Chapter 30 – Getting Back to Tallas
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Melissa can't believe she was going along with this

When she went to talk to Ashley a few nights ago, to say that she had accepted his feelings, he was busy fucking that elf Sasha!

He said he had wanted to make it up to her for nearly being orally raped by the horses

And one thing led to another, from shoving his cock into her mouth to ending up fucking her outright

Melissa had turned around to run off again, but Ashley hugged her from behind, telling her how much he loved her

She wanted to reject him outright, but his hand reached into her breast and somehow, before she knew it, they were fucking

She had always dreamed of this, but not in such conditions

But he seemed to know her body intimately, turning her on in all the right places

She thought it was unfair, that he had such an advantage over her from being her husband and lover, manipulating her like putty in his hand

Her husband? She realized at that moment, that she had accepted this as fact

She was still angry for fucking that beautiful elf, but when he was fucking her, the elf suddenly started licking his and her genitals

And in the moment of passion, she completely gave in

Somehow over the night, Tiffany joined in too as Ashley controlled her to join in their orgy

Since then, somehow he somehow had convinced her to do this

She walked into Rockhold in metal chains, together with Tiffany and William and the two naked women in gold chains, accompanied by Rancell and Tanya, who had been hired by Petra as mercenaries. Melissa, Tiffany and William were dressed in rags and gagged, looking tired and worn out. A thin mist seemed to be accompanying them wherever they walked, but nobody noticed as it was late at night

The guards recognized her and immediately let them in, quickly calling their higher ups to come quickly

"Tower Master Delgoda. I greet you" Tanya said. Rancell stood quietly slightly behind her, guarding their captives because he was supposedly her slave

"Tanya? When nobody returned from the battle of Duramar...." Delgoda said before gasping as he looked at their captives 

"Melissa? How are you still alive? And... Tiffany? William? I heard you were dead!" Delgoda asked in shock

Melissa, Tiffany nor William answered as they were still gagged

"You know them? We found them after the battle and they said that they were summoned heroes of Petra" Tanya said

"Indeed... the last we heard, they were dead" Delgoda said in shock

"You really know them? Petra hired us with our understanding that your heroes were dead" Tanya asked, pretending not to know

"They were! This is unbelievable!" Delgoda said

"They who are these two?" Tanya asked, referring to the two demonesses

Delgoda gasped and suddenly cast a shield around himself

"Remsic! Surround them!" Delgoda suddenly shouted

The guards started surrounding them, and pointed their weapons at them

"Delgoda! What is the meaning of this?" Tanya said as she and Rancell drew their weapons

"You... those are demons! How dare you bring demons to the Kings Castle?" Remsic, the Captain of the Guard yelled

"I.. what are you talking about?" Tanya asked, not putting down her axe

"We were just attacked several nights ago, killing many in the castle. Now you come with a recovered Melissa with demons in Bonds of Morgador?" Remsic said

"Wait! I... I've seen such gold Bonds of Morgador before.. one " Delgoda suddenly said as he cast his own Bonds of Morgador

Instantly, Rancell, Tanya, as well as Melissa, Tiffany and William were bound by silver Bonds of Morgador as well as the two demonesses!

"Quickly! Set up a portal. We need to get the demons out of here!" Dalgoda said

"What about the heroes and mercenaries?" Remsic asked

"We'll give them to the mages of Tallas too. I'll tell them that they were found with the two demons. Let them deal with it" Delgoda said

While in mist form, Ashley smiled internally, seeing that his plans were working as he had planned


After a quick communication through his crystal ball, Delgoda arranged the portal to Tallas

Portals to Tallas were rare and very few people were allowed to visit, not even Royalty

However the Mages there sounded exited to get two demons with golden bonds

A portal soon appeared in the garden and the soldiers brought the group towards it

They had all been stripped naked, and disarmed, so besides the two demons, Melissa, Tiffany, William, Tanya and Rancell were sent as well, all of them bound in the Bonds of Morgador 

Tower Master Delgoda watched from the balcony of the Magic Tower

But he was surprised that the demon was quite docile, and didn't try to escape

Nevertheless, he didn't trust demons

He recognized Melissa, Tiffany and William as heroes that they had summoned from another world. But they were reported dead, and he personally saw the fountain in the King's courtyard that they had turned Melissa into

He didn't know how she, or the other two that was reportedly killed by the lich at Duramar, was currently alive and whole. In fact, he had been shocked that Rancell and William were castrated, but their wounds on their groin had been closed up so neatly

But finding out more about them was not a risk he would take and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the demon walk through the portal

This was the Wizards of Tallas' problem now

As for him, he was glad to have averted the danger. They had just been savagely attacked a few nights ago, nearly killing the Royal family who had barely escaped if not for the fact that the intruder was greedy for gold and was distracted by the golden statue in the King's courtyard!

Who knows what tragedy would have occurred if the intruder had gotten to the King

Seeing the portal close, he felt that he had done his job and kept the King and Kingdom safe


"Hahaha we have another two demons. I wish we had a male so we could breed them for our own uses. My teacher would have loved to see this" a mage in a blue robe laughed

"Stupid Delgoda. He was so negligent to this obvious deception" another mage in a red robe said, casting the spell

Suddenly, Ashley and Sasha found themselves bound by Bonds of Morgador as they were forcefully turned back from the mist

"What is this? A male demon? We got what we wanted after all" another mage in yellow said

"That's why he's only a court magician for Petra" the mage in red scoffed

Ashley realized that maybe these mages were not fools after all. They were the famous 7 Mages of Tallas, and now they were in trouble!