11. The Great Escape I
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"Hmm, is there a fight going on?" Dragil could faintly hear the sound of combat somewhere in the city. He wanted to leave and watch, but he just came back from observing Isaac's shitty future. Now, he's tending to the restaurant bar and mixing a chocolate drink for a customer.

"Must be some scuffles. I saw Derik and Zac fighting at the mission temple so they must be butting heads again." a young man with darkish brown skin commented.

"Hahaha, could be. Anyway, I met Isaac, and told me how he saw you hanging by the Forest."

The young man's eyes glowed, "Really!? He's a great guy, isn't he? When he and I met he didn't even see me as intimidating. He's also a really good chef and made killer rats."

"Huh, that's nice to hear. It appears that the two of you hit it off, Why not invite him to form a party with you then?" asked Dragil as he handed him his cup of choco, "You've survived penance, just give it up. Even if you could escape him, Ataril is not one to let go of grudges. Just let it go and go on an adventure. "

The young man shook his head, "Can't, they did something that I will not forgive. I will make"

"You can't beat him and you'll probably die. You've already struck once, my no killing rule only applies once. Ataril won't hold back a second time."

"I don't need to."

Downing his choco, the young man stood up and left Zen, "I'll win without beating him."


Kartari Zelor, the Archdemon from Forest turned to Dragil, "You can't stop me, shop owner."

"I don't plan to stop you from doing anything. You live your own life, but you're ten Zens less and I'm running a business here. That's premium Theluvan Prime Choco, it's delicious for a reason."

Tari smiled at Dragil, "Like I said, show owner, you can't stop me."

He announced as he dashed to the door.

He didn't have enough money.


"Hey, you," Isaac called out to the injured man.

"Yes!?" surprised, the injured man could not help but yelp aloud.

Isaac just looked at the lady and out of thin air pulled out a glowing red gem. Isaac approached and attempted to feed it to the girl. The injured man was hesitant, but he was their savior, he wouldn't do anything untoward to her - or so he hoped - else all he did was his own self-gratification.

"She's dying, her lifeblood is already about to be drained. She would die even if you teleport to the healer. The veins on her neck are also turning purple meaning she's also poisoned but I can tell she's well-attuned to fire seeing how she's keeping it at bay." Quickly, Isaac fed the girl the gemstone, "I don't have any potion on me nor do I have an Elixir to rid her of the affliction. This Ifrit Gemstone is crafted by the Fire Spirit King himself, it will reignite your friend's life. Help her digest the Ifrit Gemstone and get her out of here."

Isaac then threw a lesser Spirit Gemstone to the injured man, "That should give you enough strength. Run away before they notice."

Isaac looked at the remaining guard tending to the Princess, "Go now, preferably out of town, seeing how that girl turned out, her parents must be very vindictive."

The injured man didn't question Isaac, he just picked up his companion and opted to leave, "But, what about you? Won't you run away as well? Seeing your level is still below Lv. 150, that must mean you're new here, right? Let's leave this place together."

Isaac sneakily brought out the Destiny Maker Paper and saw it pointed at the brothel. Seeing this, he shook his head, "Can't… I'm here trying to see if Destiny is real and will really give me what I want."

Isaac does not believe in destiny. If he did, then he wouldn't have become the strongest man in the world. He chose to create his own path, 'But there's an off chance that Destiny can be real. If that's the case, then I'd be able to study it.'

That was the primary reason, as for the secondary, his instincts told him he was being targeted, 'I can't feel anything but my gut is telling me otherwise.'

The fight wasn't over, and Isaac didn't want to admit he was hungry for more excitement.

"..." Though he didn't want to leave his savior behind, Denuval didn't have a choice. Denuval's eyes then crackled with lightning, "I will never forget this goodwill. My name is Denuval, what's yours?"

"Isaac Apollyon."

