Email 7: Laura to Anne
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From: Laura Vance <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, Mar 3, 20-- at 5:21 PM
Subject: Re: More changes
To: Anne Greenview <[email protected]>

It's the way you're casually talking about getting rid of most of your clothes and giving all your money and other possessions to the hospital commune or whatever it is. The Anne Hartz I know used to poke fun at hippie communes and monasteries and convents and everything of the kind. Don't you remember? And this "Anne Greenview" stuff is really scary. I don't understand. I really am coming up there as soon as I tell my boss I'm taking the vacation time I already had approved before the wedding.

I tried calling the hospital main number and asking for you, like you said, but I got some vague person who said they'd go look for you, then put me on hold for twenty minutes and finally hung up on me. As intermittently as you seem to be checking email, I'll probably be on my way by the time you read this.