13. The Great Escape III
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"Are they going to do it?"

"Those three are going to die horrible deaths."

"Gababababa, who wants to make a bet with me?"

"Two hundred Zens for them to be skewered!"

The three men could hear the onlookers betting on their deaths. No, they were betting on how they would die in the hands of the monster that was the Town Lord.

Isaac Lv. 119

Kartari Lv. 126

Lv. 125

None of them were strong enough to face a monster most men couldn't even see his levels with. But, Isaac thinks otherwise, "For some reason, he's bound to not kill us. Like how he spared you, Tari. I have a plan to escape this place. But, it's going to be hard."

"That's wrong." Tari objected, "Town Lord Ulises is bound to a promise to the Shop Owner Dragil. He can rule the Town, but he won't interfere, but he must spare those he wants to kill once. He can't kill them, but it doesn't matter how they are dealt with when taken out of Town. I've already been spared once when I beat his daughter. But to you two, the law still applies, and only when you step outside Town and enter it again will he be able to kill you… meaning he might just let us past only to drag us back in to kill us. But, do you know the best thing about all this? Right now, he's only allowed to use 10% of his strength."

Tari added.

Isaac looked at the Ulises hanging above them, letting them plan without a concern in his eyes. He was mocking them, saying that they would never amount to anything even if they planned.

They would be trampled upon, like an ant ground to dust under an elephant's foot.

Isaac could see the contempt in his eyes. The disdain, the power beyond the smirk he held. And as a response, he wiped the smile on him, "Is that so… what are your goals for coming here, Tari?"

"I want payback for disrespecting my mother." Tari's eyes glowed an ominous red, "He dared shame her name. I want to kill him, but I know I can't do that. So, I'm here to get back at him. A simple punch to the face is enough."

Isaac's mind started working, "If you can crack his defense, I'll do something worse than just a simple punch."

Tari smiled like a maniac, "Give me time. I've got just the thing."

Isaac finally saw a new light, "I have a plan. Tari focuses on defensive spells. Draconid-"

"Davil. My name is Davil."

"Okay, Davil, first let me ask, what are you doing here? You aren't a part of this fight."

"I have my reasons. I would rather kill myself here than turn my back on the man who tried to kill me. Mistake or not, I will get him a punch in."

"I see... well if you're going to fight him anyway, why not help us? You're a Support Class, aren't you? Then, you stay behind and support us."

"I refuse; I am a great Battle Shaman. I will not run away, never again. I use my body to destroy my enemies. If I choose to stay here, I will fight head-on and claim the head of the enemy." Davil claimed as his fists glowed cerulean. The air around him whirled and warped, and a cerulean aura flowed about him, "Daldan Iron Body - Duldan Strength - Lord Deldan Speed - Flight of the Restless Eagle - Eyes of the Hell Hunter - Echoing Thunder Fist."

Before the human and demon could say anything, the ground underneath Davil crumbled, and he appeared before Ulises with his fists balled up.


Thundering echo reached far and wide. Davil's fist generated a force strong enough to shatter mountains, yet it failed to penetrate the wall of golden chains.

"I may have attacked you by mistake, but you are not one of the men who hurt my daughter. I will only give you this one chance, Draconid." Ulises' robes fluttered with the wind. His hand gently landed on Davil's chest, "This will be your first and final warning. "


Davil was sent flying a hundred meters back into Town, crashing into a building.

Ulises returned his eyes back down. Below, he saw no one but the demon chanting, 'The human's gone.'


His chains suddenly sounded out from behind. Isaac gritted his teeth, trying to drive his sword deeper into the chains, 'It appeared almost instantaneously even though he didn't know I was there. But more importantly, this chain… is so… hard. And all of this is just a measly ten percent?' Isaac could feel his skin tougher than a Dragon's.

"Foolish." Ulises grabbed the sword with his bare hand and broke it like a twig, "Like I said, it's a puny sword."

"You shouldn't have done that." the fire behind Isaac's eyes did not disappear. Instead, it just grew bigger, more intense, more dangerous.

"Sword of Embers - I call upon thee your Ancient Hymn and play your Tune into this world!" Isaac's right hand suddenly burst into mighty flames, and a demon awoke from deep within. His right arm turned to coal and from its cracks appeared a fire that transformed into a grand tower formed.

Ulises was blown away by the towering flames!

From the flames formed a giant body. Fire made form, on its head looking like a swirling fire vortex. Its torso was that of a muscular male, and its wings spanning hundreds of meters enveloped the entire battlefield.

