3 – Dungeon Ascending
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Chapter 3

     Ren gaped at the menu. The woman did the same. He had gotten an SS++ class skill. This was awesome. His abilities would be unlocked at level 20, though. He checked his level. 



1 (20,000 Experience to Level Up)


     He was Level 1. He had to unlock the class as soon as possible. He chose the Unique Skill. 


Class acquired!

Name: Wrath of Zeus

Abilities: Unknown, Unlock at Level 20

Quests Unlocked! 

Quest 1: Beat a Dungeon

Quest 2: Beat Quest 1

Quest 3: Beat Quest 2

Quest 4: Beat Quest 3

Quest 5: Beat Quest 4

Quest 6: Beat Quest 5

Quest 7: Beat Quest 6

Quest 8: Beat Quest 7

Quest 9: Beat Quest 8

Quest 10: Beat Quest 9


     These quests could probably get Ren to Level 20. 

     “What’s a dungeon?” Ren questioned. 

     The woman gestured towards the air. Ren looked. There wasn’t anything there. But immediately after she said it, a rumbling shook the ground. The ground near what she gestured to broke apart. A black, imminent structure rose out of the ashes. Fog surrounded the tower, but no one could mistake it. 

     Ren could feel the tremors in his legs. The ground itself was unstable, shaking. This was so… real. His previous life was filled with technology, he loved playing games. This was different. Ren had changed. At that specific moment, Ren had a change of heart. 

     The tower came to a stop. It towered over the town, casting a shadow over the square. 

     “And that’s a dungeon.” the woman finished. Ren knew what he had to do. He closed all his stat menus and started running towards the Dungeon before the woman could stop him. 

     Suddenly, a menu appeared in front of him. 


Skill gained!

Skill name: Oppression

Skill description: This skill’s description is currently not available. 

Ki Requirement: Low

Skill Rank = B Tier


     He wondered what this new skill could do. He would have to test it out in battle. He rushed down a stone path and onto the field, leaving the town. When he got to the dark, ominous tower, he stopped for a moment. Was this safe? He had never participated in a battle before. He figured it was fine and headed in. 

     As he approached the room in the tower, he heard a shrill screech echoing all around him. He carried forward, wary of the dangers near him. A noise erupted from the left of him. He turned, and saw a hideous beast, baring its fangs. 




     Ren rolled his eyes. He knew that. He would have to use overpowered strategies to win this. 

     Oppression. Immediately, his hand retracted, and turned into a blade. Ren smiled ominously. This… was overpowered. He ran at the beast, blade at the ready. The beast charged. At the last second, Ren turned around, and ducked under the beast. Sliding across the barren floor. Ren stabbed the creature on its underside. The creature roared. That wasn’t enough. It charged at Ren. At this range, it would crush Ren under its foot. 

     Ren didn’t want 1800 pounds of fat on his backbone, but it was too late to move. The beast was far too large for Ren to move out of its wingspan. Ren closed his eyes, braced for impact, and-

     A saber flew across the room, stabbing the beast in the side. The beast groaned and fell over. It moved one more inch before finally falling into an ancient slumber. 

     Ren looked to where the saber had come from. The saber flew all the way back to where it came from, landing in the hands of a dark haired boy. He had blue eyes and brown skin. His blue shirt sparked a contrast against the barren black of the tower. He smiled at me. 

     “Asher. You?” he said. 


     “Wanna beat this dungeon together? We both get the rewards.” 

     Ren nodded. He got to his feet and shook Asher’s hand. They plowed on. 

     They continued to the next level. The stairs were in ruins, shambled and broken. Ren and Asher had to be careful. Eventually, they both made it up the stairwell, but not before Ren almost slipped and fell into the void. 

     They walked down the floor, toward the next stairwell. If there were bosses on all 5 levels, that wouldn’t be good for Asher and Ren. 

     “Where’s this level’s boss?” Asher asked. 

     “Does every level have to have a boss?”

     “I think so. I did a dungeon before, and every level did.  Ren nodded. 

     “Let’s start searching.” 

     They started looking all over for the boss on the second level, but they couldn’t find it. Eventually, they gave up. 

     “Let’s just move on to the third level.” 

     Just then, a creaking echoed from the ceiling. Ren and Asher both looked up and screamed in unison. 



     Above them was… a giant spider. A really giant one. HUGE. It covered the entire ceiling, its webs spun a million times over. It stretched its body so its head was near them. 

     “What do we do?” 

     “We obviously fight it! Duh.” 

     Easier said than done. For the next hour, the spider flung them from wall to wall. They were barely alive and completely out of breath. 

     “We need a strategy! This isn’t working.” 

     Asher looked around. 

     “Ren! Can you reach that torch on the wall?” 

     Ren grabbed it and flung it to Asher. 

     “I think he’s attracted to light! I can burn his web with this! 

     Asher waved the torch. The spider looked around at him. Asher chucked the torch as hard as he could at the huge web. 

     The spider let out a screech and started tapping the fire to stop it, but it was too late. 

     The web gave out and the spider fell to the ground. Tangled in its own web, the spider was useless. 

     They had cleared the level. 

     But the last three levels were yet to come.