"I don't know if we'll ever meet again, so, take this." Denuvan rummaged in his clothes and handed Isaac a white coin with a tiger on one side, "This is one of the coins I found in my World Quest back home, I still do not know what it is, but please accept that as my compensation for now. If we meet again and you haven't found the coin's use, I will make sure to repay you differently."

Isaac did not hesitate to take the coin and just shooed them away, "Go already, you're wasting precious time."


Denuval disappeared from sight as he transformed into a shadow and shirked away, 'He's an assassin? But-'

Isaac again made his move and then appeared at an alleyway's entrance and summoned a black sword. Isaac bit his finger and drew a line on its base transforming the coal-like sword glowed red.




With the swing of the sword, Isaac created an arching firewall and deflected a green arrow. The coal-like sword cracked and started fuming crimson blaze with its edge radiating intense heat.

Tertiary Class: Ruler of the Deity Templar Lv. 97

[SKILL] Great Armory — SUMMON WEAPON — [Sword of Embers]

Secondary Class: Weapons Master Lv. 100

Master Swordsman

Isaac summoned a sword and burnt an arrow before it could reach the target behind him. Denuval looked behind him and saw Isaac protecting them for the second time, "Run! Don't look back and just run!"



Isaac shouted as he smiled and swung his sword a second time and again deflected another arrow.


Smiling, Isaac left Denuval to his own devices and sought out the archer, or so he would've wanted to do. However, he saw a beam of green light coming for him but at the next moment, it changed direction and headed for Denuval.



Isaac summoned a burst of lightning energy and appeared behind Denuval and again deflected an arrow.

Fwu! Fwu! Fwu! Fwu!

Four more arrows appeared above them and Isaac swung his sword and deflected them all. Denuval moved without looking back, he could feel the impact, but he could do nothing but run. He had to escape as fast as he could else he would only slow down Isaac.

Denuval weaved through the alleyway and Isaac cut down everything that came his way. One, two, four, seven, ten, fifteen, twenty. More and more arrows besieged them from all sides.

Isaac was quickly losing steam, he trained to endure any hardships but even he had limits. Even if he could fight in wars that lasted for hours, he just finished fighting a duel against someone with a huge level advantage.

He used up a lot of his mana and though he had a higher regenerative capacity compared to others, it only heals his wounds and doesn't help in stamina recuperation. He felt as though he could fall at any second.

Yet despite the obvious disadvantage, stopping and just escaping on his own never passed his mind. He had an opponent, and he knew he could beat them, 'Where is he? I can't find him anywhere. He's an archer but even after observing every possible opening, I haven't seen him. No matter how good he is, unless he has a third eye, he couldn't be… wait.'

"Denuval, stop."

Isaac had Deluvan stop and the former listened to him. Isaac waited for three seconds and when no arrows came, he smiled, 'I knew it!"


With his flowing golden locks and his refined long ears, the Elf Analyr waited for the right timing. He was patient and had regulated breathing, 'Where are they?'

Analyr was one of the guards who protected Valentine, the Princess of the Town. Unlike his partner Hert however, he's one who became a guard willingly. He was saved by Valentine when he was at his direst of moments.

To see her get hurt by a ruffian angered him to no end.

He was still in front of the public restroom where Valentine was sent flying and had already sent his pathetic partner back to the manor to inform the Lord of what's happening.

'The Town Lord should be getting the news now. But, more importantly, how is it that their aura disappeared?'

He drew his bow and covered the entire town with his detection skill and maximized his wind manipulation skills. He had been raining arrows upon the insolent fools, but they had suddenly disappeared.

"Did they figure it out? If that's the case, I need to change my tactics th-"

"Aw, you have other things you can do?"

"When did-"


Analyr jumped back and he heard a man's voice to his left. He saw Isaac standing next to him with a disappointed smile. Analyr jumped back and tried to gain distance, but Isaac didn't let him and kicked in the solar plexus like his companion.

"How… did… so… fast…." his eyes rolled back and collapsed.

Unlike his companion, however, no one was there to wake him up.

