Chapter 6 – Returning to Rockhold, Capital of Petra
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"Freedom!" Medusa thought to herself, looking at the sky even through it was late at night

She looked at Ashley, thinking what to do with him

She was grateful for freeing her, and they seem to be linked somehow. 

They had joint senses, and she felt all the pain and injuries he received

He was a weakness to her, and normally she wouldn't care about a mere mortal

But his body seemed to heal itself, and so her pain vanished too

The only thing was his bonds, especially the ones blinding his eyes

She too experienced it, but as his body tried to heal itself, she recovered near instantly

But she felt bad that his blindness continued and he felt constant pain from his eye sockets

Does that mean she has to take care of him for his lifetime?

"What about you?" she asked, reluctant to do so

"I.... I need to get back to the capital of Petra. I think the mages or one of my classmates can release me" Ashley said quietly, realizing that he didn't even know what the capital was called

Medusa stayed silent, now wanting to be in the city of humans

"Please... Medusa. I can't... I can't get there on my own. Can you help me?" Ashley asked

Medusa looked at Ashley, as he was blinded now, helpless and naked

However, she herself didn't know where Petra was, or it's capital. She had been imprisoned longer than the nation has existed

But then again, she felt indebted to this young man for freeing him

"Very well. I will get you to where you want to go, then we shall part ways there" she said reluctantly

She looked at his body, which was quite well built and muscular

He had gone through hellish training, trying to keep up with his superior classmates with only his  non powered human body and thus had built his body up 

She also looked at his hanging penis, now at least twice longer than it used to be and much thicker, due to her sucking

Somehow she didn't understand that his body had healed itself as she tore his muscles sucking it, making it longer permanently

As a human, he was quite handsome

But besides the initial time where she gave him a blowjob, he didn't seem interested to bring it further

And as they talked while escaping the dungeon, he told her about the love of his life, Tiffany.

Perhaps it was admirable for a man to be loyal, but that was not something a demon like her could appreciate

She waved her hands and clothes appeared on their bodies

Medusa was a powerful mage, and conjuring up clothes for herself was a easy task for her

She dressed herself in a white and green dress, after transforming herself to a more human appearance

Unfortunately, the bonds binding Ashley were of powerful magic, even beyond her, and every part of him bound was unable to be dressed

This meant that no matter what clothes she conjured for him, the clothes disappeared from his neck and wrists revealing them, and his face, making him unable to even wear a mask or shroud. 

As such, we wore common leather pants, but his wrists and neck was exposed, tearing the clothes Medusa conjured for him, revealing his gold chains and making it impossible for them to be inconspicuous 

The bonds covering his eyes and blinding him looked even more so, looking like a torture victim

"Nevermind Medusa. I'll get the mages in the King's castle to remove these" he said, after watching Medusa try several times to cover up his bonds

Medusa had her doubts, but perhaps the King's mages were more powerful than her?

That made her even more reluctant to be seen by the humans

But as a regal person, she could not go back on her word and they followed the only path from the Ancient Dungeon


Medusa managed to find the way, asking for directions from passing merchants

She used Ashley's chains and acted like he was her slave, even though such outright behavior of holding one's slave by his leash was too blatantly abusive

After two days of travel, they arrived at the capital of Petra, Rockhold

Ignoring a innumerable number of stares, they arrived at the  King's castle and Medusa watched from a distance as Ashley walked to the castle after she gave him one final hug goodbye and a kiss on his cheek

He was by now used to walking while viewing from the side through Medusa's eyesight and he watched himself walk up to the guards at the gate

As that instant, he could see Medusa's view change as she seemed to be getting out of there as fast as she could.

