Chapter 25 – Battle With the Lich at Duramar!
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They races through the forest, with Cassie leading the way

In their previous journey through here going the opposite direction in the Black Carriage, one of the 3 demonesses would find for directions in the cities or villages they passed by, since they too were strangers to this land

Ashley of course retained his memories of seeing through their eyes and roughly knowing the direction to go

But Cassie was an elf, and knew the routes through the forest, off the usual paths, as she was one of the best hunters and trackers, and was even a Royal Guard

He watched her gracefully sprint through the forest, staring at her baked butt and legs. Her firm breasts didn't even jiggle as she raced through the trees

They were slower than him flying, but her running speed was not less than that of a fully galloping horse

Ashley just realized that when she made love to him, this was perhaps the first time he's made love in his own body

He's had sex with Melissa and Tiffany, but they were in another body, either of William or Michael

And although Medusa sucked him, and both Lilith and Selene fucked his binded body, he was too much in pain to really enjoy it. Furthermore, his penis was half way falling off in the gold clamp, so he couldn't really feel it

Due to their pace, Cassie was sweating and it made her body glisten erotically

Ashley decided he really should get clothes for her, as he didn't want anyone else to see her naked

He didn't bother to dress himself after Trihader returned him to his own body, as he could turn to mist in the day time so nobody could see him, and flew high in the sky at night. He could also infiltrate cities in his mist form, so nobody would ever see him

But now with Cassie, perhaps it was better to get clothes for the both of them as they are travelling together

Cassie probably needed weapons too, if she was to join him in rescuing Melissa and Tiffany

They passed by a small village and Ashley "liberated" clothes and some weapons for Cassie

Ashley couldn't conjure up gold like the 3 demonesses could

He did possess some of their memories of their magics, but most of his magic came from learning directly from Melissa

The demonesses powers were to great and his body could not support most of their magics

His mind was linked with them, but he barely understood how they did things as they were too far beyond his understanding

Although he had an enormous amount of mana, but probably not as much as Selene herself, but he didn't have her magic knowledge.

But perhaps over time, he might.

They passed through the border into the country of Petra

Coming from the opposite direction than before, Morgold was nearer than Duramar this time!

He completely bypassed Morgold, instead heading directly towards Duramar, where Melissa was

To him, Tiffany was already dead anyway, while he hoped that Melissa was somehow alive in Duramar

She was either there or Talas, and he didn't know which one was better

In Duramar, she would still be a statue, while who knows what might happen to her in Talas

The 7 mages of Talas probably would still be alive if Medusa didn't attack them, together with the freed Lilith

They might have done something to her if so.

But he didn't know where Talas was, as it was a flying city that could move anywhere

Furthermore, Lilith would be trapped there too!

He hadn't considered that and wondered how to free Lilith if he found Talas. 

How would he free her, or Medusa and Selene when he finds them?

Would he have to give up his freedom again?

This time, all 3 had even worse bindings, would he receive that much more punishment for freeing them?

While Ashley was travelling while contemplating, they had arrived in Duramar

"Wait! Look!" Cassie suddenly stopped

Ashley, who was deep in thought stopped and looked what he was looking at

They had arrived at Duramar, but there was a furious battle taking place!

Hordes of undead were fighting human soldiers and a mixed bunch of mercenaries

Ashley recognized the uniform of the soldiers of Petra, and the mercenaries were wearing an assortment of armor and equipment

He also recognized Sir Andreas and several of the other 10 Swords fighting in the battle

Ashley nodded, as it made sense that Sir Andreas was alive. He never went to Tiffany and William's coronation, and was never killed and eaten by their alraoune. 

The undead side were made up of zombies, skeletons and wights. There were even a death knight or two among the undead

He saw that the surrounding buildings were not melted to molten gold, but they were still made of gold, as were the trees around in in the city

But there weren't any people who had turned into gold statues

Melissa wasn't there as well!

Ashley didn't know whether he felt relieved or even more worried to find Melissa not there

Just then, he looked into the distance as a furious battle was happening

The 10 swords were engaging the lich on his bone dragon!

Together attacking was Rancell, and a buff woman with a waraxe!

"Do we attack?" Cassie asked

Ashley looked at Rancell, then at Cassie. If he does now, he would have to give Cassie back to Rancell, who he considered a real friend

"Yes, let's go" Ashley decided

Cassie released a barrage of 5 arrows at once!

