7. My Future
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Morning, Isaac woke up on the soft bed. He yawned, got up from where he lay, then fixed up the bed perfectly. Isaac opened the window, and the sun had yet to rise. This was normal.

He walked out of his room then out of the house, where he began his early morning maneuvers. Usually, it was only him doing this so early, but as he was punching and kicking, a couple of people passed him by.

"Good morning, newcomer. Had a good night's sleep, I hope." It was Zac who said that.

Isaac was just about to say hello as well when a gust of wind suddenly passed them. Deric's laughter echoed, "Hah! Too slow, human! Good morning, Newcomer!" he zoomed down the spacious road of the town.

"Ah, dammit, I'm going to lose the bet if this goes on. See you later, Newcomer." Zac then tapped the heels of his boots, and a purple light appeared. A gale of purple wind exploded as he zoomed after Deric.

'Those two are always so energetic… and Deric's kind of eccentric for a High-Elf. Even his name is not fitting for a High Elf.' He thought to himself before finishing his morning exercises. He didn't need to do his weapon maneuvers right now.

The people of this world were all experts beyond common understandings. They were the ones who triumphed over the hardships and broke the shackles of their worlds; of course, they were no slacker.

Each of them had their own thing; some ran like normal, while others dragged a giant construct made of pure black steel known for its weight. Everyone who comes here may not pursue Adventure and greatness, but those who do would only seek the chance to become better.

"Good morning kid, I see you're one of the hardworking types of people." Dragil, who just woke up, said as he yawned, "So, what do you think of the [Seekers] of this world? Seeing so many people work out so hard so early in the morning must be a surprise."

"Well, yes, back in my world, I'm known as a fool or even a freak because of doing just that, but it seems like it's the norm in this world."

"Pushing one's body's not the only attribute of the Hero found in legends. No, the ones who truly work hard are those who know hardship. Do not stagnate. Seek out the top, destroy anything that gets in the way. That's the logic of those searching for the "Crown." The monsters here are beyond your imagination; those that can manipulate the very nature are normal, so those who seek out Adventure need to be in tip-top shape to have hope of surviving." Dragil explained as he cracked his fingers, and he too began practicing in martial arts.

Dragil's movement was slow, but it was intense. It took him minutes to finish a single punch and even longer to do a kick. But despite that, Dragil's body showed signs of radiating a dark red mist, and his surrounding almost burned.

Dragil took notice of Isaac's interest, and as he finished executing a punch, he asked him, "Are you interested in doing this?"

"Yes, it looks so simple, but it seems hard for some reason."

"I would love to teach you, but it's not in my jurisdiction to do so. This is my School's Divine Technique that took hundreds of years of iteration to create; I don't think my Master will appreciate it if I teach it to anyone."

"That's understandable, but can I copy it then?"

"Many had tried before you and failed, you know? Some even broke their backs."

"I wish to do it, and because I can't learn it officially, I'll create my version of this technique. But I want to know if that's okay with you."

Dragil looked at Isaac's serious face before laughing out loud, "Have you been listening to me? This technique is not easy to learn from reading the instructions, and it is beyond hell to replicate it. Making an identical technique from scratch would be easier."

"Well, it won't hurt to try, right?"

"It will hurt like crazy, but you do you." Dragil just shrugged his shoulders and let Isaac be, and for hours until an hour before sunrise, Isaac did not stop his observation.

Zac and Deric came by and said hello, and when they saw Isaac not moving, they tried messing with the Newcomer. Though Isaac was an aberration, that doesn't mean he's a plague to be avoided.

Yes, he can't join their Hunting Party, yes Isaac will die after getting mobbed by twenty Cultist idiots, but that's okay. He won't kill anyone because of his mere presence — no, that might be wrong.

The two tried surprising Isaac but ended with disappointment for their target showed no sign of movement. Seeing how he was like a statue, the two just began stacking bricks lying on the ground on top of Isaac just for fun.

Isaac's eyes were wide as it could be, and his attention was unflinching from Dragil's body that one would think he's a stalker.

Then, when Dragil finally finished his routine, Isaac finally woke up from the trance. He stood up, disregarded the bricks, and just planted his feet on the ground. He parted his legs and then threw a slow punch that was slower than a crawl.

Seeing this, the two finally understood what was happening.

Zac looked at Dragil, "Owner, he's trying to copy your morning routine?"

"Yes, and he's pretty adamant about learning it. Oh yeah, Deric, do you want some Krlka Root Tea? I got some delivered to my Storage Room yesterday."

"Oh, I would love to. It had been so long. Did the war of the Dakir Guil and Assassin Guild end yet? I've wanted to collect the sap of a Swamp Dweller."

"The war is still not over. It actually intensified after the death of some kid. I know a guy is all."

"Can you get me a Swamp Dweller Sap then? I need it badly."

"I'll see what I can do. Zac, you stay here and watch over Isaac; stop him before he breaks something in his body."

"Yeah, sure, oh yeah, sir Owner, I'll have a coffee."

"For Hunting or Casual?"


"Strong or Impossible?"


"Oooh, it had been long since you had that. What effect?"

"Petrification Resistance – 10 times effectivity."

"That's going to taste like a bitch."

"Yeah, but I don't have a choice."

"I'll whip you up a Seven-Headed Cockatrice Poison Coffee then. I'll add some Poison Resistance on it if you promise me the Hydra's Heart."

"Deal. Put it on a container, Owner."

Food cooked by Master Chef Classes has massive effects. Dragil was said Master Chef. His Class had evolved and improved so much that it had reached unprecedented levels.

Zac was left there, waiting for Isaac to fail.


