her words feel like a warning. At that time I didn't realize that was one she gave from her own experience.

With a nod and enter the car and the driver sends me back.


The ride was just as smooth as when we went for the convent. And all I did was ponder on what the director said. It looked as though time had really gone. It's late evening. The sun had already set and the darkness is slowly blanketing.

It's hard to ignore… isn't it?

A way to get stronger.

They two men dropped me off at the park.

"See you soon kid."

"Will be waiting on you. Don't take too long."

They both said with grins and they took off.

I want to jump at the opportunity that I can get stronger. He's right. If I want at the thing that attacked then I have to get stronger.

From there I slowly made it home…

Indeed they were worried. Everyone was waiting at the table for me, the atmosphere glum. Turned out they hadn't eaten supper because they were worried. They were worried about me ending up in a situation like yesterday. And that they would have called the police if I have not returned after a few minutes.

Speaking of police, I did catch sight of the two detectives that came home this morning when I had arrived at the park. They came over to ask me what I was doing with the two men that dropped me but I just ignored them and moved on, at least not without checking out the lady detective. They did tail me till I got home before speeding by. I guess they were finally doing their job.

It's hard to believe in just a day all these events happened.

So I grabbed my bowl, made it up the stairs and now I'm in my room. I placed the bowl on my study desk and sat on the edge of the bed before falling back fast on the bed.

And with what the director said about having special abilities. I find it hard to believe. Though I'm not certain about that one but if that is true… I want to get stronger. Strong enough to protect my family. If possible strong enough to fight against that monster.

I don't know when it will come back. For all I know it's still stalking me out. And that sense of safety will not return to me, not until I have seen that thing put to ground.

I'm not one to fight but if it means me getting stronger there's no harm—though there is—in going along with it.

With their help tracking down that creature if I am strong enough I will go after it… And I will kill it.