Chapter 17 – The City of Ayla
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The 3 demonesses watched with Ashley and Melissa by his side

Ashley was controlling Tiffany as the she faced Rancell in a dual

There wasn't any animosity, as they were doing their regular training

With the control of both Tiffany and William, Ashley could now actively join the fights

Rancell was only in his leather pants and was barechested as the fight got more and more intense

Tiffany was of course naked, as she didn't need any clothes. And as being an undead, she didn't sweat 

But her movement was completely unhindered as she fought Rancell to a standstill

As Sword Saints, they were both arguably the best sword fighters among the humans

However their skills were different and training with each other was beneficial to both

The local humans produced Swordmasters, and Petra had the 10 Swords, of which Tiffany had trained with most of them

By now, Ashley guessed that Tiffany also slept with them at the same time too

According to Rancell, Lockbane had a similar system having the 5 Sword and 2 Spear Gods of which he trained with all the 5 Sword Gods

Nevertheless, as Sword Saints, both Rancell and Tiffany could use much more aura than the local swordmasters and was thus why they were brought to this world

But the demonesses thought they could do better and regularly trained them, improving them tremendously

Tiffany, while being undead still improved, and Ashley never neglected William's training too

After a furious spar, Rancell lay down, exhausted by everyone else

Tiffany merely sat behind Ashley and Melissa lay him down on her like his favorite pillow

They started discussing their next steps, plans on what to do and where to go

After returning to Petra to kill Mydust and the lich, they left again and travelled further than Roslova and even the former territories of Lockbane 

This world was in such chaos as beast hordes and monster attacks seemed to be happening everywhere

Lockbane had been destroyed and their neighbor and bitter enemies Roslova eagerly took advantage and absorbed half of the kingdom

Petra itself was in chaos and the kingdom seemed to have possibly collapsed, as seen by the visits to Duramar and Morgold

There really was no safe place in the world

And besides Rancell and his classmates from Lockbane, and Ashley himself and his classmates, they have heard of at least 2 other countries, Elderon and Aruthia who had summoned people from Earth!

In fact, Elderon have been doing so regularly and has summoned a group of heroes every two years and have 9 generations of heroes by now!

And this made Elderon the most populous and powerful among the nations

"How about we form a country of our own?" Melissa asked

"Our mistresses have mentioned before, that they wanted to lay low" Rancell explained

"But how about... we install the puppets as rulers?" Serene said, speaking on behalf of Ashley

Medusa and Lilith were already contemplating the idea

Rancell and Melissa looked towards Tiffany and William. 

Could it work?


Using his 3 Demonesses' sight Ashley started working on Tiffany and William, getting Melissa to help remove their stitches

Then Ashley, walking awkwardly and slowly, placed his hands on Tiffany

He had tried reviving them before, but it didn't work

He put his hands upon Tiffany's eyes and started healing it

While it took slightly longer than usual, but her pupils turned from white to her crystal clear blue eyes

She was still dead, but Ashley was able to look out of her eyes!

She sat up, helping Ashley put his hands on her mouth, nostrils, nipples and vagina, healing them one by one

Finally, she put his hand on her anus to completely heal her body

She was dead and inanimate, unless Ashley or one of the goddesses controlled her body

Tiffany opened her mouth

"Testing, testing, 1 2 3" she said as Ashley listened to Tiffany's beautiful voice

Melissa looked at her with mixed feelings

Tiffany looked as beautiful as she ever did, but Ashley was controlling her?

Ashley moved on to William, healing his eyes, mouth etc, before moving to his groin

With the stitches removed, there was only a small hole where his urethra was 

He didn't think William needed a penis, so he didn't restore it as Tiffany turned his body around

"Rancell! We know you were doing him, but it's been widened so much" Ashley said

Rancell didn't know where to hide his face. Everybody knew?

Ashley shoved his finger in William's ass and a light glowed before pulling out

"There. Tight as new now, enjoy!" Tiffany smiled as William got up

Rancell had weird mixed feelings. Does he run and hug William?

The whole situation was confusing

"I don't think you can use William's ass anymore, as he will be King. But don't worry, we'll make arrangements for you" William said under Ashley's control


In a land, between the mountains and the sea, surrounded by the Dark Forest in a land formerly part of the Kingdom of Lockbane, structures appeared overnight

This was also a major trade route that has been destroyed in a beast horde attack!

Nobody noticed, but a castle appeared, and several buildings sprung up around it, including a mage tower!

