Chapter 2 Is This A Secret Agency Or What? Cont. 12
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"The monster that attacked me is still out there. So I cannot rest until it is no more so please sir—"

Huh? What the hell is he talking about? Before I could stop myself it took a step.


With a lifted hand up the director shuts me. Nonako-kun peaks at me from his posture, he has a confused look on and even though I know I'm not one to have expressions but I can guess the subtle change of expression on my face may look suspicious to him. The look on his face makes me think he feels like he is willing selling his soul to a devil.

"I see…"

He squints his eyes.

"Great! No need to be so formal, ease up. And no need to go on a long speech or whatever. I get it."

He said to Nonako-kun.

"Oh, Okay."

Nonako-kun straightens himself.

"We already had the preparations done, it was obvious the choice you'd make, but I guess we got to finalize them. So would you mind waiting out in the hallway?"


And with that he walked out the door.

"What are you planning?"

I close the distance  to the desk.

"What ever do you mean? I'm just helping out the poor kid so it's we keep that out."

He said so jovially and so innocently.

"Are you kidding me? Why lying to him?"

I slam my hands on the desk.

"You can clearly see he's holding on to something that isn't there anymore!"

"Watch yourself!"

Every trace of his usual self is gone, replaced by one he rarely uses. His eyes. The glint in his eyes one of someone without a care for anything but his own gain, sadistic.

"You know the consequences of acting out of line. You're here only to do what you are told and nothing else!"

He added, sternly.

I straightened my posture regaining my composure—not that I lost it, anyway.

"Right. Sorry for going out of line."

"Besides him holding onto that should fuel his determination, making the process go even faster… You will be personally in charge of the kid. Anything he needs. Lump him in with the news and drill everything you got into their heads. Make sure you help him have full control of his ability. I have use of him, the others as well. The sooner the better."

He pastes a subtle smile on his face returning to his usual cheerful self.

[If only this kid really knew what he's getting himself into.]

"I wonder what's going on in there?"

Currently I'm leaning on the wall beside the door. I haven't been out here for long but it feels like eternity. What preparations are they planning on doing? Are they considering how they are going to inform my family?

So I get to go here and get stronger. I wonder how the arrangement is going to be.

I can't really keep my mind in check. As much as my number one priority is getting stronger, if anything being a lech is also most as much a number priority. And believe me when I say there a lot of pretty faces and variety of front buns around here. Small, average, big, huge. God it's enough to drive anyone crazy. Dad I wish you could see this.

I am still worried about the placement though. How would they settle it with my parents?

Right about the door opens up and Shimura-san exists…

"Shimura-san would get everything settle don't you worry Rinji."

… I hear the director's voice before she closes the door to a click.

I move from the wall and face her. She's more cold than when we arrive.

"Hurry along."

She turns walking back the way we came from...…

She's quiet as ever as the the car drives on, staring out into the road. The air around is still… she may not show it but it's like something is bothering her. I doubt I can get her to talk though, she's a pretty distance person.

"You're staring so intently. Is there something on me which seems to be intriguing?"

Eek… Well I have… been staring at… her fan bags… from time to time. But I did want to ask her what was on her mind.

"Umm… Where are we headed?"

I bailed. It didn't have the guts to pry.

"We're heading for your home."

"My house?"

"You've been wondering quite a while now on how you'll let your family in without letting them know about us and not to worry. I should think that's what went through your mind."

Huh! That's true. There is a reason why there's secret in secret organisation.


"This is rather a cliche way to resolve it but it should suffice."

"What should?"

"Just follow my lead."

After that she went silent throughout the reminder of the ride.

But boy do I like what I'm seeing.


The car stops in front of our house. I lead her to the door and I tap the doorbell to alert anyone who's home at my arrival before ushering her in.

Since it's late afternoon Orino should be back from school, early as usual. Even though we having been talking as of these few days she has been skipping club activities to come home early, out of concern for me. What a sweet sister.

Orino comes to the hallway for a peek. Only to be stunned when she sees Shimura-san.

"Are mom and dad still around?"

I asked walking in, Shimura-san behind me:

"Excuse me"

Mom and dad should be home.

"Yea but… who's she?

It's the same for me when I saw her to. I wonder how—the misinterpretation—dad will give when he sees her.

"Wooaaah. Who's the hot babe?"

And there he is, peeking out the doorway. With the overly exaggerated surprised look on her face… I can't blame him, though. Shimura-san is exceptionally gorgeous. Why aren't you saying or doing anything about him, mom?

"Way to go Rin my boy."

He's reading this wrongly. How much can you get from just seeing two people standing together. It's not as if he caught us hand in hand.

"Don't go getting the wrong idea you old perv."

I didn't mean to sound cold but I walk right by him into the hall.

"What, come on."

He's literally crying. Right at that moment he must have felt mom glare at him from the kitchen and reels it in. She already has dinner started. Mom's not a jealous type as you can probably guess why; she is a total knockout herself, but as a visitor is in she need to keeping him from his usual shenanigans.

[God, with his comment and my follow up she'd think we are a house of pervs]

"Mom… We got to talk."

"What's going on, Rin dear?"

I lead Shimura-san to the table pulling a chair back for her before going to sit. She sits to my side as the others gather to do so, only Orino stands behind mom.

"This is Shimura-san… You know what I'll just let her do whatever she's here to do."

She didn't exactly tell me what she was going to say, so I best leave it to her.

"My name is Vi Shimura and I'm a representative of the ____________. We got a call from your son about wanting to join us. He said he had gotten through a situation recently that he'd like to overcome. He's told us the full situation and we'd like to offer him our assistance."

So professional… Wait! A call, seriously? I though she was going to give some hardcore excuse being what they are, but a meager phone call. How disappointing… She did say it was the lamest excuse that had at hand.

Dad is staring at her attentively like the way a normal father should, but even mom knows what he's thinking. He's totally drooling on her cans in his mind. I can't blame the old perv.

"I am only here as a representative to seek the approval of the parents or guardian."

"Are you sure about this Rin?"

Mom asks.

"Is this okay Rinji?"

Orino follows up. Hey now you guys are supposed to ask obvious question not immediately trust the cliche lines she just said.

"Yea, I guess. You guys were worried and I figured it's best to overcome my fears and attack it head on. I find it difficult sleeping at night. I can do without the nightmare, if I can. So when I made the call the they said the would help me."

I'm think I'm milking it, though. True that I did but I have been also up pondering on whether to take their helping hand.

I see Orino ball her hands. What's going on there?

Shimura-san looks at me from the corner of her eye. She's lucky I caught on to the lame excuse.

"That being the case we wanted to inform you about our policy and with your permission… He gave us in-depth of what he was going through. The progress we make with him will depend on him, though our policy demands we camp him at our facility."

After a moment of looking into each others eyes dad replies.

"We wouldn't mind if that's what he wants but are really okay with this? Away from home."

Think about this yourself old man. I'm pretty sure you've caught on yourself… there's a babe right here coming as a representative of cause I'd go. He must have notice what I was trying to convey.

"…Yea, it won't hurt been away from home for a while."

He folded his arms to his chest and commented with a serious look but I can clearly see that subtle look of victory in his expression even more so in his eyes. Old man you really gets me~~.

"And for that we would like your approval. We would also like for you to come on a tour to see that our facilities can well accommodate your son. And upon your approval we will inform his school about current events so that he can keep in track with his academic work during his absence."

Crap! I still got to do homework? That even reminds me, the three days of absence I took, Orino has been bringing notes of lessons and homework for me. So I was never really missing out on school. She'd been leaving them at my door, because I didn't get out much. As so did mom with the food.