Chapter 21 – A Sudden Proposal
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Michael's body was placed on a chair, the very same chair William slept, or more accurately, where Ashly stored William's body every night

Melissa was in the room with Medusa, Lilith and Selene in the room, as well as Ashley as usual in the bed, and William and Tiffany who were being controlled by Ashley

Melissa, as usual felt uncomfortable, but as the Demonesses seemed to always be in agreement with Ashley, and William and Tiffany were actually proxies of Ashley, she was in the minority in these decisions

It practically was Melissa against Ashley, where Ashley had 6 votes while she had only 1 every time these decisions were made!

Ashley had wanted to make Michael into another puppet of his

She understood, she really did, that he would get a body that could change appearances and look and become the person he always was

Seeing Michael, it reminded Ashley of how he looked, as he had forgotten his own face!

But he would only use his body to fuck Tiffany all the time anyway

And she would only be seeing them fuck all the time, this time in the appearance of Ashley and Tiffany

She didn't think she could take it

No matter even when Tiffany was dead, she would always lose out to her in Ashley's heart

It hurt her, but the decision has been made

And who was she to stop Ashley's happiness anyway?

Ashley walked over to Michael's body and placed his hands over it

A glow covered both their bodies as Ashley's power cleansed the poison that killed him

The next step would be for the demonesses to turn the dead body into a doll like William and Tiffany

However, they weren't liches and their magic was different from dark magics that liches and necromancers use

But Medusa had her own spell that was similar, and that was what they were going to use

Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, Michael suddenly opened his eyes!

He jumped out of the chair and moved behind Ashley, holding his neck in a chokehold

"Freeze! Stay away. I swear I will break his neck" Michael warned, somehow sensing that Medusa, Lilith and Selene were dangerous and the most powerful here

He looked around, recognizing William, Tiffany and Melissa and the person bound in gold bonds that he was threatening

"Now I know how you recognized that I was Ashley" he said, recognizing the real Ashley there

" were dead!" Melissa exclaimed

"Trade secret. I've feigned death so many times. It's how I've escaped till now" he laughed

"You being alive makes this better" Lilith said, using her mental control to immobilize him

As a succubus, she had the ability to seduce and control men. As perhaps the most powerful succubus ever, taking control was even easier

"No...what.." he panicked as Tiffany helped Ashley out of Michael's hold

"Now explain how you survived. even after supposedly dying and erasing your memories" Lilith said, embarrassed by being fooled by him

"Please don't kill me! I'll tell you! The dried up potion of Venus, the venom of a Rusilan Spider, Organ Burrowing Worm and a heart of a Strallem Plant. Mix them together and you will create a sedative that feigns death for 12 hours. During that period even spells to read your memory is negated" he said

Melissa was amazed, as were the demonesses. How can such reasonably common items have such an effect. It's just that nobody has thought of mixing them together. Or some did, but were presumed dead and possibly buried alive

"Why were you out to kill me?" Tiffany asked, which in actuality was Ashley asking through her body

"You... we were lovers. I loved you. But you started an empire with William? He's no good for you. The fucker has slept with nearly everyone in class! You could have formed the nation with me! I would be anyone you wanted me to be! Look at Ashley. I was the best Ashley to you, remember?" he said jealously

Melissa nodded on the inside about William. William was one of the few whom she's fucked. But when she realized that he was just using her, never again!

Perhaps this was also why she was hostile when Ashley controlled and fucked her with William's body 

"It looks like now I won't need to turn you into an undead" Medusa suddenly said, unsure if her spell would make Ashley happy

William and Tiffany was dead, and certain things like breeding were impossible with their bodies. While they retained all their skills from the time they were alive, and could even improve, William was shooting dead sperm, and Tiffany's body was no longer producing eggs

They also did not need to eat, drink or use the toilet! While they can eat, like at the banquet, they shat out undigested food. If they didn't chew, the food would probably come out whole!

While their senses work, like their sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch works, their bodies doesn't produce any enzymes or any internal fluids. Their blood was dead, and their gut bacteria were non-existent, a side effect of preventing their decay

She wasn't sure if Ashley would feel alive the way he wanted to feel, and using her spell, Michael would be the same

"Yes, this way is easier...lets make it doubly sure" Selene smiled and sauntered up to Michael, before clamping down her fangs on his neck!

Lilith was controlling Michael, but Selene turned him into a vampire! As the Vampire Queen, she had absolute and irreversible control over other vampires

This explained her control over the shadow guards of Ayla

But she turned Michael into a high vampire, being able to move under the sun

And with her mental link with Ashley, Ashley now controlled Michael too!

"It's done!" she finally said, releasing her fangs from Michael's neck

Ashley took control and immediately turned Michael's body into looking exactly like his original body

Michael had been naked since the interrogation all the way to being brought here. But as he changed, his naked body changed to being exactly like Ashley's, even the original size of his penis before Medusa sucked on it and turned it longer and thicker

While he controlled Michael, he retained all of his memories, including the forms of everyone he ever transformed to

He realized that for a time, Tiffany had been using him to turn into Ashley, and had remembered every detail of this body intimately to satisfy her! 

