9. You’re Quite an Asshole
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When Lilia finally managed to get away from Mrs. Apollyon's stories, it was already midnight. Lilia snuck out of the thatched house to get some fresh air.

"Oh, Miss Lilia, you've escaped my wife's stories, congratulations." from the corner of the door was an old man drinking warm alcohol, laughing as he rocked back and forth on his chair. He wore an ordinary farmer's attire and had all white hair and a broad shoulder from spending time toiling away on the farm.

This old man was none other than Isaac's Father, Alex Apollyon, "Did you like listening to her stories?"

The old man asked.

"I learned things I didn't even want to, "answered Lilia; she had to endure stories about Isaac for the past thirteen hours. It was quite a fruelling task, "I already know enough about that guy, but… I wouldn't say I hate it."

She answered with a slight smile, "Anyway, thank you for your hospitality, but I must be going now Mr. Apollyon. I still need to complete a Quest and fetch your son from the other world before he gets into trouble. We don't want him waging another war."

Three years ago, Isaac fought against the Royal Family of a Western Empire. Isaac's friend, a Duchess of an Empire, got pushed into political marriage against her will. The wedding was presented by the First Prince, who was threatened by the Duchess' growing support.

When Isaac heard of this, he rushed over, knowing where his friend's heart belonged.

On the wedding day, Isaac crashed it with a Paladin Dragon who happened to be the Duchess' secret and faithful lover.

Upon knowing this, the Empire, which had been racist against non-humans, was enraged and branded the Duchess a traitor and tried to execute her. However, the Duchess' supporters and Isaac decided to oppose the Empire.

And so, for the next three years, a civil war was waged, and seeing how Isaac was still alive, the victor was clear. The Western Empire was renamed [Vandalia], meaning [Fang] in their ancient tongue, and was now slowly transforming into a symbol of harmony between humans and non-human races.

But, according to some sources, the main reason Isaac joined the Civil War wasn't just because the Duchess was his friend. No, the reason was far pettier.

It was said that the previous Emperor and the First Prince called Isaac a "Son of a Bitch" and that was when he decided he'd make the Emperor and his son apologize.

No one really believes this.

But Lilia and Isaac's close friends were convinced this was the truth. They knew how petty Isaac could be; there's a reason why despite his heroic exploits, his enemies could blot out the skies when gathered.

Isaac said so at their victory party, "No one calls my mother a bitch!" he claimed as he showed how he beheaded the First Prince.

"...please accept my apology in advance." Alex shamefully apologized in his son's stead. He, too, knew what happened, "If only he could keep his emotions to himself, then he'd be perfect, don't you think?"

Alex asked, but Lilia just shook her head in disagreement, "I believe he's good as he is. If he changes how he acts, he wouldn't be Isaac anymore. He's who he is because he stays true to his words…."

She smiled momentarily and then turned her back to Alex.

'What's this? From behind, Alex saw the ears of the Elf of Legends turn red. His brows raised in interest, 'And here I thought the Guardian Empress didn't have emotions. I guess the rumors were baseless.'

Lilia regained herself and turned to look at Alex once again, "Well, I must be leaving now Mr. Apollyon. I will be sending some of my people to protect you and Mrs. Apollyon."

"Thank you for worrying about us. Anyway, good luck with finding our useless son, Ah! I almost forgot. Can you pass him a message from me?" asked Alex.

"Yes," Lilia answered.

"Just tell him that his mother and I don't have a problem with a daughter-in-law older than us. We just want him to be happy, okay?"

Lilia stood there with perplexed emotion until she finally understood what Alex said, "I'll be leaving now!" She left as quickly as she could.

Alex couldn't even follow her movements, and to him, Lilia just disappeared with a gust of wind. The old man just shook his head in amusement, 'Ah, youth. I'll be a Grandfather soon, hahaha!'


"So, what's your name?" asked Isaac.

"...." the Draconid did not answer and just looked him in the eyes.

"Hmm, seeing how you still aren't answering me after 20 times. Are you under a curse that forbids you from saying your name to others?" Isaac masterfully deducted.

"No, that's not wrong."

"Then what is it?"

The Draconid's mouth opened in disbelief because Isaac's masterful deduction that allowed him to go to such areas of thought made him fail to realize one simple thing, "It's because I'M STILL FUCKING SHITTING BEHIND A SHRUB! LEAVE ME ALONE FOR A GODDAMN MINUTE!"

"Oh… I thought you didn't mind." Isaac innocently responded.


Isaac was pushed away by a sound base attack.

"That being said, this Draconid is not someone I can consider weak." He looked around and noticed that no one noticed what had happened, nor did the nearby buildings get damaged, "To use Dragon's Roar with such precision. He's a skilled one."

Isaac failed to control his smile, "I want to fight him."

The Draconic was [Level 137] a few notches higher than Isaac, but he wasn't worried if a fight broke out.

Levels may improve one's strength, but the finesse of skill usage was what dictated a battle. No matter how high your level was, it didn't matter if you were not experienced enough.

The Draconid had precise movements. He was dangerous, yet that only made Isaac want to clash against someone like him. His will surged from his body but was soon pulled away from his trance, "You idiot! Look what you've done! Do you not have eyes?!"

A girl's voice sounded from the road nearby. Due to his curious nature, Isaac saw a girl showering two people obviously riddled with injuries.

The girl had twin tails, wearing a beautiful white one-piece dress adorned with beautiful and expensive ornaments. The girl was absolutely livid at the two people on the ground as she practically shoved the small tiny speck of blood "staining" her clothes.

The injured was clearly already without much strength and was on his last leg, but he lowered his head as he held his companion, "I'm sorry, Miss Valentine, but I need to take her to a Healer. You were the one who-"


The girl named Valentine slapped the man who shouted without holding back. Her face turned red in anger and frustration, "Are you telling me this is my fault!? You were the one who dared to bump into me with that ugly and dirty woman you are carrying. Tch, this is why I told Father to just ban all who are sullying our Town. Why were you even allowed into Town anyway?"

Valentine shouted while continuing to beat up the man. Slapping him and even stepping on him, which would occasionally miss their trajectory, but the injured man protected his mortally wounded companion.

He bit his lips in frustration and was about to bow and apologize for what he had said, but then, he heard a voice., "Hey, you're quite an asshole, aren't you?"

The injured man raised his head and saw a person had actually dared to stand up against Valentine. The man was not Dragil or someone who could stand up against her status; the injured man hadn't even seen him before.

He could only surmise that he was someone new in Town.

He was thankful, but now, he was worried about his safety.

The flurry of blows he received momentarily stopped as Valentine's face turned sour and grim hearing what had been said to her, "What did you just say to me-"

Just as she was about to finish her words, a fist had already planted itself on her face. The force behind the fist wasn't light and sent the girl named Valentine flying tens of meters away, ultimately crashing into the public restroom at the end of the road.

The whole street went silent; those hiding in their stalls and houses trying to avoid trouble turned to look at the man who dared to punch the Princess of the Town.

And who was the man who had the audacity to punch the girl's face?

It was none other than Isaac stretching his wrists.

"What an asshole." Isaac repeated as he wiped the blood of his fish with a piece of cloth he ripped from Valentine's clothes.

Fun Fact #9

Lilia is considered as the oldest being in Arcadia at the age of 10,000 years old. The title used to belong the Death Kraken of the Black Waters, but Isaac killed the beast after it swallowed the Ship carrying Isaac's Books two years before the Current Timeline.