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When Isaac was young, his father asked him, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"I want to become the strongest," he announced with determination.

Isaac was five years of age, and at the time, his body was like cracked-glass on the verge of shattering. Frail and weak, Isaac was in no way going to become the strongest in terms of strength.

However, he was blessed with a brilliant mind, and Isaac's father wished for his son to have a desk job, not like him, who need to toil the soil.

Isaac at the time did not know this and only used his father's words of "encouragement" to push further, learning his words and number and then reading up on the body to help himself.

Isaac knew that his body was not normal, and with his family not being so wealthy to have the capability to buy him expensive medicine, he knew he needed to help himself.

At the Age of Eight, Isaac gained his first [Classification] or [Class] — [Scholar].

Under the Scholar Class, Isaac gained a few abilities.

[Scholar Lv.1]

-        [Comprehension Lv. 1]

-        [Quick Reading Lv. 1]

So, to strengthen himself, the young Isaac used the aged method of physical training.

The frail boy began training himself, running despite his stamina, lifting despite the pain — this ended badly.

"Constantly breaking a bone and ending up with an aching body, we, as parents, grew warry of him. They tried to stop him, so in turn to their pleas, Isaac trained in secret.

"Years passed, and Isaac finally noticed his body changed thanks to his mind, and after he did, he said that he'll go hunting on his own.

"At the age of 17, Isaac traveled to the nearest town and entered to become not a Scholar but a Hunter.

"At age 19, he became the third-youngest to reach B+ Hunter after completely annihilating the [Gardona Valley] that was said to house the Curse of the Abellion Devils.

"At age 21, he became the Youngest A+ Hunter after slaying the Treasonous Faction of Halbendos Royalty.

"And then becoming an S Ranker at the age of 23 the first-ever S+ Hunter or otherwise known as a [Great Seeker] after slaying the Mythical Beasts of the Eight Directions."

"At age 25, he had seen it all, and he achieved his dream of becoming the strongest. He said he'll stop when he becomes the strongest! He already became the strongest when he was 25! So why? Why does he have to go to another world? How is that even possible? He already got what he wanted, so why can't he give us what we want? A grandchild? Settle down, help around the farm and make some money through farming."

Lilia listened to the woes of Mrs. Apollyon, who just received the news of her son going to another world in search of adventure.

Lilia was never good at these kinds of events, so she couldn't even say anything back to Isaac's Mother. This conversation has been going on for three hours already, and Lilia didn't know when it would end.

Lilia just sighed and just said, "You must be worried about him constantly, Ma'am."

"Yes, if only he would listen to me and settle down. He rejects the women I set up with him, and he disregards the Princesses that come to woo him."

"…Really?" Lilia asked with her countenance, still showing no emotion whatsoever.

"He does say he doesn't even know them, or they will only use him… though he has some point with his words. I guess people he treats as a friend would be best to become his lover." Mrs. Apollyon stated.

"Yes, I agree." Lilia nodded.

"That reminds me, my son talked about you a lot, Miss Lilia. He said you helped him a lot. But most of the time, I feel like that most of the reason why he needs help is due to his recklessness."

"Yes, I agree." She nodded once more.

"If he's so strong, why doesn't he help his father till the soil on the farm? Do you not think that's a better life? Quiet and peaceful, right?"

"Yes, I agree."

"He should get married already. He's not getting any younger, right?"

"Yes, I agree."

"What do you think of Isaac, Miss Lilia? Do you not think he's a good candidate for marriage?"

"Yes, I agree — wait, I think I said something I should have." Lilia finally snapped out of her trance and realized her mistake.

Mrs. Apollyon's eyes now glowed like a predator at the sight of scoring her son such a beautiful wife, "Dear me, that's good, you're interested in him. You two know each other quite well too. How about we talk about the future, Miss Lillia?"

"It is getting late. I do not want to become a trouble. I would like to excuse myself."

"You're right. It is getting late, that's why a beautiful woman like yourself should stay the night."

'Oh no… I'm trap.' This went on for seven more hours before Lilia escaped from the grasp of the Mother who wishes for a grandchild.

Fun Fact # 8

High Elves exist outside of the timstream so a normal death through aging isn't applicable to them