Melissa teared up looking at him. She imagined the first thing he would do after taking is use his body on Tiffany. She could take seeing William fuck Tiffany while he controlled both, but she couldn't take seeing Ashley fuck Tiffany.  

"I... I have to go now" she said, turning around to leave

"Melissa....please stop" Ashley said using Michael's body

"What..what do you want?" Melissa said, unable to turn back to face him to show her crying face

"You are my best friend, and you've taken care of me even when I turned to this...barely living thing.." Ashley said

"Where is he going with this?" she thought

"Will you... will you marry me?" Ashley asked, on his knees

She was stunned! The words she had dreamed of hearing was now being uttered by Ashley

She slowly turned around as both Ashley's original body and Michael who had turned to Ashley was on his knees

The new body was holding a ring. Has he prepared this ahead of time?

"Oh Ashley.... yes! YES!" she said as she hugged both Ashleys, her breasts pressed against Ashley's nipple rings and kissing his mouth bond

The 3 demonesses grimaced in pain


Ashley had always known that Melissa loved him

But he had stayed with Tiffany out of loyalty as her boyfriend, even after he found out about her cheating

When she was killed, he was regretful and when he took over her undead body, he fucked her our of guilt and frustration

But over the recent times, he had been having feelings for Melissa and trying to make love to her with William's body

However, it always ended up with them arguing, as Ashley didn't know about William using Melissa just for sex

But now, he had a body that looked and in every aspect was his original self!

What he said was true. She was his best friend

They were always close in school

But in this world she sacrificed a lot to take care of him

He virtually had no other friends

The 3 demonesses were practically himself and Tiffany and William was his puppets

They don't even need to talk, it felt like having an imaginary conversation in your head with yourself

They had the same opinions, same feelings on things, same likes and dislikes

Only at least Medusa, Lilith and Selene brought their own experiences and knowledge

Melissa on the other hand, was a friend with her own opinion, feelings and tastes. He couldn't read her mind and know what she is thinking

He valued her opinion, and he valued her profoundly


They had sex all night, with Melissa waking up in Ashley's arms

They held hands as they walked through Ayla

He's never been in his own city as himself or experienced it as a normal person would

He's seen it through Medusa's eyes as the chief of food supplies in the inn, market and the docks

He's seen it through Lilith's eyes as the owner of the famous brothel

He's seen it through Selene's eyes as the Guildmaster of the Mercenary Guild and master of the Shadow Guard

He knew all those serving under them, but they don't even know he existed

He's even experienced it as King William and Queen Tiffany, walking through the crowd and mixing with the people

But now, he was getting seated in a cafe with Melissa, having a coffee and some cake

This was so ordinary, and yet so wonderful

He was glad he didn't bring Tiffany and William along on a double date 

She didn't want him to split his attention and concentrate only on her

But he now knew if they came along, they would be mobbed by the crowd and he won't get to experience this

Melissa was telling the people she regularly interacted with about her engagement

He was jealous of her, mixing with normal everyday people like the waitress at the cafe, the baker who sold her bread, the florist where she bought flowers from, even the woman that sells sweets

They knew she was the Tower Mage, an important person in the city, but she dressed and acted normally unlike the typical snooty mage

"What about Rancell! Let's invite him" she said as they were planning their wedding

Ashley nodded. Rancell was probably the most trusted person after Melissa, one that wasn't a part of him

As he was influenced back by the 3 Demonesses, he regarded Rancell as a random underling, like the shadow guard, or the prostitutes in the brothel

But Rancell knew about his original body condition, he was there when he took over William and Tiffany's bodies, he was part of the planning to start Ayla and install William and Tiffany as King and Queen and he knew about Michael!

"Speak of the devil. There he is!" Melissa said, waving him over

He smiled and approached with a pretty elf

"Rancell! Oh hi. I'm Melissa" she said hugging them both

"Hey Melissa, Ashley... this is Cassie" Rancell said

Ashley shook his hand and smiled. He didn't know Melissa was close to him

However, he was reserved with Ashley

He noticed that Cassie was missing an arm

"We are getting married!" Melissa announced

Rancell was stunned but smiled and shook Ashley's hand

Wasn't Tiffany his sweetheart?

Melissa was hugging Cassie again. Being an elf, she wasn't used to this but hugged her back anyway

"Rancell... uh.. I apologise for being so... distant before. Now.. I can live a normal life" Ashley said

"No.. no problem" Rancell said, not knowing how to respond as he didn't expect Ashley to be so down to earth

"I didn't know.. Cassie's arm. What happened? I... my original body can regrow it" Ashley offered

"Yes please. We'll be very grateful" Rancell said