Theoretical Bullshit Arc: Chapter 2
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Chapter 2: A Little Conflict 

Soon, both of them arrived at one corner of a road where a small crowd was gathering. Shouting and angry sounds came from there. 

"What did the idiot get himself into now!" frustratingly Nevan scratched his head and pushed through the crowd to enter. Chronos being intrigued also entered. What Chronos saw left him shocked. 

There were three guys in the middle who seemed to have entered a conflict. It wasn't three who were arguing, the third person was trying to diffuse the situation. And oddly enough, two people weren't arguing either. It's just one person shouting at the top of his lungs at the other person who only remained calm and the other person's words seemed to not affect him whatsoever. 

But this wasn't the reason Chronos was shocked. It was because of that third person. 

White. Too white. This was Chronos' thoughts after seeing this person. It was a boy of similar age to him, but he was very unusual, from bottom to top he was entirely white. White hair, white eyebrows, white lashes, white pupils, white robe, white shirt and pants and even white shoes. Only his skin was of normal human's color. All of this made this person an oddity and also supremely handsome. His entire countenance did not give the impression of too much addition of color. Instead it was calming and relaxing. He could be considered beautiful and pleasing to the eye. 

"Wow, this is the first time I am seeing someone one tenth as good-looking as me." Chronos said out loud, as if he was greatly amazed. And even in his amazement his narcissism did not forget to kick in. 

Nevan looked at Chronos like he had gone insane. Who are you kidding? That white boy was obviously more good-looking. This Chronos guy is too full of himself. 

"I am the son of the great Beron. I can kill you thousands of time over, apologize to me, fucker." shouted the guy whose face was distorted in anger. If arrogance had a human representative then this guy would fit the role perfectly. 

"I have said it before, it was not my fault." said the other guy. He had a very calm face and the voice was as cool as ever. His tone somehow seemed to indicate that this whole farce had nothing to do with him and he was just a bystander. And both Nevan and Chronos had the same thought, 'this guy is annoying as fuck"

It was probably that voice of his. He seemed distant and calm, and seemed to be above worldly matters. Such a personality seemed naturally above everyone else, which only provoked the pride of others. Of course, that guy was completely oblivious to this and used the same calm and cool tone as ever. 

"Hear me out, let's just calm down and apologize to each other." and this was the white boy's voice. His voice was soothing and alao panicked. Clearly he wasn't an experienced arbitrar. 

"This dumb guy." Nevan facepalmed. Why did he have to get involved in this farce? It was his fault. Always trying to help other people. A good person, he was. 

"Hey Nevan, what happened?" reluctantly Nevan could only go forward and ask the white boy. 

The white boy replied,"Oh, Nevan, you are finally here." The white boy who was addressed as Nevan walked up to the black boy Nevan and whispered all the details. 

Meanwhile Chronos was amazed. Why are these two, one complete balck guy and one complete white boy addressing each other as Nevan? And after he looked closely enough, he realized they looked exactly the same. Just like twins, but with different hair colors and attires. And so Chronos guessed that this must be a twin thingy or something. 

Looking at the two people, one shouting and one calmly replying, Chronos decided to diffuse the situation. It was entirely on a whim. There was no reason behind his decision, he just felt like doing a good deed. 

"Hey there, people. We don't need to be violent and need not kill each other. I will help you. I am Chronos, I don't mean to brag but I happen to be the best negotiator in the world. Can you tell me what happened?" Chronos walked up to them and asked straightforwardly. 

Every single person was dumbfounded. They had seen a busy body and narcissist, but this one, it was on its own level. 

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" that arrogant boy asked. 

"Actually I don't think so, I actually 'am' the best negotiator." Chronos' reply only infuriated the other party. 

White Nevan butted in and said to Chronos, "Actually they just bumped their shoulders and Heron got his 'pricey' shirt ruined by a drink he was holding because of the collision." White Nevan put emphasis on pricey for some reason. 

"That's it?" Chronos said, "You wanted to kill him for only this?" 

"What do you mean that's it? Do you know how much money this costs! This is exclusively made, only 7 thousand pieces in the entire world. It costs more than 7 thousand lores." shouted the arrogant boy. 

"Calm down dude. This isn't a shouting competition." Chronos chided him, his expression was total lackadaisical. 

"And brother, do you not want to pay him?" He asked the calm guy. 

"It wasn't my fault. He was the one who wasn't paying attention to the road and bumped into me." his voice, as cool as ever. 

Chronos' brows crunched, he thought inwardly, "This guy! I am trying to help this guy and he seems chill" 

Still, as a self-proclaimed greatest negotiator, he forced a smile, "Still this looks to be the fault of both of you. You weren't paying attention and you could avoid him if you wanted."

