Chapter 29
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The first adventuring party came a week later. Both Constantine and Adam were in the tunnels of the dungeon, with Samuel leaning against the door. This was to be their boss room, although, Constantine was not convinced that Nathaniel would let anyone reach it.

When they got out of the room, the two dungeon cores saw they had an additional fifty mana in their pools and were four hundred points away from leveling up.

The upper floors of the dungeon were a mess. There were uprooted plants everywhere. The dragon cluster was all torn up and the wall in the pool cavern was singed. There was also a corpse floating in the pool, the water colored crimson around it.

Nathaniel was covered in gore and a bit shaken. Upon seeing him, Adam slithered to him and wrapped his arms around him.

"They were just kids," whispered the warrior. "Just some newbies who brought in a cursed hound."

Adam hugged him tighter. When Nathaniel kissed him and began tugging at the Naga's clothes, Adam sighed and let it happen. Nathaniel had killed humans for him, and a hound that probably could have torn the Naga a new one. He deserved some closure.

After the act, when Adam's eyes opened slowly, and he looked at the naked men around him who were still sleeping, the Naga thanked Agatha mentally for teaching him how to clear his mind. He had almost not made it. But Constantine, who had a hand over Adam's heart, had stopped the other two and had talked Adam out of his lust filled state of mind.

Adam sighed and got out of the arms that were still gripping at him. He slithered to the pool and got the corpse out. The water was going to clear, in a couple of days. He would just need to go and share Aeliel's pond, in the meantime.

The next adventuring party had been much better prepared. It had been a band of orcs, and they had stormed inside, not paying any mind to the plants. They had been stopped at the entrance of the pool cavern, as Constantine had placed a barrier around it.

The orcs, unlike the adventurers, couldn't break through barriers. They didn't see the skeletons fast enough. The undead Naga opening impossibly large jaws and biting chunks off the orcs off. Constantine decided that, after seeing Nathaniel so shaken, he could handle the protection of the dungeon, as he always had.

The third party had a holy priest with them, courtesy of scouts spying on the Dungeon of Herbs and finally figuring out that the main defenders were the skeletons of the dead Naga and Dragons.

The priest had even gotten past the barrier and into the pool cavern. Adam had been sleeping inside the now cleared hot pool and, when the priest bent down to test the water, Adam's tail had whipped up out of instinct and had pulled the priest under.

By the time Adam woke and found he had drowned a man, the rest of the party had been dealt with by Nathaniel. That night, everyone had been silent as Adam stared at his tail in mute horror.

He couldn't get it out of his head that the drowned person could have been any of his three lovers. They were long-lived, yes, but not immortal. 

The next party came not to attack, but to offer a nonaggression pact. The king of Velvetia had gotten wind of the fact that his son was in danger, and had nipped the glory hungry adventurers in the bud.

The king and Prince Charles, Samuel's brother, came personally to the dungeon. Barriers were erected around the dungeon. The promise that the Herbal Dungeon would never expand further than Waldstadt was extorted out of Adam and Constantine, and a contract was made for the sale of the herbs and fungi that grew inside. In exchange for a fair price.

And, just like that, the four were left alone. Months later, when Onyx's eggs hatched, Adam noted that the snakes were just as big as how Onyx had been, originally. There were hundreds of them. All scattered around the forest. Promising to grow larger with time. 

The Herbal Dungeon got famous for the production of black mamba distilled potions that were good cancer cures.

Adam's sixteenth birthday came and went, and the dungeon leveled up for the last time, for the king didn't allow for any more level ups. Finally, Adam could go and visit Waldstadt.

The people there seemed unnerved for the Naga in their midst, Aeliel having come with them, so he could see a human town without the fear of being hunted.

But they didn't make any remarks about the group. Nathaniel was adamant that they needed to go and visit the flower shop, and, when Adam entered it, he gasped.

"Look, everyone, they have Calathea! They are the hardest plant to grow indoor," Adam stared at the painted like leaves with wonder. The florist came and picked up the pot.

"You are the Naga dungeon core, correct? May we make an exchange? This Calathea for some of your dragon cluster?" Adam nodded excitedly. Sure, it would be a challenge to grow the Calathea, but he was looking forward to it.

The florist handed him the pot, and Adam got a simple delivery ring from her as well.

"I will send it to you right away," Adam said, and the five teleported back to the dungeon.

"What are we going to do now?" Nathaniel did not miss having to kill humans, but, now that the dungeon and its surroundings were locked up tight, he really had no idea what he would do.

"Grow plants, evolve insects, be with each other," suggested Adam. It would be enough for him. But, would it be enough for the others?

"Well, that means my adventuring days are over. To think, I will be settling down after only seven years of adventuring," Nathaniel wrapped an arm around Adam, and they all went into the dungeon. And they lived undisturbed from then on.

The end.   

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