She really didn't trust the humans

"Halt! State your business" one of the guards said, looking at this strange tortured man, bound by chains

"I... I am Ashley Thomson. I am one of the summoned heroes... please help me. Sir Andreas knows me" he said, with his hands up in the air

"Sir Andreas? He departed with the rest of the heroes to the Red Sands. But follow me. We can verify your identity" the guard said

Ashley stood there, not knowing what was happening. All he could see was Medusa's vision, moving at speeds too fast for him to see. It seemed that she had slowed down for his sake. She was teleporting as well as moving at superspeed, and was now in a jungle that he didn't recognize, hundreds of miles away

"Hey! This way!" the guard scolded, pushing him with his spear

"I... I've been blinded. Please guide me" Ashley asked

The guard grunted and held his hand, pulling him along

They walked for a distance when they suddenly heard a voice

"What the hell are you doing? Attack!" a voice boomed

"What's going on?" Ashley wondered as Remsic, the Captain of the Guard, and second to Sir Andreas attacked

Ashley screamed in pain as Remsic pierced his heart with his sword

Ashley tried looking, but could see Medusa's view as she stumbled and looked back towards the direction she came from

"Wha..." the guard that brought him in said

"Shut up soldier. How dare you bring a demon into the King's castle?" Remsic said as he prepared to chop off Ashley's head

Ashley was on his knees in pain and Remsic brought down his sword on his neck!

The sword hit the bond around Ashley's neck, and a surge of energy shot Remsic backwards as his sword shattered

Ashley fell face first in pain, but his neck was intact, and the bond around his neck was unscathed

More guards rushed to the scene, not knowing what to do

"Attack you idiots! Those are the Bonds of Morgador! Those are the most powerful magic to bind demons" a mage yelled

"I've never seen gold ones before! They are normally silver. Are you sure?" another mage asked as he cast a spell

"Can a human survive the bonds of Morgador? Stand back!" the first mage said as he cast his spell with the other mage

Energy blasts hit Ashley as his flesh burned and he screamed in pain

But his body automatically healed him simultaneously as he received severe injuries

Ashley's mind saw Medusa rush back towards Rockhold

"Stop! I'll handle this" a wizened old mage said, appearing and conjuring a cone of energy around Ashley, and silver colored Bonds of Morgador appeared and bound Ashley even more

However, the silver bonds disappeared when they touched Ashley's bonds around his neck and wrists, and only the silver bonds on his feet binding them together by silver chains remained

"Incredible! I've only seen Gold ones... once" the old man said

"Where Tower Master Dalgoda?" one of the mages asked him

"Tallas, the city of mages. This is beyond me. I am only a 5th Ring Mage" Tower Master Dalgoda said 

He looked at Ashley, on his knees, bound by silver and gold bonds, as soldiers pierced their swords into his body, unable to kill him

"Quickly! Set up a portal. We need to get the demon out of here! The Kingdom itself is under threat" Dalgoda said

Ashley grunted as the soldiers pulled out their swords from his body as he watched Medusa standing still on a mountain top

She was deciding whether or not to help. Ashley's wounds already started healing. 

".... they will be sending me to Tallas. Surely they can remove these. These wounds are nothing to me" Ashley said mentally

"This is foolish. I will get you out now" Medusa replied in their mindlink

"No! Please Medusa. This is my only chance to be free" Ashley said

Medusa frowned. This boy was naïve and foolish beyond measure. But it was his decision, and she would honor it.  


After a quick communication through his crystal ball, Delgoda arranged the portal to Tallas

Portals to Tallas were rare and very few people were allowed to visit, not even Royalty

However the Mages there sounded exited to get another demon with golden bonds

A portal soon appeared in the garden and the soldiers brought Ashley towards it

Tower Master Delgoda watched from the balcony of the Magic Tower

He had cast several incantations and charms around the demon, but the demon somehow managed to negate them

Even the Bonds of Morgador was dissolving, and he had to cast it twice before the portal opened

But he was surprised that the demon was quite docile, and didn't try to escape

Nevertheless, he didn't trust demons

The demon had tried to say that he was a hero

Delgoda did recognize him as the weak hero Ashley, but he was reported dead

Most likely a demon had taken over his body, or imitated him to infiltrate the castle and kill the King

This was not a risk he would take and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the demon walk through the portal

This was the Wizards of Tallas' problem now

He had warned them about his dissipating Bonds of Morgador, but they laughed at him, saying his magic was weak

Nevertheless, he had no reply as the Wizards of Tallas were 7th Circle mages, far outranking him

As for him, he was glad to have averted the danger. Who knows what tragedy would have occurred if the demon was brought to the King