2 – Oberon Ahead!
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Chapter Two

     Ren gazed at the landscape, dumbfounded. It was beautiful. There were rolling plains with huge trees. It went on for miles. He looked around for signs of life. In the distance, he saw a city. 

     Welcome to the system. Ren looked around, not knowing the voice was in his head. 

     If you want to see your stats, think ‘Stats’. Ren did so, and a menu appeared in front of him. 











Empty (Regenerate to gain Ki.)

     Ren’s eyes widened. This was amazing. A full tech hologram system… inside his brain! He wanted to see what other things he could do. He thought ‘Help’, and a menu came up. 


This pulls up your stats and current condition. 


This shows you your level. 

Ki Gain

This starts giving you Ki. (Be warned, you will be vulnerable in this stage.)


In this mode, you can go into a mental state where you can train your mind to mentally overcome anything. 


This is pretty self-explanatory. These ‘skills’ are everything you can do. 


          Ki Gain. Ren suddenly started feeling different. He was… elevating. His energy was skyrocketing. This fantasy world was awesome. He thought Ki Gain again, and it stopped. He also wanted to check out his skills, so he thought so. Skills


Skill Name: Ki Shot

Ki Requirement: Minimal

Explanation: This Ki Shot blasts a shot of energy from the palm of your hand. 

Key Phrase needed to activate: Ki Shot. 

Warnings: None. 

Cooldown: None

Skill Name: Zen Firewall

Ki Requirement: Medium

Explanation: This skill allows you to fry technology with a thought. 

Key Phrase: Zenkogu Firuwalle. 

Warnings: None. 

Cooldown: 1 Day


     Ren felt amazing. He had a skill that could fry tech instantly. He had to get more of these skills. He started running towards the city, looking for people. But his mind swirled around the murderer. Why did he kill Ren’s family? They didn’t have any enemies. 

     Was it for pleasure? Ren had heard of sadism, but murder? He couldn’t believe it. He arrived at the huge front gates of the city. There were guards checking people. Ren stood in line. Eventually, they got to him. They patted him down, and didn’t find anything. They flagged him in, and he jogged inside. His eyes widened. 

     It was… beautiful. The streets were lined with flowers and trees, there was no pollution in the air, the place smelled nice, it was anything Ren could have hoped for! Suddenly, a woman flagged him over. 

     “Welcome to Resto, Oberon! Are you a new reincarnate?” she asked. Ren nodded. 

     “New ones are required to head over to the town square for the role assignment! Come on, it’s about to start!” She motioned Ren toward the center of the town. He followed, and found himself among 20 other young looking people. 

     The meeting started, and the woman started explaining Oberon to them. 

     “As many of you know, this is a stat based fantasy world. This means that this can play out in thousands of ways. Everyone on Oberon has one of five roles. I will now explain the roles to you. Keep in mind that some roles give specific stat bonuses. 

     “First, mage. A mage is a magic role, and is very powerful. They are adept and can bond with any type of magic. Unfortunately, they are very weak when it comes to physical combat. 

     “Next, we will take a look at seers. Seer is also a magic role, but they are not powerful combatants. Instead, they can see the future. They can also feed into enemies’ minds, and manipulate their thoughts. In a way, this is more powerful than any other type of combat. 

     “Moving forward, there are also warriors. These elite fighters are just what you think they are. Bulky, strong, fit, and ready for a beat down. 

     “Yet another role is the enhancer. Enhancers aren’t fit for combat, but instead, they sharpen the skills of other classes. They can increase a warrior’s power tenfold, enhance a mage’s magic, or help a seer see anything in the world at that current moment.” 

      Ren raised his hand. The woman gestured towards him. 

     “You said there were 5 roles.” 

     The woman nodded. 

     “The last isn’t exactly a specific role. I’m talking about the Unique roles. These are offered to you if you are strong in a certain area of sorts. I doubt any of you will get one, but it’s good to mention. Now, let’s get started!” 

     She started walking up to each person, pulling their menus up. Ren watched as she went from person to person to person. No one had gotten a Unique skill yet. Ren started losing hope. 

     The woman walked up to him and pulled up the menu. Ren’s eyes moved to something at the edge of the page, though. 



Magic Warrior; Skilled in Magic Arts


Magic Supporter; Can see the Future


Brute Warrior; Can fight and take a hit


Brute Supporter; Can Enhance abilities

*Unique* Wrath of Zeus: SS++ Ranked Class


Abilities unlocked at Level 20