Email 12: Laura to Anne
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From: Laura Vance <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, Mar 20, 20-- at 8:19 PM
Subject: Re: Honeymoon!!!
To: Anne Greenview <[email protected]>

We told our families and co-workers about what happened once we got home -- not in as much detail as I told you, of course, except to my mom -- and our doctor, of course; more about that in a minute. I just checked my voicemail and found calls from the _Athens Banner-Herald_, the _Flagpole_, and the _Atlanta Journal-Constitution_ all wanting to interview us. How exactly they heard, especially the Atlanta paper, I'm not sure; but rumors are all over town, and everybody who can get vacation time is heading to the Everglades. I hope the sudden influx of camping tourists won't cause ecological damage. Probably there are other swamps that are good for triggering our weird reproductive cycle, maybe closer to home; the Okefenokee, probably, if not now then in a month or two. And surely we'll have some weather of the right kind here in Athens later in the summer.

No fruits or nuts, I'm afraid. You'll have to settle for a couple of tiny plant-people embryos in a couple of tiny uteruses!

Yep, the ultrasound today showed we're girls inside where it counts, which we weren't a few weeks ago. The flower petals fell off Wednesday, leaving the same sexless-looking pseudo-vaginas, but we saved them and genetic tests show they're human tissue, or as human as anybody is these days.

I don't actually have scientific proof that we're pregnant. The more invasive tests the doctors wanted to do, besides the ultrasounds that showed an undersized but roughly human-looking womb in each of us, seemed likely to endanger the babies, if they're in there, which I feel sure they are. I'm going to name mine Anne.

This is the first of four (so far) stories set in this universe, two novelettes and two short novels. I'll be posting the others here over the next few weeks. They all feature different characters, though, so if you want to skip some and only read others, that's fine. I'm numbering them only because the second and fourth have some spoilers for this one.

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