22 – Completed. Just to start all over again
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Completed. Just to start all over again.


I follow Talou as he leads me towards the Captain. I think if I put my all into escaping they won't be able to get me. I absolutely can't beat the Captain in a fight and I think I'll have a rough time with Talou as well. He hasn't shown me any power directly but I can just feel it from him, different from Intuition, something… instinctual. 


Eventually we reach a room, Talou knocks and enters without waiting for an answer. He quickly says, “Here she is.” and leaves. I brace myself and get ready.


“You did good work out there the other day. Here’s your pay.” He hands me a small cloth sack of coins, I quickly put in the bracelet without confirming. “So you're not hiding your bracelet?”


“Isn't it obvious I have Space Magic of some kind? I’ve spent enough time around you guys for it to be pretty apparent. Not to mention you checked my belongings while I was unconscious.”


“Of course but it's enchanted with some kind of protection. We couldn't even use it or Identify it.”


“And what good would hiding the fact I have it do? Like I said it's pretty obvious that I have one. I’d just rather not have randoms going through my stuff when I'm unconscious. So? What's your problem with it? I'm not giving it to you.”


“Well we think something similar has gone missing lately.”

“Oh yeah? Are you questioning everybody in town that has an Item Bracelet? I saw a few people at the Adventurers Guild with one. Why don't you go ask the Guildmaster to round up everyone in the town and interrogate them?”


“You’ve gotten hostile all of a sudden.”


“Why shouldn't I? I just completed a job for you and now you're accusing and interrogating me. Any other questions, Captain?.”


“Haaaa… Fine. Just one. Did you kill the Lord?”


“If I had a chance to kill him it would be slower and more drawn out then he got already. Also I'm assuming you also read my Record while I was unconscious.”


“How do you know how he died?”


“Your raid wasn't exactly stealthy. It’s exactly how this raid was performed. Why do you think I insisted on going inside ahead of you? If me, someone as unwise of how the world works can figure out your strategy, do you really think those 3 big shots and all the small-fry couldn't figure it out? Why do you think I camped out in front of the door?” I give him a harsh look. “Now unless you are going to arrest me, I’m going to leave. Also I was going to extend a helping hand to you guys again if you needed it but you have made it pretty clear how you treat someone like me.” I turn and head for the door.


“If I were you I’d stay in town for a while. You were pretty messed up when we found you.”


“Sure.” I quickly retrace my steps and head for the front door. I have complicated feelings about what was said in the book becoming true so fast. It feels like he knew everything that would happen. Even all of his mistakes about using Stealth are mistakes I’m already doing. I need to go over the book again and make sure to memorize it and even copy a lot of it into my Notes.


Eventually I exit the building and see Talou waiting for me.


“He ask you what he needed too?”




“And how did you take it?”


“I told him to fuck off.” I see one of his eyes twitch. “I also told him that I wont help him again.”


“Well you can't really blame him. It's his job to investigate these things.”


“Like I said to him. If he wants to find what he is looking for so badly he can search everyone in town.” I see his face change. “Exactly. It will piss off everyone. How would you like being accused, interrogated and searched AFTER you just helped out with one of their operations? It's pretty clear that’s how you guys operate.” He kind of seems stunned into silence after my rant. “I do have one serious question for you though.”



“Do you know any people above your abilities that work directly for the Kingdom?”


“A few yeah…”


“How are they treated?” Silence… “Haaaa… Figures… See you around guys. Also, sorry for coming at you when you found me and thanks for the help after the operation. Bye Hank!”


“Bye Yui!!” I like Hank.


Haaa. I was really hoping to have a friendly goodbye with them. I shake my head to get rid of those feelings and focus on something I have been putting off.


<Clean the city of Scum!! QUEST COMPLETE! Optional Objective COMPLETE! Congratulations! Rewards granted!>

It seems the rest of criminals in town were either rounded up or fled the town entirely.

<Sense Crime Acquired>

<Sense Evil Acquired>


I take a quick look at my Status.


<Yui     15


  Level 9

  S - 13+5

  D - 27

  E - 13

  M - 22+5


  Swordsmanship Lvl 2

  Dagger Combat Lvl 2

  Physical Strength Lvl 1

  Assassinate Lvl 5

  Stealth Lvl 10

  Presence Detection Lvl 4

  Sense Crime Lvl 1

  Sense Evil Lvl 1

  Water Magic Lvl 2

  Alchemy Lvl 2

  Analyze Lvl 1

  Lock Picking Lvl 7


  Universal Translation Index


  Beast Aspect (Wings - Flight, Ears - Enhanced Perception, Tail - Magic Power)





  Point List>


Hmmm. I thought that since Sense Crime and Sense Evil integrated into other Skills it would be a Rare Skill but it seems I need to level it up for it to be more useful. I think I'll max Presence Detection first, the range is fine now but I need to be able to sense people who have a lot of levels in Stealth. I'm glad I now have 5 Points again. No more spending. Shit. I'm getting stuck in my head again. I focus and head towards the Inn.


It seems my room was taken while I was away so they gave me a different one. I pay for 2 nights of stay and head back out. It feels… odd walking around with my Stealth off. People keep looking at me and move out of my way. It's going to take some getting used too. I make my way to the Guild but ignore the reception and go straight to the reference room.


“Old man.”


“Hello there Young Lady. I thought you forgot about me since you didn't turn up a few days ago.”


“Sorry. Was unconscious.”


“Oh. I hope you're ok.”


“Nn. Rested.” I look at him with serious eyes. “Can I show you something? It's not a serious secret but I’d rather not show this to everyone.”

“Are you sure Young Lady? You barely know me.”


“I don't have anyone else to ask.”


“Hmmm. Ok then. I can keep it a secret from everyone but a few people.”


“Good enough.” I handed him the book I received. "I got this from a bad guy and confirmed the contents already. I just wanted them confirmed. I’ll study here while you read.” The old man nods so I Analyze all of the books and pick out a few I need. Although I find a few extra things along the way I put them aside and focus my mind on study.


Eventually the old man stands up and sits at the table across from me. 


“You said you confirmed the contents but you didn't mean him did you?” “No.”


“You don't have an Evil job right.” “No.”


“Can you?” “Yes.”


“Listen, I don't have any right to tell you which path to take. No one does. It's a choice that you have to make by yourself. Once you decide what path you want to take you have to fight to stay on that path. This man, the man from the book, didn't fight very hard. He was handed power and didn't know how to handle that power. I can tell that the other half of this book is enchanted to you so I assume he gave you a message or advice of some kind. Use it. Use all you can. I can keep the Guildmaster here off your back for everything that happened this past week since it wasn't anything serious but I'd take some time out of any kind of town, use that time to master everything he told you and figure out everything he didn't. While everything he describes in there is true, he also didn't go about a lot of things the right way. I’ll only help you this once so when you come back make sure you are the person you want to be. Make sure you have chosen a path. For now at least.”


“Nn.” My head is hurting again. Grrr… He is right. My head is too full of everything. I need to take some time out and figure things out. I was feeling better before the operation but I see now that everything was happening where I couldn't see it. The old man hands me the book and I quickly put it away. “Thanks Old Man.”


“Sure. I know it's not easy. Whatever path you choose, I hope you find happiness.” He puts his hand on my head and shakes it around. Nn. It feels odd. Odd but soothing. “Now get going kiddo. You gotta get ready for your trip.”


I leave the room with tears in my eyes. I can never figure out why these stupid tears come out but it mostly happens when my insides feel all twisted up. I unconsciously activated my Stealth and figured that since I'm leaving anyway I'll just stay in Stealth until I leave.