The entire Town halted their breaths at the monster's appearance as it roared and bled the skies. The fire returned in Isaac's charred right hand, and then, everything fell silent.

In that split second, the Town Lord Ulises felt something was wrong. Quickly, he ordered the golden chains to move in and pierce Isaac, 'Destroying the sword of the brat may have been a mistake.'

His speed caused a chain of explosions to happen, and just before he crashed onto Isaac, Ulises dragged his fists and had them glow golden with energy. It grew harder, sturdier, more powerful than before, and paired with explosive speed, his fist became a dangerous weapon, "Golden Meteor!"

Isaac did not move, he was ready to take it on, but another shadow arrived. Blue tinted scales glimmered beautifully, "Sacred Dragon Palms: Dragon's Greed."

Davil held onto Ulises' fist and somehow neutralized the force.


From his orifices came running out of blood. He could feel his body starting to implode, his veins popping, and his body crumbling.

Davil forced the power to his palms, and like what Ulises did to him, he gently placed his palms on his chest, "Sacred Dragon Palms: Dragon's Wrath."

Ulises was blasted away with his own power. Blood appeared from underneath Davil's scales, he was in a lot of pain, but he was smiling and laughing. He could feel it, the power welling up inside.

He could feel himself returning. The Dragon was roaring in happiness, 'I can feel him writhing. So this is what "she" meant… I really need to fight more.'

Davil wanted to continue forward, but he had already reached his limits.

"Thanks for the help. Rest for now."


Davil fell, and the human he tried to copy was the last thing he saw. The both of them did not know each other; they were true strangers, yet in that instant, Davil smirked and left everything to the human.

Isaac did not think that Davil would actually be able to do something as amazing as blowing Ulises away. For a moment, he thought Destiny was indeed true but threw the thought away at the next second.

Ulises regained his balance seven steps away and with his anger rising. He looked back to where the Draconid stood and found him falling, and a step away was the weakest of the three.

The human positioned himself to draw a sword. His left hand was on his right waist, with no sword or even sheath.

Instead, he held his thumb.


Isaac did not waste a moment; he ripped off his charred right arm, holding his right thumb! The arm came off quickly, but the pain felt sharper than a dragon's fang. The arm absorbed the mana around Isaac and Ulises, and the charred parts around it crumbled, revealing a fire sword.

"Sword of Embers - Hymn of the Fire Titan."

It was a small sword, the same size as the Sword of Embers Ulises broke earlier, yet, he didn't dare receive it. Ulises summoned the Golden Chains, "Golden Chain Shield!"

The shield that Isaac could not break through appeared, this time, it was stronger.


A giant magic circle layered and connected to another right above the Town appeared from below. Ulises looked below him and saw the Archdemon grinning from ear to ear.

To cast Oblivion Cannon, Tari needed a few minutes. However, in comparison to this spell, Oblivion Cannon looked like a pea shooter.

This spell didn't take a few minutes.

For Tari had been preparing it since the previous night.

This spell wasn't a regular spell.

It was beyond Tier 15 Spells.

It was an amalgamation of a Casting Spell and a Ritual.

It was a spell performed by multiple Archmages. The spell was categorized as not an attack, buff, debuff, curse, or anything.

It was a spell referred to as a Tactical Spell.

The kind of spells that needs ten Archmage Sacrifice to turn the tides of war.

"Tactical Magic - Defense Breaker."


Tari prepared it to strip the Town Lord of his defenses and punch him.

And now, he activated it to open a path for Isaac.

All for the sake of this one singular moment.

Ulises' Chains disappeared, his aura used for defense disappeared, and anything related to his defenses disappeared.

Ulises did not think he would lose. But, his downfall was his arrogance and vengeful spirit. He wanted to make them suffer, as did his daughter.

He played around them too much, not expecting a ragtag group of nobodies to corner him. The moment he broke the human's sword, the moment he allowed the spellcaster out of his control, the moment he looked away from the Draconid.

All of his mistakes culminated in a single moment.

Without a single layer of defense, a sword of fire was inches away from his neck.

"Fire Titan's Final Tune: Dreaded Hell Battlefield."


Isaac completed the swing unbothered.

Thus, the hunt was completed.

Fun Fact #13

Tactical Spells are so strong that they are considered as Forbidden Spells. Because of this, many worlds have forgotten them and lost to time, only a select few war torn world have them and in Avalon they are considered as Taboo to be used.