Chapter 19 – Growth of Ayla and a Identity Crisis
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Ayla grew fast, virtually overnight as the city claimed the Dark Forest, which has long been unconquered

The Dark Forest was vast, ranging from Ayla, into the boundaries of Roslova, stopping only at the walls of the cities of Galgorath, Fasam, Lamora, Quinna and Punn

Several cities that bordered the forest voluntarily joined the nation of Ayla, including the Elven city of Ashfall after Ayla sent help in the form of one of the Guardians of Ayla, a name King William decreed to refer to Medusa, Lilith and Selene

They were badly losing to the Orc nation Blurg, and had requested help

But Medusa settled the whole affair virtually overnight

As Ayla did not ask for tribute or any form of submission, merely a free flow of citizens, Ashfall had no reason to reject

Before long, a contingent of elves moved into Ayla 

Among them, was Cassie, who had a tearful reunion with Rancell

After returning from the coronation of King William and Queen Tiffany, the elves found out about Cassie's disloyalty

Prince Beloras didn't resist and cast her aside easily, as he had someone else that he loved

However, as per the typical punishment of the Elves, she had to have her nipples and clitoris pierced and wore rings on them, and she was not allowed to cover out, displaying to the world that she was a loose woman

She had continued to serve the Royal Guard as she was one of their best warriors, but even her elven clothes had her breasts displayed in the open, and her groin revealed!

She joined in the Elf battles, but she was kept and hidden from general public events

She had lost her left arm below the elbow and her left eye in a battle with the Orcs. 

Magic elixirs managed to heal her eye, but her arm was gone

When Ashfall agreed to join the nation of Alya, she immediately left

Rancell welcomed her with open arms as they reunited

He immediately tried to think of an excuse to see Ashley, to try and heal Cassie's arm

Ashley hasn't been seen since they established Ayla!

But he knew that he was one of the people behind the scenes, manipulating and controlling Ayla.

There were many people joining the mercenaries and the guards

Besides Rancell, the rest of the original vampire guards moved into the shadows and became the shadow guards

The official guards became filled with elves, dwarves and other demi humans

The prostitutes under Lilith grew as well, and included the prettiest of the elves and demihumans too

And the Mercenary Guild also had a mix of such races, as well as a couple of summoned heroes!

They had 3 S Ranks, namely two Sword Saints from different nations called Armand and Edward, and a archer named Willie

There were quite a number of A and B ranks too

The heroes preferred to be a mercenary because they were in high demand and it paid more than being a city guard! 

There were also other people who came to start a new life

Ayla was gaining a good reputation for safety 

Beast hordes and demonic attacks were destroying nations practically every year

But in all that, Ayla was thriving!

As such, people started arriving in droves

Among them was a one handed man Archie, his heavily pregnant wife Natalie, and their young daughter Ellie who was eager for her mum to give birth to her brother!

They heard that the rulers were called King William and Queen Tiffany, but to them it was just a coincidence

Archie caught a glimpse of Rancell, who he hit on very well with, but Rancell seemed to be busy as he was busy showing a one armed elf around!

Their application to join Ayla was instead processed by some other guard

But Archie didn't care. He just wanted to start a quiet, peaceful life with his family

When he saw Rancell, he knew something strange was going on. But he remembered that he was connected with Ashley and the strange women

He didn't want to know, and didn't want any complications in his life

After their application was complete, they left to look for property to build a farm


Ashley lay quietly in his bed

He had resisted the urge to regenerate William's penis and fuck Tiffany with it, but he wanted to fuck her so bad

He got her to ride on his real body, but he had to do so gently, as the penis could not fully attach to him due to the clamp around his dick on the golden band!

So if he got Tiffany to move too vigorously, it would tear off

Eventually, he took off his penis, cut off the testicles under the golden bond, and reattached it on William!

Without his testicles, he felt more comfortable as the bonds were not pressing on his balls

And although without his testicles, the spike went deeper in his perineum, it was permanently wedged in place, not moving in and our due to the bounciness of his balls

The 3 demonesses, or Guardians now, didn't stop him or advise against it

After a brief period of pain, they felt more comfortable after that

Before that, it was like someone grabbing your balls, only you didn't have balls

It was a weird feeling they couldn't explain and had to live with. But now they felt a relief from the pain

And the way he was influencing them was hard to tell anyway. If he did something, it was because all 3 of the Demonesses wanted to do it anyway..... or did they?

The only one outraged was Melissa when she entered and saw William fucking Tiffany

She had argued, pled, cried and fought with Ashley about regenerating William's penis and though he finally agreed

But now, here he was, balls deep in her pussy

"It's not cheating if you are the one controlling the fuck, and you are using your own penis!" Ashley said in William's voice

"I can't believe you! Every time you see yourself control William and humping Tiffany, you get depressed for days" she said

"Not if I convince myself that it is me fucking her" he replied

"Really? Can you look yourself in the mirror and say that?" Melissa said, conjuring a mirror in front of him

He looked in the mirror, with Tiffany in front as he fucked her doggie style

Melissa immediately retracted the mirror, knowing that she made a mistake and shouldn't have done that

The last time he got into a depression, Medusa, Lilith and Selene had to take control over William and Tiffany as Ashley just sulked in bed

But this time, Ashley stood still, his dick still halfway in Tiffany

"Ashley? I'm sorry, I didn't mean that" she said to him, fearing the worst

But his reply scared her even more

"Mel? Who am I? I see William in the mirror and recognize him as me. I also see Tiffany and recognize it as me. But.... I don't remember what I looked like" he said, turning to look at his original body

With his eyes and mouth closed up, his face was completely hidden except for his nose

Even if his bonds were somehow removed, he didn't think he would recognize himself

"Oh Ashley" Melissa said, hugging William, who was still half way in Tiffany

Even the 3 Demonesses could only control one puppet at a time. They could control both, but they would be very mechanical and would both act and do the exact same thing simultaneously

Only Ashley could control both and each seemed like a completely separate person

Likewise, with the demonesses, he could be seeing through all 3 of them at the same time, and piece it together. He could talk with all 3 individually at the same time too

In fact, he could see through all the eyes of Medusa, Lilith and Selene, as well as Tiffany and William, and still understand what was going on, controlling both Tiffany and William

But such a mental strain surely did something to him. And by the looks of things, it is leading to the loss of his own self!