"Who said I wasn't paying attention!" 

"Who said I could have avoided him." 

The arrogant boy shouted while the calm boy added peacefully simultaneously. 

"See, you guys clearly agree. Since that is the case, how about you guys shake hands, apologize and you the calm dude pay this shouting dude 3 thousand lores and I pay him 2 thousand lores and the audience enjoying the free show pays 2 thousand lores."

Instantly, the audience vanished. White Nevan was amazed, Black Nevan was dumbfounded and the arrogant guy and the calm guy was speechless. 

This was arbitration? Even the worst arbitrar would have done much better than him. He was just spitting out a bunch of bullshit. And why was he involving outsiders? 

"Tsk. the audience is gone. Oh! There's two audiences left. Hey you twins, pay 2 thousand and we let this arrogant dude buy a shirt." 

Two Nevan looked at each other and then looked at Chronos and said together, "Do you want us to vanish too?" 

"Tsk, good-looking poor bitches" commented Chronos under his breath which clearly was heard by both of them. Black Nevan got riled up, "The fuck you said, fucker" and rushed at Chronos, but white Nevan stopped him, "Stop Nevan, violence isn't good." 

"Hey don't insult me! Do you think I can't afford to pay for another shirt?" the arrogant guy somewhat calmed down by the fiasco of the two newcomers. 

"You can?" said three voices, black and white Nevan and Chronos. Clearly they were surprised. If he could buy another shirt why was he making such a ruckus of threatening someone's life. 

"I don't care about money. I want him to apologize to him" still he did not back down from his stance. 

"It was not my fault. You are clearly at fault from the beginning. And I have no obligation to pay you any money. Besides, I don't have any money.'' The calm boy was still as calm as ever, he only seemed to state facts and truths, his voice held no emotion whatsoever, perhaps this was the main reason. It wasn't because of the shirt or anything, this guy's above the world tone seemed to be a natural ingredient to piss people off. 

"You, goddamn bastard! I am gonna teach you a lesson you won't forget!" saying so, the arrogant guy decided that it was enough talking and time for some action. A red glow spread around his body, ready to initiate an attack. 

The black boy moved back, a cube appearing in his hand. He also seemed ready to retaliate. 

Chronos was astonished before he suddenly came between them and spread his two hands towards each of them. Two huge flesh appendages appeared from within his hands blocking the two. 

"Don't fight." 

"Get out of the way, insect, otherwise I will beat you down too." 

"Hey I am trying to help you."

"Don't stick your tongue in other people's matters." 

Saying so, the arrogant boy rushed straight to Chronos in an attempt to attack him. The calm guy did not do anything, on his hand a black cube floated silently. 

Meanwhile as black Nevan saw the situation escalate, grabbed white Nevan by the collar and escaped from the range. 

As the arrogant boy was going to punch one of the appendages of Chronos, a voice rang. "Gentlemen, please calm down. We don't fight here in this city. If you have any conflicts, please report to the court." 

This voice did not hold any emotion, it sounded like a robot's voice. But with the appearance of this voice the three froze in their places unable to move. Only 10 seconds later, they felt their body loosen up. 

That was dangerous, all three thought of this. Then without another word the two, arrogant and calm boys left the place. 

Chronos stood there, shaken from the earlier event. He didn't know there was such a mechanism in the city. It could forcibly stop any human. And it could actually stop him. He was strong. He knew how strong he was. To actually render him incapable of moving, it was too powerful!

"Great job, Mr. Best negotiator in the world." A teasing voice reached him. It was black Nevan. "You just escalated the situation" 

"Hmph, you just can't appreciate my greatness. Your white brother was clearly incapable. You see, as long as I came, it only took a minute before the whole road was deserted without any conflict or humans. I see this as a great success." 

"What are you? Traffic Police?" Black Nevan couldn't help shouting at him. 

"Hmph, you are just jealous of my good looks and great talent, I shall take my leave." saying so Chronos did not stay there any further and scurried away. 

"Hey, come back here, I am not finished with you yet." black Nevan's words only fell on deaf ears. He wanted to chase after Chronos but white Nevan stopped him. 

"That's enough. We have seen enough scenes. Let's get going. We will make ourselves familiar with the area and then register ourselves in a academy." This voice wasn't from white Nevan but was from inside of both the white and black Nevan. And that voice could only be heard by two of them. 

"Yeah, we should not waste time on strangers, Nevan." said white Nevan in support of that voice. 

"Fine then, let's go." With that said, black Nevan and white Nevan set off. This time they had a more specific goal to their sightseeing. 

March 29, year 2011, Calendar of Holowis, 2 years prior to the Great Shift era. This day would later be known as the day legends had met for the first time.