Although she was only using a below average bow he stole from a smaller village, Cassie's accuracy was immaculate

As a high level elven archer, she could shoot as accurately as a S Ranked hero archer. 

The only difference in skill between an elven archer and a Archery Saint, is the amount of aura they could instill in an arrow

An S Ranker might actually not even be as accurate, but are able to instill aura into their arrows, increasing their damage

Furthermore, they can control their aura to change the arrows in mid air and pierce practically anything

Cassie, able to instill some aura, but nowhere near as much as a S Ranked Archer Saint, could use it to penetrate her target, but the 5 zombies or wights that she shot were completely unfazed by her shots

She had to draw her sword to start fighting, her advanced speed and strength helping her take out several undead

Ashley attacked as well, destroying several zombies with his claws

A typical vampire would overpower a zombie, but it's recovery might create a problem

But Ashley was an Ancient Vampire, second only to Selene herself

His attacks were devastating and incredibly destructive

But they were only two people, and he could see the human army starting to lose the battle

"Watch out!" one of the 10 Swords yelled as the stitched up Tiffany and William attacked

Like before, their eyes, nostrils, mouth and anuses were stitched together, their nipples cut off and stitched. Tiffany's pussy was stitched shut too while William's penis was removed and also stitched

"Do you remember me, Tiffany! I'm your lover!" Sir Andreas shouted as he engaged

Somehow Ashley suddenly felt his heart sour when he heard this

Tiffany attacked Sir Andreas without hesitation as William took on another 2 of the 10 swords

Tiffany seemed to be overpowering Sir Andreas when she suddenly turned and sneak attacked Rancell by surprise

He was stabbed through the heart from behind as he fell to his knees

"Rancell!" the buff woman yelled as she interrupted and managed to chop off Tiffany's right arm!

Tiffany rolled away, avoiding another axe swipe as she picked up her severed arm

To Ashley's surprise, he saw Tiffany reattach her arm back again

He didn't know she could do that! 

Sir Andreas jumped in with another of the 10 swords, driving Tiffany away

"Help! Help me!" the buff woman shouted

Ashley suddenly rushed there, not wanting his friend to die 

"Let me heal him" Ashley said appeared and he put his hand on Rancell's chest

"Don... don't worry about me...I've served you with my life" he said, dying

"No... no! You're not just my slave. I'll openly acknowledge you as my lover!" she cried

"Lover?" Ashley thought as his power started activating

Within moments, Rancell was whole!

Knowing Rancell should be a castrato by now, he decided he might as well heal him and restore his penis too

"I sense another injury. Let me heal that too" Ashley said, removing Rancell's pants

"No! I thank you for what you've done. But I don't need it" Rancell said and kissed the woman

"I am Rancell, and this is Tanya. She bought me from slavery. She is... a lesbian. But she loves me the way I am" Rancell said

Suddenly, he turned around to see Cassie, wondering how much more different Cassie and Rancell now was

But as he looked, he saw her being completely overpowered by a death knight!

Ashley rushed and within a moment, the death knight's body was bisected in two at the waist

It was still fighting, even though it had been slashed in half, but Ashley simply stood on it's chest, suddenly crushing it as his chestplate crumpled like a cardboard box!

"Are you ok?" he turned around to see Cassie on the ground, a nasty gash across her chest which seem to be affected by the death knight's death energy

He quickly healed her, putting his hand through the hole in her armor that revealed her gorgeous breasts underneath

"If you will allow me, I will give you power to defeat these scum" he whispered in her ear, noting how ineffective her attacks were

"I'm yours forever. Use me however you want" Cassie said

Without hesitation, he bit down on her neck, drinking her wonderful elven blood

"Oooh!" she moaned, orgasming as she felt power empowering her body

Somehow, it was natural for a vampire to know how to turn someone into a vampire. It was even more so for an Ancient Vampire to create another Ancient Vampire

She turned around, with an grin on her face and fired several arrows

They destroyed several death knights at once

"Now.. give me a new name" she suddenly said, turning around and hugging him

"Huh?" Ashley was confused

"You've given me a new life, new powers. I am a new being. Give me a new name" she said

Ashley looked at Rancell with Tanya as they fought zombies, and realizing that this time things have changed. Cassie was his now, not Rancell's. Besides, he now had someone else

"How about Sasha" he said, picking up a random name he found sexy

"Sasha. I am now Sasha!" she said kissing him before charging into battle