Standing before Analyr's body with disappointment painted all over his face, "If you had other things, don't rely on something so easily countered as Mana Detection for such Godly Archery. Firing Arrows in the open but in high groups would at least allow you to see your enemies with your eyes. Tsk, this is not the forest, elf."

The trick to the arrows was simply an Elf's godly skills paired with mana detection. When they ran away, mana was used to activate their skills and Analyr used his skill to follow them.

The arrows were reinforced by another skill and wind manipulation gave it force and interesting patterns that surprised even Isaac. However, fifty-three seconds into the fight and ninety-eight arrows later, Isaac had already figured out the trick.

Stop using mana and in the third second after confirmation Isaac entered the range to detect Isaac, in the fifth second he had already snuck close to him, 'You could've just sent out killing arrows. I was already tired of blocking those anyway. Tsk, it would've made the fight more interesting.'

Isaac was sorely disappointed.

Analyr was level 196, but it was pretty clear he got such a level through hunting beasts that didn't know any better.

Isaac picked up the poor lad's bow and raised his head in contemplation, "Too common, his skills really were the only holding him togeth-"

[SKILL] Great Armory — SUMMON WEAPON — [Wings of the Thunder Bird]


In a split second, Isaac felt something was wrong. He dropped Analyr's bow and then ran away without looking back. In the corner of his eyes, he saw someone familiar observing the fight he had, "Hehehe, you saved me the time of finding you."

The Draconid's eyes widened when he saw Isaac coming for him without slowing down. He thought the human was about to ram him and got ready to fight him, but with a burst of lightning, Isaac did the unthinkable and swooped the Draconid on his feet and threw him on his shoulders then continued running.

"Hey! What the fuck are you doing! Let me down!" the Draconid shouted, alarmed and confused by the situation.

Isaac, however, shook his head, "Can't, I have something to ask you."

"We can do that normally! Put me down and we can talk!" the Draconid protested.

Again, Isaac shook his head, "Can't, we're going to die if I do."


At that moment, houses behind them started flying all over the place, and then Golden Chains sprouted from the ground and destroyed the houses. The people inside just ran away and cursed their fate but they couldn't even do anything about it.


The Golden Chains then shot up towards them at breakneck speed.

"What.the.fuck!!!!!" The Draconid's eyes almost popped out seeing what happened.

Isaac summoned the speed he could muster so they could escape. He felt their presence a few seconds ago and didn't hesitate to run. He was rushed when it came to fighting, but he knew his limits.

These golden chains were not something he could fight. The aura they possessed made even him helpless.

The chains moved fast and wanted nothing more than to catch them. The Draconid did not know what was happening but it cheered Isaac on to move faster, "They're coming closerrrrrrrrrrr."

Isaac drew lightning and then a massive explosion occurred and their speed increased several folds gaining distance from the chains, 'I can see the edge of town-tsk.'

Right in front of him, flying over the edge of town was a man wearing a golden robe, surrounded by dozens of golden chains. He immediately knew who it was.

[SKILL] Great Armory — SUMMON WEAPON — [Sword of Embers]

Isaac drew the Sword of Embers from the Great Armory and ignited its blaze. He poured what little mana he got and then with the momentum from the burst of speed he activated from the Wings of the Thunder Bird swung without holding anything back.



His sword, however, was stopped by a finger.

The man before Isaac smirked, "What puny sword."

[Lv. ??]

Isaac found the second man he couldn't see his level, 'Interesting.' such was his thoughts before getting sent crashing to the ground.

Isaac crashed into three houses.

Huffing and puffing was heard. Isaac was without breath, he was tired, injured but most importantly of all, his life was in danger.

"Now, this is a challenge." Isaac said with a twisted smile.

Fun Fact # 11

Gods grow stronger the more they have followers. This is the reason why Gods give their followers skills and abilities exclusive to them so they could entice them into joining their followings and bolster their strengths.