The town was called Ayla, a name Ashley came up with

This was a name that Ashley and Tiffany had agreed to name their daughter if they had one

Melissa and Rancell didn't know this, and the 3 Demonesses didn't care

Lilith thought that he was still too hung up on Tiffany, but it was a nice name so she didn't change it

Again, perhaps this was Ashley's influence on her personality

At first, only a few traders passed by, including slave traders. It was the only path not occupied by soldiers and guards of the nearby countries

While slave trading was not illegal, it was frowned upon by normal society, which gave the governments an excuse to highly tax them

As such the traders brought their best goods this way, mostly pretty maidens, enslaved warriors and demihumans of a multitude of races

This was the ideal population Ashley and the 3 Demonesses were hoping for

They didn't create much problems, buying slaves when they could, and when they were rejected, the slave traders or the slaves disappeared

Months passed by and the town grew rapidly

It was infamous for it's large brothel, ran by Lilith and was filled by a multitude of pretty slaves

The town was covered in a perpetual mist, blocking the sunlight

But the place was not gloomy, had had a nice constant mild weather 

There were a few guards, led by the Captain of the Guard Rancell

But while he was always visible in the day, the other guards remained indoors

They were of course, the freed warrior slaves and had been turned into vampires by Selene

They could operate in the day, but was more powerful at night

Rancell was the only one still human, and by night he had special privileges and stayed in the brothel

But while Selene had full control of the guards, she was also the Guildmaster of the mercenary guild

They were human mercenaries who had flocked into the town who were attracted by the town 

The mercenary guilds of Roslova sent a representative to challenge her position as this was an unrecognized mercenary guild, but was sent packing with his tail between his legs

They sent several challenges, but were defeated each time and had to give up eventually

The city had a wonderful decor, with flowers growing on the building walls, and they didn't even have city walls, as only flower bushes surrounded the town

Medusa had discovered and conquered a powerful Alroune in the Dark Forest while out hunting in the early days. 

She subjugated it, and now it was growing all over town

This gave them absolute control over the town as the flowers grown all over emanated a sedative scent, keeping people who came here docile and happy

And in terms of defense, the alroune could grow vines from virtually everywhere, from the bushes surrounding the town, to the many creeping vines on the buildings, to even underground as the alroune had grown roots under the whole city!

It spread out underground to the Dark Forest too, and provided a regular supply of meat

Medusa no longer hunted and was in the kitchen of the inn, regularly handling the monster dishes that it had become rather famous for

So Medusa, Lilith and Selene managed to lay low in the town, yet have their own influence in town with Medusa the innkeeper, Lilith the brothel mistress, and Selene the Mercenary Guildmaster

Melissa was given the higher profile role of the chief mage, ruling from the Mage Tower. She was now barely 5th Circle Mage, after being tutored by the 3 Demonesses. 

They also taught her who to form a portal to Tallas, much to her shock

Tallas has been abandoned since the 7 Mages of Tallas were killed. They ran automatically by the golems there, who even cleaned up the dead bodies of the mages and were running on magic crystals

Melissa was tasked to take over Tallas. She was hesitant at first, but when she saw the riches of books and tomes there, she didn't hesitate

And of course, to anyone who was deigned worthy to visit, they would meet the Rulers of the town, William and Tiffany

When the town grows large enough, they would establish a country and declare Ayla a city, ruling as King and Queen

Of course, they were both puppets controlled by Ashley

Ashley stayed in the bedroom of the rulers, on their bed sunken bed where the mattress should be, covered in sheets

He lay in a spread eagle position, with specially made holes and pillows to ensure that his bonds didn't move or hurt him more

When the rulers retired at night, Tiffany would join him in bed while William sat on a chair next to the bed

From anyone looking from around the room, one would only see Tiffany stripping and entering the bed by herself, and William sleeping by himself, dressed in the same attire he wore in the day

In the morning, he would bathe and dress them both, to prepare for the day

Most times, they would just sit quietly on their thrones the whole day, neither eating or drinking

In the meantime, Ashley trained himself

The bonds kept him human. but that didn't mean he could not train

Her performed plyometrics even through the pain

The 3 demonesses were there to be his eyes as they suffered his pain

But they encouraged him, and after the exercise session, Selene would bite his dick, to keep the blood circulation flowing and prevent it from being too full of blood and dropping off

Within 2 years, the town grew into a bustling city

And it was time for William and Tiffany to be coronated King and Queen of the City State of Ayla!