Chapter 13
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Adam's skin shone under the moonlight, and his hair had never been this soft before. His nails looked nice and glistening, and his scales on his tail were free of any and all impurities. Which had taken Beth the better part of an hour.  

"You are a doll, Adam," gushed Beth, and she took out her image saver and pointed it at Adam. With a click of her finger, a photo was produced, and she handed it to Adam.

"Is" Adam looked at the photo. His hair was wild and loose around him; the azure strands were done in a lazy braid.

"Well, now that you are prince charming, let us go get you your necromancer," Beth marched out of the pool cavern and Adam slithered right after her. They made it out, where Constantine was smoking a pipe by the mint patch. When he saw Adam, his pipe dropped from his mouth.

"Well, I will be leaving," Beth patted her pouch to make sure she had not forgotten anything, and waved them both goodbye. "Don't forget to use protection."

Beth ran off when Constantine sputtered and Adam blushed. The two friends stood under the moonlight, one feeling awkward and the other drinking in the sight before him.

"How do I look?" Asked Adam, Constantine gulped.

"All grown up," the words were like stones in Constantine's mouth. At what age was it that teens were hit with hormones the hardest? Constantine didn't even remember his teenage years.

"Do you want to go for a soak in the pool?" Suggested Adam. Constantine gulped again.

"I am tired, Adam. I need to get home," Constantine left in a hurry, stumbling over his own feet. Adam looked down to where the blonde's pipe was. Curious, Adam picked it up and took in the smoke. He felt a burning in his chest and placed the pipe back where he had found it. No, this was something he was not going to partake in.

He went back inside the cave, not seeing the elf who was looking at him from the bushes in concentration. The brown-haired man had never seen such a being before.

The half-snake was like an art piece. Surely, if there was one person who should paint the beauty, it was he, Jasper, the world-renowned painter!

Jasper the elf looked at the cottage, to which the necromancer had run to, and noted that the door was shut. With a smile, Jasper went inside the cave and navigated his way around the dungeon.  He found the beauty sleeping in a pool that had steam rising from it.

Quickly, Jasper took out his painting supplies from his bottomless pouch and set out to work.

Morning came and Adam poked his head out of the water. Only to see an elf behind a canvas.

"What has my dungeon become? Community meeting grounds?" Snapped Adam and the elf looked at him.

"Oh, I am sorry. But could you please get back in the water and lay just like you did not have a moment ago? Oh, and close your eyes," Adam sighed.

"If I do, will you leave?" Honestly, Adam should get Constantine to get the barrier back up.

"Oh, yes. Worry not, beauty, Jasper has no intention of abusing your hospitality," Adam shrugged and got back under the water. He heard shouts about him having to move a little to the left, and he did so. 

An hour passed and Jasper finally called for Adam.

"Come and see the complete product," Adam got out of the pool and moved, so he was close to the canvas, but not too close. He saw himself in the pool with his clothes neatly folded on the edge. His hair was wildly floating up, and he saw that a strand of his raven looks was twined around his left arm.

"It is great. But now I would ask you to..." Hands clasped Adam's own and the elf got close to his face.

"Paint you again? This time with your lovely clothes? Why, you needn't even ask!" Adam blinked. Ok, did the elf have a screw loose?

"No, you need to..." A finger was pressed to Adam's lips, and the elf tutted.

"Paint you expertly. Why, you insult me, beauty. I always paint expertly. But I agree. For you, I would need to use magic," Adam was curious now. How different was a magical painting from the one he had just seen?

"What is the difference?" Adam voiced his question and the elf tilted his head to the side.

"You will see, when you get dressed," Adam sighed and went to dry. The elf dried Adam's hair with wind magic, combed it until it shone, and then did a bun that was tied with a white ribbon and an azure-black braid to the side.

Adam still felt the effect of his skin and hair potions, as they would last him the week, so his skin was pale and his cheeks rosy. He was made to pose by the pool, standing up, with one of his hands so close to his face that a stray finger was touching his rosy lips.

"Now, stay still," the elf spoke in some gibberish, or, at least, that was what the words sounded like to Adam's ears, and then went back to the canvas.

Then, much to Adam's amazement, the elf began to paint lightning fast. It was all that Adam could do to keep his smile on and not to let his eyes become wide. 

Jasper was ready in five minutes. He smiled and beckoned Adam closer. Adam looked at the painting, not believing that this confident Naga was really him.

"Can I keep it?" He wanted to show this to Constantine. Jasper sighed.

“Anything but that, I beg you. I can use magic for paintings only once per month. You are a worthy muse, so I don't regret the sacrifice, but if you take this painting, I will not be able to eat this month,” Adam nodded. He didn't want Jasper to suffer.

"But, can we show it to someone before you leave?" Jasper smiled excitedly.

"Why, most certainly. Is it for that obvious necromancer? Let me make a photo for his wet dreams," Jasper said with a snicker, and he took out an image recorder. He snapped the button and gave the photo to Adam.  "Now, I bid you good day, beauty."

"My name is Adam. I am the dungeon core of this dungeon and..." Jasper tutted and Adam grew silent.

"My paintings thrive on a story. I will tell a half-truth. That you are a forest spirit that I chanced on in a cave one moonlit night. Who sung about a love unrequired and was kind enough to help an artist find his inspiration," Jasper took both paintings and placed them in protective cases. Then, he stuffed the cases in his bottomless pouch and put on his teleportation ring. He disappeared just as hurried steps echoed in the dungeon.