The sounds of bones cracking echoed, "Okay, that's enough, Newcomer, you're going to break your body if you continue. But don't worry, you'll be… hey, wait, what are you doing? Oh shit, he's doing it... Owner... OWNER come quickly!"


Isaac had yet to stop, the pain was unbearable, but his smile said otherwise.

Isaac could feel the pressure on his bones, the pain it delivered, and the sound of his body creaking. Complete body control, his mind entered this unique state, his senses enhanced by multiple folds.

But despite this fact, he couldn't hear Zac shouting at him.

'The pressure is strong, its presence is making my body scream, this is wrong, I must correct it - my stance is off by a millimeter… corrected – my muscles are too stained, must loosen up… corrected – the amount of mana – the speed – the visualization – the force – the flow of blood – breathing – determination – harmony – my heartbeat –'

For who knows how long Isaac stayed there, his body creaking and screaming, and then, as he corrected the minute details from his body, he managed to throw a single punch!


The sound of wind cracking echoed all over town, and when Isaac took notice of it, his arms were bleeding, his skin cracked, and his bones snapped in two, "That hasn't happened in a while."

"So, you're telling me that happened before?" Zac asked while crouching beside Isaac.

Isaac looked at him, nodded, and asked, "So, why is everyone gathered here?"

Dozens of people circled the Restaurant's backyard, all of them eating or drinking, watching Isaac for some odd reason. Eva stepped forward, looked at Isaac, threw her hands in the air, and announced, "I WON THE BET! You bums pay up. I told you he could do it."

A commotion rang. Many looked at Isaac with evil eyes, while others gave him thumbs up for some odd reason.

Isaac looked at Zac with a questioning gaze.

Zac sighed, "Everyone bet if you're going to succeed on doing a single punch. Mistress Eva bet on you succeeding while the others said you'd be bedridden for two months for failing."

"So, that's it, so, what did you bet with, Mister Zac?"

"…bedridden, don't judge me. We don't know each other that well."

Seven hours for a single punch, Isaac completed a single routine in seven hours. It was a new record, even for himself.

He didn't think it would be possible, but through sheer determination, idiocy, and some mysticism, no one could understand. The Town was quite lively.

A competent healer who earned quite a few 'Zen' from the bet fixed Isaac.

"Didn't think you'd be able to succeed, kid; good job." A Hunter said with a smile.

"Thank you."

"I lost a few Zen, but it was quite the sight. Impossible to copy my ass, HAH! He's never going to stop hearing this for years."

"Is that so."

For a while, until after lunch, Isaac was flooded with people talking to him, either thanking him, cursing him, or making fun of the Dragil.

Only now did Isaac learned that hundreds of people had attempted to mimicked Dragil's method for a few years. This also included Zac and Deric, only to end up bedridden.

Isaac only managed to succeed because of his unusually complementary Classes of [Weapon Master] and [World Scholar], through the philosophy of "the Body is a Weapon", Isaac is granted with the Exclusive Passive of, [Mastery Perfectionist] and [Weapon Body] which gives him quite the OCD in terms of weapons mastery.

The Mastery Perfectionist was also the reason how Isaac mastered many weapons. The Weapon Body made his body a weapon, thereby giving him an even more edge to learning.

The theory of Class symbiosis/complementation has existed for a long time, and Isaac pursues this to the extremes like many other experts.

Get a Class that strengthens the other. That's the basic of the basic in terms of growing stronger.

All four of his Classes revolve around this idea.

Now, Isaac just learned something from this world. It's but a morning exercise but it improved his Magical Flow, Vitality, Body Control, and even Strength. It was indeed a good morning routine.

The talk lasted until noon, and Isaac decided to leave the Restaurant at this time. It was a shame that he would need to leave Tari, but Isaac had no choice but to do so.

'I will be facing a lot of danger in the future; I can't endanger a person like Tari. The Gods of this world will sooner or later know of my existence, and I will fight against religions and their faith.'

Isaac didn't want to bother someone with his problems.

At the Northern Entrance of the Town, Dragil saw Isaac off.

"If you ever go to the Raging Calamity Valley near the Northern Valley, seek out the God Brawler. He's my Master, and let him know what you did here." Dragil said while passing Isaac a letter of recommendation, "Ask him to teach you if you ever get the chance."

"Thank you for all your help, Dragil. I'll repay this debt someday." Isaac then threw Dragil a black pendulum, "If you ever need to find me, that thing will point in my direction when you pour in mana in it. It's cursed, so don't break it."

"Will it curse me if I break it? If so, then I won't take it." Dragil cautiously asked.

"Not you, but it will affect me, so you really mustn't break it. I will see you later." Isaac brought out the Destiny Maker Paper he had placed on a circular glass container.

The Destiny Maker Paper was much like Isaac's Black Pendulum. It would point in the direction of where his desired destiny resided. Though it wouldn't move if the life of its user was in danger as an endangered life cannot move forward unless the threat was averted.

The paper moved, but not in the direction Isaac expected.

"Is this broken?"

"Nope, I don't think so."

Isaac looked at the paper, and it was actually pointing to the town.

"Should we follow it?" Dragil asked, and Isaac nodded.

Isaac followed the Destiny Maker Paper back to town, went directly to the gambling district, passed the Red-Light District, and reached a shrub where he and Dragil met a total stranger.

The stranger has the head of a dragon and a humanoid body layered with lustrous blue scales. This Dragon-like man crouched behind the bush, looked Isaac in the eyes, and asked him, "What? Never seen a Draconid shit behind a bush before?"

Isaac looked at the paper and then at Dragil, "Is this thing saying my Future's Shit?"

"Could be." Dragil answered, amused at the situation.

Fun Fact #7

When Dragons have sex it is said that a whole Mountain Range is flatten.