Chapter 19
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Adam was wondering if he fed Onyx certain potions, she would get bigger or stronger. In his beginner, potion's book, there was a certain potion that exhilarated skin regrowing. But Onyx had scales, not skin. So, that was useless.

There was also the limb regrowing potion he could try. In the book, it was said that it was used for things as big as a leg, but it took months of applying it on the cut-off place.

Then there were the bones' growth potion that could make bones harder. If people tried to step on Onyx's head and then found they couldn't crack her skull, it would be too late for them. Because Onyx would have bitten them and slithered to safety. 

Yes, that one was perfect. Andrew read the instructions carefully and wrote down the steps on his blackboard. Constantine had given it to him when Adam had nearly spilled a vial with slime on the potion's book.

Then, Adam stashed the book on the bookshelf and began doing the potion. First, he set the water to a slow boil and added the shed scales of Onyx. The potion had to be prepared with something that was a part of the person who was getting the potion, or it would cause tears in the subject's intestines.

He stirred counterclockwise until the mana of the scales turned the water a black color, and then began to slowly stir clockwise while adding some salt inside.

He did this for half an hour. Of which he had added the salt only for no more than two seconds. After the time was up, Adam left the potion to boil and went to the ingredient table. He needed a Cyclops's eyeball, crushed into mush, so he went to his smaller fire and placed the eyeball in another, smaller, cauldron and left it to boil.

While he waited, he grinds the turmeric and went and placed it in the black potion, stirring counterclockwise all the while. When the small of cooked meat came from the smaller cauldron, Adam went and took it off the fire and squashed the eyeball into mush and then dumped it in the potion, too.

This potion was an A class one, mostly because of the eyeball. It wasn't every day that one could kill a Cyclops, after all. But Constantine had an extensive stock of ingredients, and he had given half of everything he had in stock to Adam. 

Finally, Adam added the milk and let it boil inside the now gray potion. The potion smelt of soup, and Adam was sure Onyx would lap it all up. When the potion was ready, Adam took out the snake skin and placed it in the rubbish bin. He filled a small plate with as much of the potion as he could and called Onyx.

Checking the potion, he found he had enough to feed Onyx with it for an entire month, the snake surely not taking much. When Onyx slithered to the plate, she poked out her forked tongue and tasted it. Then, she bent down and began to lap at it.

Adam smiled and began filling the potion in vials. When he turned around, the potion was gone and the plate had been licked clean. Onyx was giving off a gray aura, and Adam went to touch her head. He applied a bit of pressure on her skull and found that it was indeed harder. 

"Ok, Onyx, you may go hunt a rat or something," Adam dismissed the snake, and she slithered away. Stashing away the vials in a chest, Adam wrote in the name tag of it the name of the potion, just so that no one would drink it by accident, and went to sleep in the pool.

The next morning, there was something giant in the pool with him. Adam opened his eyes and saw black scales. He touched them, and a head poked to nudge him on the stomach. Adam blinked and tried to swim up, but found that Onyx had wrapped herself around him.

Adam pushed at the snake and, after a pleading look, was allowed to get out of the water. When he did so, he was in for a surprise. Onyx was massive now. Only a bit of her and her head were in the pool, while the rest spanned around the pool cavern and even went out of it.

"Well, girl, I think I didn't do something right," said Adam as he rubbed his head. He wondered what would happen if he fed Onyx the rest of the potions. Would she become so gigantic that he would need to ask her to go outside and camp with Aurora?

Why wait for then? It was pleasantly warm outside. Adam patted Onyx's tail, and it moved under his hand. Adam could feel the hard scales, the strong muscles, and wondered if, in a fight, Onyx wouldn't be able to go toe to toe with Aurora now.

"Onyx, from now on, you will be living outside. With Aurora," Onyx poked her head from the water and nodded. On a whim, Adam put all his mana points into the snake. He pressed the evolve tab and waited.

Onyx didn't change in size, but her eyes began to shine. Adam felt his muscles stiffen, and he fell on the ground, right on Onyx's bulk.

"Onyx, please stop that," Onyx bobbed her head up and down, as if laughing, and her eyes stopped glowing.

So, now Adam had a giant snake that could paralyze people. He wondered what type of evolution he could have her undergo next time. Chameleon skin? Fangs that could regrow in seconds? The possibilities were endless.

But, he couldn't ignore the rest of his mobs, well, apart from Samuel. It was simply cruel to feed him potions, seeing as Adam hadn't created him.

"Ok, girl, you may go out now," Onyx barely fit through the entrance and the tunnels, so big was she. Her head alone was half as wide as the entrance of the pool cavern.

Adam stood up and went to get a fresh change of clothes. Agatha had made him the same outfit, but she had made him seven articles of it. Adam washed his clothes in the pool and went to his new wardrobe and pulled out a new robe.

 After tying the golden silk belt in a bow, he made himself a bun at the top of his head and let his hair flow freely around his shoulders. He had used the same white ribbon that Jasper had given him when he painted him.  With that, he was ready to go and make breakfast.