Chapter 4 – A Fate Apart
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Tiffany screamed, seeing a stranger in her bed

"Wa....wait. I... I didn't know.." Michael stuttered 

He had fallen asleep after fucking her all night and running out of mana.

As she held on to him tightly, he was unable to run as he had planned and she had exhausted him so much, he passed out

Tiffany punched his naked chest, as his ribs collapsed and crushed his internal organs, especially his lungs and heart

Her bed crumpled, and his broken body smashed through the broken floor. 

The special tower she was living in with Ashley shook as the lower floors gave way, and Michael's broken body slumped 4 stories below, much to the shocked students living in those rooms he crashed through 

She screamed in anger, summoning her sword and rushed to the barely alive body, with William and Archie blocking her attack

"Tiff... calm down. Don't do this" William said, looking at the naked Tiffany who was wielding her sword

Her face was enraged as her hair was hanging down her body wildly, blocking her breasts. But there was copious amounts of cum flowing down her legs

It would have been the dream of the many guys looking on, but at the moment, she looked absolutely terrifying

"Tiffany! Stand down" Sir Andreas yelled as multiple physicians ran to treat Michael

Tiffany looked at them angrily and disappeared back to her room in anger

She was not seen for many days, not letting in anyone, neither the other S Ranks, nor her instructor Sir Andreas

She sat in the corner of her dark room, naked but only holding her sword with reddened eyes as she reminiscenced about what she now regarded as her perfect life with Ashley

But that was gone now, and she didn't think she would find happiness again without him

She wondered why she cheated on him. Was it because he was now a weakling?

She sat in the dark room, staring at empty space for days


A few days later, Sir Andreas knocked on her bedroom door and entered

He saw her in the corner, sitting in the darkness

"Ahem... Tiffany.. the training is finished and you.. and the rest of the heroes as being sent out to the rest of Petra tomorrow. We... erm.. didn't finish our training. I am... her to give you your final evaluation" he said, picking her off the floor and bringing her to bed, stripping her and himself

"No... I don't want.." Tiffany said in a cracked voice, not having spoken, eaten or drank for a few days

"Come on Tiffany. This is our last moment together. Let me fuck you" he said, placing his penis at her entrance

He insisted and she eventually stopped resisting as he entered her and started pumping his hips 

But she was unresponsive and the sex was cold as she lay still, staring to the side, avoiding his face as he fucked her

"Fuck! Tiffany. I had hoped our final....nevermind" he said, pulling out at cumming on her face as he got dressed and left

Tiffany lay in bed, still staring at the ceiling, not caring that her face was covered in cum

The next day, Tiffany was dressed in her full armor, looking as beautiful as ever after cleaning up

But she was cold, and didn't talk to anyone. She stood in front of her whole class, next to William and Archie the other S Ranks as they stood in line in front of the King

The King gave a long and boring speech before they marched out of the castle

Their first mission would be the desert border town of Red Sands


Several days ago, hours after he fell into the ravine with the snake, and while Tiffany was already searching the dungeon with William and Archie, Ashley opened his eyes.

How long has he been out?

To his surprise, a golden white glow surrounded his body 

This was the glow that usually surrounded whatever he's uses his supposedly useless healing power

Has he been healing himself the whole time? Where was he?

He consciously turned his power off and suddenly screamed in pain, arching his body so violently that his spine snapped and his stomach burst open, his guts spilling everywhere

His skin turned green and purple, and his flesh started rotting near instantly 

He was already unconscious as his power turned back on, covering his body


Days later, Ashley opened his eyes again, seeing his body in his healing glow again

This time, even though he felt exhausted, he left his power on and hesitantly looked around

He was surrounded by darkness, but as he extended his arms, he discovered that he was inside something slimy and smelly

He suddenly remembered what had happened. Was he in the snake's mouth?

He tried to move, but he was stuck in the tight space

He looked down and was shocked to see something sharp protruding from his stomach

There were more sharp teeth facing his stomach just around waist level but they were embedded in him

"What the.. " he thought, before suddenly trying to look behind him

He stared in horror, seeing two large fangs piercing through his kidneys 

He quickly started pushing away, trying to pry the jaws of the snake open

He screamed in pain as he pushed with all his might as the lower jaw in front of him opened and he looked in shock as his penis and testicles were ripped off his body and was pinned to the lower jaw of the snake by an arrow

He looked at his lower body, as most of his lower half was missing. In the near distance, he could see his severed groin and parts of one leg up to the knee facing backwards to the ground. 

He could also see that they looked burnt and were charred black

His intestines were also all over the ground and half eaten, like parts of his lower half

Luckily his power surrounded his top body, and it had somehow kept him alive

He struggled before ripping parts of his body to release himself, after being unable to lift himself off the fangs

"Ugh" he gritted his teeth, struggling against the pain to not pass out

He could feel the strain of using his powers for so long, he didn't think he would wake up if he passed out again

With his power, even though his injuries were horrific and would kill anyone else, somehow he could grit his teeth through it and drag himself around with his arms

He crawled out of the mouth and reached for the slumped lower jaw of the snake, removing the arrow and retrieving his genitals

It was partially burnt and rotting, but they were his family jewels

He could regenerate body parts, but he didn't know if the regrown parts were exactly the same as his original parts. Would regenerated testicles make babies that were his, or even human? 

It also required more mana to regenerate than heal and rejoin back body parts

Placing it between his teeth, biting his penis as he crawled to his lower half to retrieve it

He turned in around and saw a huge bunch of maggots crawling around his severed groin area and waist area

"Fuck" he said, brushing away all the maggots he could see, and replacing the lower half to his upper torso as his magic extended to the severed part

He removed his penis from his mouth and place it on his badly decomposing groin, as his powers started healing it too

As all the healing was taking place, he suddenly felt the sensations from his lower body and the pain caused him to scream yet again and pass out


An unknown amount of time passed as he opened his eyes again

He groaned in pain as he examined his aching body, removing all his torn and burnt clothes, leaving him naked

By now, his lower half had rejoined together as well as his penis

All the rotting and burnt parts were already healed, as were the poisoned parts of his body 

Only his left leg below the knee was missing

He didn't know how much mana he had left. He was surprised he has lasted so long

But since it's his final missing part, he put all his energy onto healing his leg

Finally, minutes later, he was finally whole and could turn off his power

*Growl* his stomach finally grumbled loudly

It was already 9 days, and Ashley was extremely hungry

But he didn't realize it as the pain distracted him

He reached for the snake's burnt and rotting body, immediately eating it's flesh like it was the most delicious thing he's ever eaten

He also started thinking about his powers

He was always told that he had a useless power

But his horrific injuries showed otherwise

His powers automatically turned on, keeping him alive from fatal wounds

And while he was unconscious, it had healed him slowly while keeping him in suspended animation, like in screen saver mode while charging, somehow preserving his mana to still continuously keep him alive

When he had regained consciousness, he could heal many times faster, but it drained him. This caused him to fall unconscious again, and in his standby more, heal at a slower pace

Even so, it was quite useful after all.

Was he immortal? Nobody else should have been able to recover from such a fall

He looked up as he ate, not being able to see the top of the ravine where he fell from

"Nevermind that, how will I get out of here" he said to himself