Chapter 26
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Aeliel had shown Adam some basic fighting moves that were natural for a Naga, and now Adam was practicing. Tail swipes and drops and lifts that were supposed to be lightning fast.

They weren't when Adam did them. He felt slow and clumsy, compared to Aeliel, who can shoot up from a lying position in a second. But Adam was nothing if not stubborn.

To help him build up his tail muscles, Aeliel had set him up with swinging on trees upside down by his tail. Adam enjoyed the time outside, always under the watchful gaze of one of his companions.

He lifted himself by his tail for the hundredth time and felt the fatigue come over him. Deciding there was no harm in catching a break, he went down to the base of the tree. He propped himself next to the trunk and let his eyes close.

Soon after, Adam felt arms hovering over his skin. Cracking one eye open, he saw that Nathaniel was eyeing Adam's tail ring in distaste.

"Hey," greeted Adam. It had been Samuel looking after him, not too long ago. "Where is Samuel?"

"I send him to exercise," Nathaniel looked pleadingly at Adam who nodded slowly and the warrior's arms wrapped themselves around the Naga. "Have I told you today I dreamt of you?"

Adam shook his head. He had seen Nathaniel briefly at breakfast and then not at all.

"Was the dream a good one?" Nathaniel pulled Adam closer, and Adam indulged him by wrapping his tail around the axe warrior's waist.

"You were making all kinds of thinking plants and naming them with silly names. Like Weedster, for the dragon cluster I brought you,"  Adam cracked a grin. That didn't sound like a half-bad dream.

"Maybe I want to do it, too," Adam felt lips press on his nape and he sighed. "Nathaniel."

Arms were tugging at Adam's clothes, and Adam had half a mind to activate the tail ring.

"I want my first time to include Tine," protested Adam, and he tugged himself free of the hold the other had on him. "And on blankets."

"It is just that, seeing you in the forest, surrounded by the greenery, you look like a dream, Adam," Nathaniel reached out and took a hold of Adam's arm. "I'll be gentle."

"Really, warrior, trying to do this without us?" Adam turned to see Constantine and Samuel come over. Both looking amused. It had been Constantine who spoke, and Adam saw that his lips were curled in a half-grimace.

"Must I wait for longer?" Whined Nathaniel, hand gripping Adam's arm. "It has been a month since he took as lovers, and we still haven't taken him to bed."

"Patience," spoke Samuel, as if to a child. Nathaniel glared at him and stood up.

"Well, mine ran out," Nathaniel made to kiss Adam's hand, but Adam pulled his hand away.

"If you give me another ultimatum, you might just leave now," Adam was not having any of this shit again. He knew Nathaniel was smitten. More so than Adam. There was no reason why Adam had to put up with his tantrums.

"Adam, my patience ran out too," Adam turned to Constantine, who was smirking at him. Samuel huffed, clearly not wanting to play this game with the other two and, for that, Adam was grateful.

Adam got a stormy look on his face. Sure, the thought of sex used to excite him, back when it had been just him and Constantine, but the thought of a mating ball with three people didn't sit well with Adam.

"I am not ready. If I am not prepared, I might die. Like all those black mambas," Adam reminded them, and the two eager males wilted. Adam slithered pass Constantine, who called after him, but Adam didn't turn back.

The three were left in the clearing, staring at the retreating back of Adam. Nathaniel ran his hand through his hair.

"Please tell me he is not asexual," begged the warrior. Because, if companionship was the only thing Adam was offering, then Nathaniel would take it, but he wouldn't be happy about it.

"He used to offer himself on a platter all the time, before," Constantine was thoughtful. Was it because Adam wanted just him and wanted to keep the other two as friends? Snakes mated with more than one person. So, what was the problem?

"What is your secret? Why is he so head over heels for you?" Samuel was regarding the blonde from head to toe. He was handsome in the traditional fashion, but, nothing too otherworldly.

"It is twisted, but I did take care of him and provided for him. Adam has a draconian side to him. And dragons appreciate mates that provide for them," the two other men nodded. So, what they needed to do was to show Adam that they cared.

"I call dips on making breakfast," Samuel stated, and he turned and walked back in the direction of the cave.

"I will provide him with materials for his projects," Nathaniel got up. Adam had said something about running out of iron ore. Nathaniel could get him tones of the stuff by nightfall. He just needed to write his contacts.

"And I will keep treating him the same as I always have," Constantine didn't like the fact that the two men were going to be trying to be buttering up Adam. He just hoped that, after Adam gave himself over to them, they didn't revert to being demanding and not taking Adam's nature in mind.

Back in the dungeon, Adam was making dinner. As he cut up the vegetables, he wondered if, now that he had quite a bit of the forest, he couldn't grow his own vegetables. He vowed to ask Constantine for seeds and to set the stone golem up to uprooting some trees to make the gardens.

He would need fences, more pipes and glass domes, so he could grow the vegetables even in winter. Adam entertained the thought of getting livestock, too. But he dismissed it. Livestock required to be fed and cleaning and butchering. He didn't want to kill, so that was out.

Adam worked, unaware of the new plan that his lovers had cooked up, lost in the dream of adding vegetables and fruit trees and bushes to the ever-growing repertoire of the Herbal Dungeon.